His Secret Lover Chapter 235-236

Chapter 235

And why should he.

If she really would have said something, why would she have given her life for it at the banquet yesterday?

Wen Shuxu sat on the hospital bed, all the brilliance in her eyes gone, like a flower that had suddenly lost its life, she sat there withered, not even moving for a long time.

It wasn’t until almost noon that the sound of cheerful footsteps rang out from outside.

“Mummy, Mummy we’ve come to see you, did you miss us?”

The little voice of a child came from outside, and Wen Shuxu looked towards the door of the ward and instantly saw a little girl in a pink dress, flying towards her like a little swallow.

It’s baby RuoRuo.

Wen Xuoxu finally reappeared with a smile and immediately lifted the covers as she got off the bed, “Ruo Ruo, come over and let Mommy hug you, Mommy is going to laugh at you.”

The pink little girl then smiled happily and ran over and let Mommy give her a full hug.

Then came Huo Yin and Mo Bao, the two little ones also one carrying a bag of fruit and the other carrying a thermos bucket, both coming in under the leadership of Sister Wang.

“Mummy, are you feeling better? When I came to see you yesterday, you weren’t even awake yet.”



Mo Bao: “……”

Huo Yin: “……”

Or finally little RuoRuo’s chubby little hand gently touched on Mommy’s gauze.

“Stupid brother, if mommy lets us touch it, of course it means it’s fine, mommy is a doctor oh, how can mommy not know if she’s fine or not? Isn’t that right, Mummy?”

“Yes, our RuoRuo baby is the smartest.”

Wen Shuxu gave her daughter a kiss on her little pink cheek.

After Mo Bao and her brother Huo Yin heard this, finally, they too were relieved and then opened their little arms and jumped into their mummy’s arms together.

Sister Wang was in the ward putting the things she brought on the table while looking over here with a smile on her face, waiting until she finally got the soup and everything out before she walked towards the four of them who were hard to part with, mother and son.

“Okay, young masters, and Miss Ruo Ruo, let’s let Mummy eat first, okay?”


The three little ones agreed in unison.

Afterwards, Wen Xuoxu went to the small table to eat, while the three little ones, all very understanding, went over to the sofa to play by themselves and not disturb Mummy.

Sister Wang came to the side to pour water for Wen Xuoxu: “How is it? Miss Wen, is everything alright?”

“…… Well, thank you Sister Wang.”

Wen Xuxu nodded and began to spoon the soup.

When Sister Wang saw her like this, the heart that she had been keeping in mind fell, and at that moment, she also sat down next to her.

“It’s good that you’re alright, you’re just too kind-hearted and have suffered a lot, if you had listened to the young master and not gone out, this wouldn’t have happened, look how much you’ve suffered.”

Sister Wang was truly thinking of Wen Shuxu.

She has taken care of Huo Sijiu for many years and has seen with her own eyes how he has come through step by step. Naturally, she also hopes that his future other half will be able to treat him with single-mindedness.

And Wen Shuxu, naturally, was the one she saw treating him the best.

However, after she finished, the girl in front of her didn’t react, she concentrated on her soup as if she didn’t hear her.

Maybe she was hungry.

Sister Wang didn’t think that much about it, so she stood up and went to work on something else.

Two minutes later, Wen Shuxu reacted and looked at her with the soup spoon, “It’s okay, it was an accident, I went out that day and didn’t expect it to happen.”

“What?” Sister Wang was really a bit uncomfortable too, “What accident? You mean about the Chi family?”


Wen Shuxu nodded.

Sister Wang was immediately indignant: “Put p! That’s also called an accident? That is simply their Chi family waiting for you to come to the door, right, you don’t even know, in order to set you up, their Chi family played a big game, that Chi family second young master actually even personally came to our house to find you.”

This servant, actually ended up foul-mouthed.

Wen Shuxu was shocked!

What did she mean by that? What do you mean the Chi family has played a big game of chess? The company has been waiting for her to go over there?


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

“The actual truth is, you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The actual fact is that you can’t get a good deal on your own. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

“Chi Yu? You’re still talking about him?”

“No, I went with him that day because he wanted to ask me to help him out, saying that his family had arranged a marriage for him and he didn’t like it, and that I had nothing to do with him.”

Wen Shuxu explained to this servant, desperately defending Chi Yu.

She really did not believe that Chi Yu had anything to do with this matter, Chi Yu is the kind of person, she clearly, back then, although he always went to Huo family to taunt her.

However, he had not done anything to really hurt her.

But when the servant heard this, she was still angry: “How can you be sure that he had nothing to do with this? Now that the young master has put an end to their entire Chi family, would he, Chi Yu, have nothing to do with it?

Chapter 236

“What are you saying? The Chi family was all terminated by Huo Sijiu?”

“Yes, the young master didn’t tell you? The young master was so furious when he found out about your accident that he not only took back all the Chi family properties, but also submitted the evidence to the police station, which finally arrested all the Chi family heads, even …… Aunt Huo! ”


Wen Shuxu was struck by lightning!

She looked at the servant in disbelief, the spoon she was holding in her hand, just fell into the soup bowl!

Surprisingly, the Chi family had made it?

Why? Why would they do that? Why would they do that? What good would it do them?

Yes, she, Wen Shuxu, had a grudge against their family, and the combination of old and new grudges was reason enough for them to get her killed there.

However, Huo Siji is not?

The new and the old are enough reason for them to kill her. If Huo Siji fell, the huge Huo family, with the old man too old and the two sons too young, would definitely be put in power by other shareholders.

In that case, what could they gain? Are they going to dig their own graves?

Wen Shuxu was so shocked and angry that she couldn’t quite believe such a truth!

“Miss Wen? Miss Wen?”


Wen Shuxu, who had forced herself to calm down, finally looked up at the servant again, “Sister Wang, can you help me find Chi Yu and ask him to come and meet me?”

“You …… still want to see Chi Yu?”

“What’s wrong? Has he been arrested too?” Wen Shuxu finally changed her face.

Fortunately, this servant immediately told her that Chi Yu was then not implicated in this incident.

“It’s the old master’s intention, right, he also strongly protects the second young master Chi, moreover, he himself has Huo’s shares in his hands, any further turmoil in the Chi family will not affect him.”

“Good, then you can call him for me and have him come over to see me.”

Wen Shuxu finally breathed a long sigh of relief and immediately asked this maid to inform Chi Yu to come and see her.

She had to meet the Chi family in order to understand this matter, this matter, was definitely not that simple, the Chi family could not possibly lay hands on Huo Sijiu for any motive.

Moreover, she remembered that when the psychiatrist came to her, he mentioned “genetic defect schizophrenia”, a name she really hadn’t mentioned to anyone.

Including Dr. Kim.

So, where did he get this information from?

Wen Xuoxu couldn’t wait to find out everything.

The first thing you need to do is to find out if you want to see the second youngest son of the Chi family, and she finally agreed to inform him to come to the hospital.

So after the maid left, Wen Shuxu waited in the hospital room.

However, she did not expect that she would wait until the afternoon, but instead of Chi Yu coming, the old man came over.

“Yatou, how are you feeling? I heard that you had woken up, so I came over to see you, are you alright now?”

After the old man came to the ward with his crutches, he still had that amiable look, and after seeing Wen Xuxu, he even came over to look at her head with concern.

Wen Xuoxu: “……”

There was a moment when the aggression at the bottom of her heart came up and she was about to cry out in front of this old man.

For so many years, in fact, she has always treated him as her real father, his place in her heart is very heavy, she will put up her strong shell in front of everyone.

But only this old man, she would take off all her pretense in front of him.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

“The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. ”

Suddenly, this old man was standing at the side of the hospital bed, looking at Wen Xuoxu very solemnly made such a decision.

Wen Shuxu was frozen.

From now on, he would follow him around? The actual fact is that you are going to be able to go back to the Huo family residence?

So what he means is …… after that, she can only stay by his side for the rest of her life? For the sake of their Huo family secrets?

Is that staying by his side?

Or is it captivity?

Wen Xu Xu finally came to her senses, she was originally slow to react, at this moment, in that pair of eyes that were clearly with a friendly smile, but inside were actually terribly cold.

She felt her whole body was a cold stabbing cold!

Wen Shuxu that address in her throat and pressed it down again.

She had never seen such a gaze from him before, these eyes, before in her presence, were gentle, affectionate and doting.

But now, he was like a deep, cold pool of water, so strange and cold that even her nerves were trembling!

“Uncle Huo, that incident back then, I didn’t mean to ……”

“I know, if you did it on purpose, you couldn’t see it.”

Unexpectedly, this old man actually reacted very plainly.

When Wen Shuxu heard this, he finally couldn’t hold back a bit and his eyes turned red: “Since that’s the case, then why must you let me go with you? You know, for so many years, I haven’t said anything, not to anyone.”