His Secret Lover Chapter 251-252

Chapter 251

Because Huo Sijiu ended up coming back directly to deal with this matter, No.1 Royal Court was all calm and quiet in the afternoon.

“Miss Wen, you see it’s the Chinese New Year today, so we don’t have anything to do today, so let’s get this home done, you see I bought a lot of things for the New Year.”

When Sister Wang saw that they were the only family left in the villa, she immediately took out the New Year’s goods she had bought long ago and wanted to decorate the place.

The little ones saw it and before Mummy could say anything, they were already swarming around.

“I’m going to hang these red peppers.”

“Then I’ll be in charge of putting up these fortune words to make our house red.”

Mo Bao saw that his sister was going to hang the red peppers and immediately, he picked up a pile of red fortune characters and ran off with his little legs to go to the house and stick them on every room door.

Huo Yin was a little overwhelmed.

He had never been involved in such an activity before, and the family had even never been so lively and festive during the New Year.

“Yin Yin, come on, just go and hang all these red lanterns for our garden, yes, don’t you know how to write with a brush? Look, there are so many doors in the house, you can write couplets for them all.”

Wen Shuxu took the red lanterns to her eldest son and encouraged him to take on this very “difficult” task.

As soon as the little one heard this, his beautiful eyes lit up.


Then he too took those red lanterns and ran off to the garden.

Sister Wang had been watching from the side, and when she saw that even the young master, who was so aloof, had been emotionally aroused, she let out a heartfelt sigh.

“Miss Wen, it’s really great that you’re here.”


“You know, we used to have little atmosphere here for New Year’s Eve, it was very cold, and the young master was also cold, but this year when you came over, look, how lively and vibrant it is.”

Sister Wang looked around with a smile on her face.

Wen Shuxu then followed her gaze and found that because the children were setting up the house, the bodyguards who don’t usually show up much also came out to help.

The people were swaying and laughing at the same time.

It was really, really lively.

Wen Shuxu smiled, didn’t say anything, picked up the handful of dried flowers and she went to set up too.

Just when the group was all busy, suddenly, someone came here looking for Wen Xuoxu.

“Little dork, come out, tell them to open the door for me quickly, I need to see you.” It was Chi Yu, he actually came over.

When Wen Shuxu heard this, she let the security guard let him in.

Of course, if the man was there instead, she wouldn’t have dared, after all, he seemed to be very unhappy with this cousin, especially now at this juncture.

“What did you want to see me about?”

“What do you say?”

Chi Yu, who had arrived in the garden in a breeze, saw that Wen Shuxu was holding a pair of shears there after leisurely cutting flowers, and his pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes glared.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of people to do this. I’m not a worm in your stomach.”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

This heartless woman.

The actual fact is that you’re going to be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Yesterday that bastard Huo Sijiu took you away in such a murderous manner, I thought you were going to be killed by him and came over to see you on purpose.”

Wen Shuxu: “……”

This was kinda awkward.

Because, at first, she thought the same thing, but it turned out not to be, so she didn’t know how to answer.

Wen Shuxu could only end up serving him a nice pot of tea to take the edge off.

“I’m fine, you don’t have to worry, go back to filming properly.”

“Put p!”

Chi Yu started scolding again, “You heartless woman, you want to be irresponsible now that you’re fine, right? What about my home? You promised to help me.”

Wen Shuxu was instantly scolded and rendered speechless.

It wasn’t that she didn’t help, but she couldn’t get out now either, that bastard Huo Sijiu would definitely not let her out.

Wen Xu Xu finally revealed a hint of guilt: “No, I can’t go abroad right now.”

“There’s no need for you to go out, I already know who that person is.”


“Gu Qinglian!” This demon suddenly just held his cup of tea there and angrily uttered a name.

As the words fell, Wen Shuxu was shocked.

Gu Qinglian?

How could it be her? How did he know that?

“My brother told me that a few days before my mother’s birthday banquet, Gu Qinglian suddenly came to see my mother, and then after they talked at length in the hall, my mother instructed my brother that her niece Gu Xia, your ex-husband’s fiancĂ©e, should be treated well on the day of the banquet, and that she should be received with the etiquette of a prospective young grandmother of the Huo family, and also arranged to sit with the old man. ”

As if he could see Wen Shuxu’s doubts, Chi Yu then explained the matter in detail again.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

The actual person could be Gu Qinglian?

This is too much of a surprise to her. She dared to play such a big game at the birthday banquet, did she have too much guts?

But soon, she felt that it was not impossible.

Since she had stirred up her niece’s marriage to Huo Sijiu since her return, she must have hated her to the core.

This was a good move at the birthday banquet, when you think about it.

The reason is, once she really didn’t carry that psychiatrist’s hypnosis that day, then the biggest secret of Huo’s group was exposed in broad daylight.

In that case, she, Wen Shuxu, would really be dead without a burial place.

But why would she know this secret?

Chapter 252

Wen Xuoxu suddenly thought of this matter.

At once, her complexion changed.

Chi Yu saw it next to her and was a little surprised: “Little dork, what’s wrong with you? Why did your face turn so ugly all of a sudden?”

Wen Shuxu opened her mouth.

He wanted to say something, but in the end, he only forced himself to hold back the uneasiness in his heart and asked first: “Nothing, then what are you going to do next? If she doesn’t admit it, there’s no way to clear up the injustice for the Chi family.”

Chi Yu immediately nodded, “That’s right, so I’m going to look for evidence of her collusion with that doctor.”

“How will you find it?”

“I checked, tomorrow our Sun family here will hold a wedding, this Mrs. Sun is none other than Gu Qinglian’s best friend, she should go there, when I find her and steal her phone, it shouldn’t be hard to find the evidence.”

Chi Yu talked about his plan.

This is indeed a solution, nowadays it is all high-tech era, things like mobile phones have become the most indispensable tools in people’s daily life, communication, entertainment, social …… etc.

Even the circulation of money has become its main function.

Therefore, Chi Yu is not wrong at all, as long as you get the woman’s mobile phone, it will not be difficult to find out the evidence of her, even if it is hidden deeper, there is a chance that you can dig it out.

Wen Shuxu agreed with him.

Since that was the case, why didn’t she go with him as well?

Of course, she wasn’t going to find the evidence.

What she wanted to know more was whether the psychiatrist who hypnotized her was the woman who told him that secret or not? That was the most dangerous thing of all.

Huo Siji had been at the Leston Hotel, owned by Huo, that afternoon.

The company was nearing its end, and before going on holiday, it was always necessary to console the old fogeys.

“President, news has just come from Bulgari, although Gu Qinglian is furious that we threw her badly injured niece over there, she hasn’t done anything yet.”

Just as Huo Sijiu was sitting in the luxurious private room, listening to the gang of old fogeys blowing off steam in boredom, his assistant Lin Ziyang suddenly came in and whispered in his ear.

Still no movement?

After drinking a few glasses of wine, the handsome and noble man’s eyebrows were tinged with a bit of drunkenness. When he heard this, he raised his eyebrows slightly: “Then continue to keep an eye on not only her people, but also her communication devices, including her IP address.

“Yes, President!”

Lin Ziyang couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat when he heard that.

He actually didn’t quite understand why the president had to do this? Since it had already been found out that that incident with the Chi family was colluded by this Gu Qinglian and Huo Ying’e.

Then, why didn’t he simply arrest her?

Instead, he wanted to monitor a person like this, what did he want to do? Could it be that he was still trying to catch something through her?

The more Lin Ziyang thought about it, the more he didn’t understand.

Not for anything else, just for the fact that this Gu Qinglian was Gu Xia’s aunt, and Gu Xia, wasn’t she the president’s fiancee?

And when did they have such a bad relationship?

Lin Ziyang went to arrange someone.

Inside Bulgari Garden-

Aunt and nephew Gu Qinglian, who were staying at home at the moment, would be even more puzzled by Huo Sijiu’s operation.

“Is he sick? Beating you up like this? Even if you came to the house without his consent, he can’t hit you this hard, right? You’re his fiancee!!!”

Gu Qinglian looked at her niece who was lying on the bed battered and swollen, unable to even crawl up, she was going mad at home.

But Gu Xia could only lie on the bed and shed tears, she was so hurt that she could hardly even speak.

When Gu Qinglian saw that, she came over again and got even more furious: “You too, for good reason, what are you doing running to No. 1 Royal Court? You think you can get in with a straight face just because you have a good relationship with the old man?”

“No …… is!” Gu Xia finally hissed out.

“It’s not because of that, it’s …… because of that bitch! She finally seduced him away, that bitch, I’m going to kill her, kill her!!!”

She hissed, hoarse, hissing like a stern ghost.

Gu Qinglian frowned.

It was Wen Shuxu again?

She had almost been conditioned to have a headache when she heard that name.

Because, this woman was really like a plague, always appearing in front of their aunt and nephew since she came back, and every time it was not good news.

Gu Qinglian became even more annoyed: “You killed her? You didn’t even get her killed after laying such a big trap last time, and you still want to kill?”

“Why can’t I kill? I’m telling you, this time, I’m not only going to kill her, I’m going to destroy that man, what I can’t get, no one else can ever get!”

Suddenly, a very strong flash of resentment and murderous aura burst out of her distorted face.

Gu Qinglian froze, “How are you going to destroy? What are you going to do?”

Gu Xia laughed fiercely, “I’ll spread that secret, I’ll let this man lose his reputation, so that he can never get a foothold in Huo’s again, and he’ll be completely ruined!”

She really looked like a madman, to even think of such a method.

Gu Qinglian’s face changed a little, staring at this niece who had lost her mind, she scolded, “Are you crazy? If you destroy him, then we have nothing left too.”