His Secret Lover Chapter 241-242

Chapter 241

It was actually Lin Ziyang calling, and once he heard his voice, this guy was on the verge of crying on the phone.

Huo Sijiu’s face changed.

The hospital?

What happened at the hospital? Could it be that woman ……?

He immediately grabbed the car keys on the table and asked in a stern voice, “What happened?”

Lin Ziyang was still in tears: “Miss …… Wen, she’s gone! We searched all over the hospital, as well as checked the surveillance, but we didn’t see her person, she disappeared out of thin air!”

Huo Sijiu: “……”

His legs, which were walking down the road at a brisk pace, jerked to a halt halfway.

And in his mind, there was an immediate flash of that little girl crying just now, she told him that mommy was gone ……

How could mommy be gone?

Simply put p!

His eyes became particularly frightening, and he yelled down into the phone, “How can a living person disappear into thin air? Find her for me, even if I have to turn the city upside down.”

He panicked, he who had never been in control of his emotions, at this moment, surprisingly, in just a few seconds, he already had the signs of losing control.

Lin Ziyang heard this and hastily added on the phone, “No, President, the old man is coming over to the hospital.”

“What did you say? The old master?”

“Yes! And after he left, through the surveillance, we found someone from the old mansion side right in the hospital, President, what does this …… mean?”

Lin Ziyang didn’t really dare to say that last sentence.

Because, once said, this pair of father and son will inevitably be a big war again, the relationship is not very good, then this time, estimated even worse.

However, is their bad relationship really more important than a human life?

Huo Sijiu indeed immediately pressed off the phone, and then, the people in the villa only saw him with a body full of murderous aura after he rolled out like a fierce wind, and in a short while, he was gone.

This was really scary!

Mo Bao walked out, “Where did daddy go? Is something happening?”

Huo Yin had his arm around his sister and had been patting her back gently with his little hand, when he heard his brother ask, his cold little face glanced outside.

“Wanna know?”

“……” Mo Bao was suddenly a little hesitant.

He didn’t really want to know about adults, their world was too complicated, all he wanted right now was for Daddy and Mommy to be well and then for them to be happy and together as a family.

Mo Bao eventually sat down next to his brother with a handsome little face and waited for Mummy to come home.

The Huo family’s old mansion.

When Elder Huo did this, he actually thought that his son would know about it.

However, he hadn’t expected that he would come so quickly, he had only just learned the news and put the people out, and this son’s car, like a cheetah on the scent, had already pounced on him.

“Young master, you’ve come over?”

“Get lost!”

The butler, He Tingyu, heard the commotion and immediately ran out from within the mansion, wanting to block it first.

However, only as soon as he came out, the man who happened to also get out of the car, after seeing him, with scarlet eyes staring at him with a stern roar, kicked him to the ground.

Huo Sijiu, had never put this butler in his eyes.

He didn’t care, and he didn’t like it!

The Huo family members who heard the commotion rushed to see this ancestor coming over early in the morning, with such a terrible killing aura.

Immediately, they hid again.

This was the King of Hell, so they couldn’t afford to mess with him, so it was better to hide away.

So in the end, the old man who had been waiting for news in the hall waited for this son of his who had come to the door with a murderous aura.

“Where is the man?”

When Huo Sijiu saw the old man, he didn’t want to talk nonsense to him and asked directly about the person.

When the old man saw it, his face changed on the spot.

He stood up, and after a sharp run in his head, he chose not to admit it: “What people? What are you doing here at home this early in the morning, instead of going to the office?”

Huo Sijiu laughed coldly.

He thought that this old man, who had the same blood as him, would at least, be as smart as him, but now, he was acting like a clown in front of him with his poor acting skills.

Huo Siji pulled a random stool and sat down, he was so angry that he would be quiet instead.

“If she dies at your hands like that doctor did back then, do you believe me? I’ll go to the police station right now and turn myself in and say I killed someone.”


The old man never expected that he would suddenly give him such a sentence, and at once, he was so angry that he straightened up and stood up from his chair.

Had he gone mad? For such a woman?

The old man looked at him in disbelief, once a stranger to him as if he didn’t even recognize him anymore.

“Huo Sijiu, I’m helping you, all I can do is to help you bury this secret permanently, what’s wrong with me doing this?”

“No, you’re not wrong.”

Huo Siji shook his head, his expression still calm: “But that’s no reason for us to kill.”

The old man froze, “What did you say?”

Huo Siji looked at this father, and suddenly, the scarlet-tinged pupils narrowed, then revealed a light like a ghost.

“Because, like this, you will make me feel that I killed them all, I killed everyone around me one by one, and now, it’s my child’s mother’s turn, so you tell me, after killing her, who’s next? Is it you? You know this secret of mine, too!”

Chapter 242

Suddenly he looked up, his bloodshot eyes so murderous that they made people’s scalps tingle.

The old man was horrified!

He took several steps back for a long time, and the bone-chilling coldness shook him so much that he could not utter a word.

“You …… are really crazy!”

“Yeah, I’m just crazy, and if you kill her, I can’t really guarantee what I’ll do.” Huo Sijiu finally ground the words out of his teeth word by word.

That’s right, that’s what he had come for today!

That woman, either hand her over from him today or, he would wait for him to go mad a second time.

The old man’s whole face finally went white.

He had expected that he would not be able to explain this matter well when he found out, but he had not expected that he would be so tough and threaten him with himself.

When had he ever been so attached to a woman?

In the past, hadn’t he never cared whether she lived or died?

The old man stared at this son, shocked and angry, and for the first time, he felt that he was so strange and so impervious to him.

“I didn’t kill her, let alone touch her, you don’t have to go mad!” The old man ended up like a defeated rooster, hanging his head in defeat as he spoke the words out.

Huo Sijiu’s two still dangerous lines of vision immediately narrowed.


“Yes, I had no intention of killing her, I just asked her to stay by my side and not go out again, but this little girl actually ran away last night, and I’m now looking for her too.”

As the old man said this, he couldn’t help but feel angry again.

He had, indeed, not been so cruel yesterday, and had even prepared a few house deeds, as well as some valuable jewellery, in order to make amends.

He had even prepared a few house deeds and some valuable jewellery in order to make up for it. He had planned to give them to this little girl after she was brought over.

But no one had expected that she would run away!

Huo Sijiu heard and understood, and at once, while a big stone fell from his heart, he stared at this father, and a trace of sarcasm crossed his eyes.

“If she doesn’t run away, she’s still waiting to be imprisoned by you for the rest of her life?”


The old man choked to death there again.

Luckily, this son was not so mad at this time, and he stood up, looking calm as he straightened his clothes.

“The person, I will get back, but I hope that such a thing will not happen again, what kind of person she is, actually you know better than me don’t you?”

“What did you say?”

“I said that when you approached her to propose marriage back then, it wasn’t because you knew what she was that you did that, wasn’t it?”

He turned once more.

Only, this time, the gaze was even more appalling.

He looked at him without any expression of anger, but those shockingly dark eyes, like Xuan Shen, pierced straight into this old man’s heart, digging out all the unspeakable things he had buried in the deepest part of his heart!

When did he know this?

The old man’s face finally went completely white.

At this moment, he no longer had the strength to argue with him, and it was as if he had been caught in the act, his old face was red and white, not to mention wonderful.

When Huo Sijiu saw this, he also gave a cold laugh and turned to leave.

The first thing that happened was that the Huo family was so righteous that they lent a helping hand to the orphaned girl at a time when others were at their worst.

But who would have known that it was this girl he originally wanted when he did so?

Because she spied on Huo Siji’s secret, he was always uneasy about her being on the outside, and he was afraid that one day, she would reveal the secret and ruin Huo Siji.

Then, he deliberately came to his door to propose marriage when she was at her most despondent.

And what about this girl?

She had grown up feeling guilty and self-conscious towards Huo Siji because of that incident back then, and because she had indeed always liked him in her heart too.

She gave up the university she had already gotten into, gave up the chance to revive their Wen family, and married into their family in a desperate attempt.

But what was the result?

What she got in return was that kind of ending.

When Huo Sijiu drove away, his whole body was trembling slightly.

It was only when he had just had a conversation with the old man and saw how unconcerned he was about the woman’s life and death in his eyes that he had come to understand.

The shock was too great!

He had never known that his father, as it turned out, was such a ruthless and ruthless character.

And he was such a good actor that even he had been fooled.


His emotions peaked and he slammed his fist hard on the steering wheel!

That was pain.

He had never known that one day, he would actually feel pain for this woman.

It was as if something sharp had stabbed into his heart, and he hated to admit it, but the real pain, at one point, literally made a man slump over that steering wheel, unable to even straighten his back.

Why was she so stupid?

Was it really worth it for him?

He didn’t react much when he found out she was the one who had left the letter back then, he knew she had kept his secret and kept it to herself, and he didn’t have any ups and downs.

But now, his heart really ached.

Fine and dense, like pins and needles, like knives, it hurt so much that he couldn’t even hold the steering wheel for a bit.