His Secret Lover Chapter 239-240

Chapter 239

Wen Shuxu then paused, “Does Ruo Ruo also listen? Did she upset you?”

“That little girl?” The man who was burying his head in his food, really frowned.

Wen Shuxu saw it and immediately giggled.

“What’s wrong? Is she disobedient? Don’t be angry, she’s just been spoiled since she was little, put more patience into coaxing her, she’s very good.”

Wen Shuxu actually wanted to tell this man that he must treat Ruo Bao well.

Because, that was also his daughter.

However, she could not say this after all, she was worried that if she said it at this time, he would definitely get suspicious.

The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a lot of money from the company.

Wen Shuxu’s heart cut like a knife!

Fortunately, the man heard her tone get anxious and spoke up: “What are you anxious about? I didn’t do anything to her, don’t worry, she’s fine.”

Only then did Wen Shuxu let out a long breath of relief.

It’s good that she is well, well, then she is also relieved.

She lowered her eyes, just for a moment, she didn’t know whether she should be happy? Or should she be sad?

The children were listening to him, so she should be happy, right?

Wen Shuxu tried to make herself happy.

But the truth is, after she heard this, she couldn’t even lift her chopsticks, she just felt like there was a big stone weighing down on her heart, so sad that it hurt to breathe.

“What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you eating?”

“…… ah? Eat, eating.” Wen Shuxu came back to her senses and hurriedly hid her emotions.

Huo Sijiu swept a few glances at her.

He could see that something was wrong with her, but, he didn’t think much of it, he had always thought that it was the aftermath of her, just as when he came over, she was blowing cold air there like a fool.

After eating for about an hour, the two of them finally finished their meal.

But it was basically Wen Xu Xu who was eating, the man didn’t move much.

He was picky about his food and also very demanding about the environment he ate in, which is why Wen XuXu was shocked just now that he could stay here and eat with her.

“Are you going back?”

“Well, Sister Wang can’t take that much, so go back early and let them sleep.”

The man who had packed up the table, went to the bathroom and washed his hands before he put his jacket on and prepared to go.

Wen Shuxu gave him a quiet look.

She could see the exhaustion in his eyebrows, probably because he was overworked from running around both the hospital and the company in the past two days.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Wen Shuxu felt that she could indeed rest assured.

“Good, then be careful on your way.”

The first thing you need to do is to look at him with deep fondness in your eyes, and at this moment, it’s as if you can’t wait to see him two more times.

The moment, it was as if she could not wait to look at him two more times, to etch his features, his voice, and even his entire person, into her mind forever.

Huo Siji: “……”

Perhaps such a gaze was too intense.

He turned back to it.

However, right at this moment, the woman’s eyes withdrew, and she turned around and pretended to pour herself water, so calmly that no one could even see a trace of her.

Huo Sijiu’s eyes narrowed.

Perhaps he had been mistaken.

When Huo Sijiu finally left the hospital, he didn’t forget to make a phone call to Lin Ziyang, asking him to come to the hospital first thing in the morning to do the discharge procedures.

This woman, who is always in a state of delirium, may really want to go home.

Then let her come back earlier.

Just, he did not know that a few hours later, when the hospital was finally late at night and the nurses and doctors on duty were lying down to rest, a figure burrowed into this ward like a cat.

Then, Wen Shuxu disappeared that night.

–The news reached the Huo family home.

When the news reached the Huo family’s old residence, Elder Huo was waiting for someone to come over in the living room.

The moment he heard that Wen Shuxu had disappeared, he stood up in a rage and smashed all these things on the floor!

“Wen Xuoxu! You’ve let me down so much!”

A thunderous roar exploded in this living room, and the entire old mansion was buzzing.

This was too terrifying!

The Huo family didn’t dare to come out at all.

Only the butler, He Tingyu, who, upon seeing this, hurriedly scolded the people who had come to report, “What are you all still standing here for? Why don’t you go and find them? I’m telling you, I want to see the corpse alive and dead! If you don’t find it, you all don’t want your own heads!”

“Yes, Master!”

The man’s face was ashen as he immediately went down to convey the order.

Only then did He Tingyu come in to comfort the old man, who was already so angry that his eyes were bloodshot.

“Master, calm down first, it’s only been one night’s work, she can’t run away anywhere, even if she really left city A, as long as we check the channels of leaving here, we can definitely find her.”


It was only at this point that the old man, who was so angry that his chest rose and fell sharply, finally calmed down a little.

However, the murderous aura on his body did not diminish at all, but, on the contrary, became even stronger and more terrifying when he calmed down!

Chapter 240

“And really underestimated her, to play up in front of me.”

“Yes, in fact, I warned you long ago, Master, someone else’s child is always someone else’s, and since she dared to fake her death to trick you back then, what else would she not do?”


There was another crunching sound, this time even the crutches he was holding were broken.

The butler saw it and was horrified!

“Inform it down, if you see anyone, deal with them straight away!”

“Yes, Master.”

The butler’s heart finally blossomed, and then, he immediately went to arrange for the men, and, as he did so, he also specifically instructed the men to make sure to keep an eye on the movement on Huo’s side.

They must not let that side find out.

Huo, of course, was referring to Huo Siji.

The news had not yet reached Duke Huo, and Lin Ziyang had called him several times, but he had not received any of the calls.

Because, at this time, he was coaxing that little girl on the first floor.

“Mommy, I want mommy, ooh~~~”

Little Ruo Ruo didn’t know if she sensed that something had happened to her mommy this morning, so she started crying as soon as she opened her eyes, and Sister Wang couldn’t even coax her.

In the end, only Huo Sijiu himself could come down.

“Stop, don’t cry anymore!”

As soon as Huo Sijiu came down, he saw that the bedroom was only wearing a thin pink small pajamas, shoes were not worn, and he was holding that long-eared rabbit doll crying until his nose came out to the little girl, his head got big all of a sudden.

This little girl, in the end again who provoked her?!

Huo Sijiu walked over, intending to carry her over first to put her little coat on, lest she catch a cold.

But as soon as the little girl saw him coming, she actually cried even harder: “Mommy, I want Mommy to come over, I don’t want you, get out, get out!”

Her chubby little hands waved about, not letting Huo Sijiu get close at all.

Huo Siji huffed.

Just as he was about to carry her over and whip her little butt, suddenly, two small figures burst in through the doorway, after seeing that Daddy had been made to feel anxious by his sister.

One went over and rushed to protect his sister.

One came over and blocked in front of daddy: “Daddy, what are you doing?”

It was Huo Yin!

This little guy, in order to save his sister, had also come over without even putting on his shoes.

When Huo Sijiu saw it, he had another brain cramp: “What can I do? I told this little girl to stop crying, didn’t you hear me? It’s like killing a pig early in the morning, her cries can be heard throughout the villa.”

Huo Yin: “……”

Mo Bao who is protecting his sister: “……”

Is daddy okay? How dare he say that his sister’s cries were like killing a pig?

Sure enough, three seconds later, an even more startling little girl cry appeared, “Mommy, I want mommy-”

Little Ruo Ruo was simply choking with grief, she pushed her brother away, didn’t want anything, and ran out of the room on her bare little white feet as if she had been greatly hurt.

So Huo Sijiu, who was about to jump, could only chase her out of the bedroom again.

A few minutes later, finally, he caught the little bundle who was crying as if her mother was no longer there in the downstairs hall, and then carried it into his arms.

“Fine, fine, it’s uncle’s fault, uncle shouldn’t have yelled at you, shouldn’t have said you were crying unpleasantly, uncle apologizes to you, don’t cry okay?”

Huo Sijiu was about to kneel down for this little girl!

The first time a business dominator had ever coaxed someone in such a low voice and taken all the fault on himself.

When little Ruo Ruo saw this, although the tears were still baring down in her big watery eyes, but in the end, she was being held in her daddy’s arms and her cries were not as horrible.

“I …… want mummy.”

“I know, so later I’ll go and send your mommy back, okay?” Huo Sijiu coaxed patiently.

Only then did the little girl blink her big teary eyes and finally stop crying.

Her expression, however, was still very sad.

“Will you give me your word? I just had a very scary dream, I dreamed that mummy was missing, uncle, I can’t be without mummy, if I don’t have mummy anymore, Ruo Ruo will become a child that no one wants.”


What kind of kids are these? Only five years old, how can they say such things?

Huo Siji frowned.

He wanted to reprimand her twice more, but suddenly, when he saw that her big eyes, which were still covered in tears, actually showed a sadness that was completely out of line with her age.

Suddenly, he couldn’t say anything.

Yes, this was a child who had lost her father long ago, and it was not surprising that she would be insecure.

“No, if your mommy is gone, isn’t this still uncle, uncle will raise you.” Huo Sijiu gave her a rare and generous comfort.

Of course, this was all a joke, that woman, how could she not be there?

She was just like a weed, growing stubbornly wherever she went, unable to be beaten to death, just like when she died and disappeared.

When Huo Sijiu thought of this, he was still a little angry.

The good thing was that the little girl didn’t cry anymore because she had heard this from him. Afterwards, Huo Sijiu handed her over to his two sons and instructed them to take care of his sister before he went up to the third floor.

Going up, just in time, the phone rang again.


“Oh my god, President, where did you go just now? Why don’t you answer the phone when I keep calling you, something’s happened over here at the hospital!”