His Secret Lover Chapter 237-238

Chapter 237

“Yeah, I do trust you, but it’s always unsafe for you to carry this secret around.”

“…… you, what do you mean?” Wen Shuxu asked with tears in her eyes for a long time.

The old man then smiled. “It means that dad thinks it’s safer for you to stay by my side, Shu Shu, Si Jue’s life can’t be at any risk, today it was your resourcefulness that prevented a crisis, but what about later? Lifu, none of us would dare to take that risk.”

This old man, at last, spelled out the reason for his coming.

Wen Shuxu was frozen!

What did he mean by this? His grandson couldn’t take any risk to his life, so he was going to detain his best friend’s daughter?

How long?

Was it a year? Or ten years? Or was it a lifetime?

Wen Shuxu was even more disappointed.

After only feeling a strangeness appear in her heart that she had never felt before, she looked at this old man who had said back then that he would treat her like his own daughter, and finally, the fog that had been hidden for a long time at the bottom of her eyes dripped down.

“Actually, there’s no need to go to such trouble, you can kill me, it’s safer!”

“What nonsense are you talking about? How could I possibly kill you? You’re the child I watched grow up and the mother of my two grandchildren, how could I do that?”

The old man was very angry!

But Wen Shuxu was no longer half-responsive when she heard that.

Not killing her?

Then what was the difference between keeping her locked up for the rest of her life and killing her?

Perhaps, in name only, by doing so, he would be able to give himself more peace of mind.

Wen Shuxu tugged at the corner of her mouth and did not say anything.

The old man saw that she was silent, so he couldn’t help but be a bit sarcastic.

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.


After another long time, Wen Shuxu then heard himself ask: “Like before as your daughter-in-law?”

The old man’s old face instantly became even more unnatural.

“Since you don’t even want to be with Si Jue, then it’s not a daughter-in-law, it’s a daughter, and I will recognize you as my goddaughter.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, I’ve already agreed to Gu Xia and Si Jue’s marriage, from now on she’ll be the Huo family’s daughter-in-law, but don’t worry, your position in my Huo family will always be higher than hers!”

As if to soothe Wen Shuxu, this old man gave her a final assurance.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Wen Shuxu ended up in this old man left, she looked at this back, heart and blood as if thrown into the ice cellar, she remembered all the previous, there is only a cool desolation left.

It turns out that, not being a biological one, one can never cover up the heat!

–The first time I saw you, I was so happy.

Huo Sijiu did come to the hospital again after work.

When he came in, she had moved a chair and was sitting by the window blowing in the cold.

Could it be that her condition had worsened again?

A low pressure immediately surrounded Huo Sijiu.

Can’t you hear me calling you?”


The woman who had been blowing the cold wind for a long, long time, finally raised her head in the chair.

The woman’s face was so white that it was transparent, and Huo Sijiu didn’t even need to touch it to know from her greenish lips that the woman must have frozen herself into a popsicle.

This woman is really out of her mind again.

Huo Sijiu’s face was ironically blue, and he didn’t care about that, he bent down and wrapped his arms around her from the chair directly, and picked her up.

“Ah–” Wen Shuxu immediately shrieked in shock.

This man …… what was he going to do?

The world is spinning, her heart suddenly accelerated beating, the blood all over her body immediately rushed to the top of her head, so that her whole brain “buzzed”.

“What …… are you doing?”

“What? Are you sick in the head? Sitting in this hellhole, you are not enough to stay in the hospital, right?”

Huo Sijiu has never had a good temper, hearing this pig-like woman actually dare to ask him what to do? On the spot was a furious scolding.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

It wasn’t until this person placed himself on the hospital bed and then also covered himself with the quilt in a firm knot that her brain, which was lying inside buzzing, slowly calmed down.

Was this his concern for her?

Afraid that she might catch a cold?

Wen Shuxu suddenly remembered the cup of water that he had to force feed her in the morning.

It was just an ordinary glass of water, but she thought he was going to poison her, imprison her, kill her, and then refuse to drink it.

In the end, it was just a glass of water.

And in the afternoon, she was full of joy to see the old man who had come to her, and she did not doubt him any, but in the end, he told her that he was the one who was going to imprison her and keep her locked up.

How ironic!

Wen Shuxu slowly closed her eyes.

“Did you drink your medicine today?”

“…… drank it.”

“Have you eaten?”


“And got the injection?”


The question and answer were surprisingly unobstructed and perfectly followable.

Huo Siji, who was pouring water for himself to drink, was surprised to the point where he turned around and looked at the woman who had remained in that position without even moving after being stilled on the bed by himself.

This was, well, sick?

He walked over and pulled up a random chair and sat down next to her.

“I’m really impressed with how quickly you’ve recovered.”


This was something Wen Shuxu finally couldn’t understand, however, she opened her eyes and looked sideways at the man.

But saw that, under the pale cold white light in the ward, this sturdy man with long legs folded sat there, with a high nose and handsome face, flipping through her medical records with one hand, casually resting on the arm of the chair with the other, looking very carefree, but with an indescribable elegance and casualness, good-looking that people could not take their eyes off.

Chapter 238

“Seen enough?”

“…… huh? Ah!!!” Wen Shuxu finally woke up, and immediately, after a layer of red quickly crept onto her pale little face, she immediately turned over and she buried herself under the covers again.

It’s a shame!

The man behind her was smiling lightly, however.

He hooked his lips, those beautiful eyes curving out in a pretty arc after seeing the woman’s goose-stepping appearance, “Given your good performance, I’ve agreed to your discharge from the hospital tomorrow.”


The woman, who was acting like a little fool, really rolled back.

Huo Sijiu then raised his eyebrows: “Really, I’ll come over tomorrow morning to do the formalities, it just so happens that the day after tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, you’ll be at home to do some good planning then, I don’t have time to get it.”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on the subject.

If it were in the past, Wen Shuxu would have been very happy.


But now ……

Wen Shuxu looked at this man with gentle eyebrows, and finally, she rolled over and sat up again.

“I’m hungry.”

“Hungry? Didn’t you just say you had eaten?”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Wen Shuxu then looked away with some embarrassment.

“I’m talking about …… the midday meal.”

Her voice was softer, just like a small milk cat, that words with a hint of a big sickness in the middle, soft and soft, listened to Huo Sijiu heart did not come to a swing.

This is a rare sight to see.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

What was this?

She was just eating alone, did she need so much?

She looked in dismay at the man who was already sitting over the sofa: “You ordered so much, how can I finish eating?”

“Who said you were eating alone? I’m not a person?”

Huo Sijiu sat with his long legs folded in the sofa, jumping lightly with his fingers on his notebook while he carelessly replied.

Wen Shuxu was instantly even more astonished!

He didn’t eat either?

No, is this a question of whether he ate or not? This is clearly about how he could eat in a place like this?!

And, with her!

Wen Shuxu’s eyes were rounded, thinking she had heard wrong.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

For a while, this only stiffened the sound and went to lift the lunch box: “Nothing, then …… come over and eat together, otherwise it will get cold later.”

“Got it, finish getting this email.”

Huo Sijiu lowered his head again and continued to work on the matter in his hand.

Wen Shuxu saw and swallowed, finally, she accepted this matter.

This was really something she hadn’t expected.

She had just said she was hungry, but she only wanted him to stay here for a little longer today, and to eat with her, she really hadn’t thought of such a privilege.

Wen Xuoxu took out all the meal boxes.

The actual fact is that the actual person is really a lot of money, a total of just two people, but the order is really a lot, in addition to four meat dishes, there are two small dishes, the main food is even congee, noodles, soup, rice ……

The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of money from the company.

The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of money from the company.

“If you can’t finish it, throw it away, you have to think about whether you can finish a meal or not? Wen Shuxu, don’t you think you’re tired of living?”

It’s really his typical Huo’s president’s domineering tone!

Wen Shuxu sighed and could only sit down.


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. There’s congee, flour, noodles ……”

“That is for you to eat, you are not healed, eat lighter.” The man faintly threw down this sentence, and then he brought over the bowl of white rice.

As the words fell, Wen Shuxu, who was chucking a noodle into her mouth, was immediately stunned there again!

Had she misheard? These were all ordered for her?


When did he become so considerate? In the past, didn’t he always sneer at her, hating to kill her with a single word?

When did he even care about her?

Wen Shuxu felt more and more frightened by this matter.

However, it cannot be denied that she was still very happy in her heart after hearing it.

So she carefully confirmed it and found that he really just laid his hands on that bowl of rice and didn’t even touch the rest, so she took the cup of soup, which she had wanted to drink for a long time, and held it back in front of her.

Huo Siji: “……”

Stupidity is good!

The two ate for a while, probably after the awkwardness from earlier had passed, and finally started a normal conversation.

“How are the kids at home?”

“Fine, they’re all listening to me when you’re not around.”

Huo Sijiu said casually as he ate.

These three children, these past two days, had indeed been quite obedient, and although they had been worried about Mummy, they had been very well behaved ever since he had given them his word that he would be good and bring Mummy back in one piece.