His Secret Lover Chapter 231-232

Chapter 231

“I see.”

He stood up, for a few short minutes, his voice cold and dry, his expression cold with a powerful aura of slaughter, fully back to his imperial demeanour of turning his hand to the clouds and his hand to the rain.

After that, he walked away.

The old man looked at his back, his fingers clutching the walking stick tightly.

A moment later, He Tingyu, the butler, came in and seeing that he did not look quite right, he asked, “Did something happen? How is the young master? Why does that little girl know these things? We never knew before.”

He asked several questions in a row, all of which he wanted to know very much.

But the most serious of these questions would be the one at the end of his list.

The old man’s expression grew grimmer and grimmer: “I don’t know, maybe, the time when Sir killed the dog wasn’t the first time she saw it!”

“What do you mean?”

“When Wen Ru Fei brought his wife and children over, Si Jue was ten years old, and the year he killed the dog was the year he turned ten, and after that, Wen Ru Fei rarely let his daughter come over to avoid seeing such a thing again.”

“So, when the young master killed …… by mistake when he was eleven, this little girl should not have seen it, then how?”

The housekeeper heard the mention of this past incident and also began to recall the events of that time, and then speculated together.

Wen Ru Fei is Wen Xuefei’s father, back then, Wen Xuefei unintentionally saw Huo Sijiu’s illness, and under the panic, Wen Xuefei came very few times. Wen Ru Fei did not say why at the time, when smart people knew.

But when Huo Siji was eleven years old, he was sent to closed treatment.

Then, during that time, what happened to Huo Siji in that place, and how on earth did this little girl know about it?

It was clear that no one else knew about this matter except Master Huo, the housekeeper and the doctor, who had been disposed of by the Master to prevent him from leaking secrets.

Then, how did she know?

Why was it that the child he had looked so well behaved and understanding back then, in the end, was the one who was the least clean and most disobedient, had he given less?

The old man stared in that direction at the door, his gaze more sinister and frightening than ever!

City Centre, First People’s Hospital.

Inside the ward, the three little ones were all in tears after lying on the hospital bed and seeing their mummy’s entire head wrapped in a thick layer of white gauze.

“It’s all Daddy’s fault, why couldn’t he have gone to save Mummy sooner, I’ve told you, Mummy is in danger!”

Mo Bao was the first to express his dissatisfaction, and after dropping two golden beans, he accused daddy with a crying voice.

Huo Yin did not make a sound.

However, from his little expression, which was also full of sadness, it could be seen that this time, he was also very disappointed with daddy, a man who couldn’t even protect his own woman, what kind of man is he?

Little Ruo Ruo is even more direct, simply let out a cry: “Brother …… us …… let’s change someone to be daddy, daddy …… daddy can’t even protect can’t protect mommy, let’s go find uncle Qiao, okay?”

Good guy, she actually directly wants to change daddy.

The first thing you need to do is to get a new daddy.

“Little darlings, let’s calm down first, okay? This accident, it was a sudden incident, your daddy was completely unaware of it, if he knew about it, he would have protected your mommy at all costs.”


“Of course it’s true, Young Master Mo, have you forgotten the last time you kidnapped and who saved you?”

Lin Ziyang was the first to take advantage of the little thing with the most flexible brain of these three little ones, and the one most likely to take the lead in rebelling together.

Sure enough, once Mo Bao heard this, his handsome little face, which still had tears on it, hesitated.

It seemed really.

“Right, come to think of it, Huo Yin little young master will not need to say, daddy to mummy, that you are not all in the eye of the beholder? The last time your mommy took you guys on a run, all to y country’s raymond mountain resort, at the end when your mommy was bullied, who showed up?”

Huo Yin: “……”

Well, Huo Yin also ran out of things to say.

Lin Ziyang then looked at the little girl again.

Of course, the little girl is just the uncle, she said to change the daddy, and she has nothing to do with the hair, it is also a symbolic coaxing.

But I didn’t expect that this little girl, who usually looks silly and soft and cuddly, would be very rigid this time, and as soon as he came over, she immediately ran to the bed with her chubby little hands clinging to her mommy.

“Don’t talk me out of it, I just don’t like him! Mummy just gets hurt over and over again because of him, Uncle Joe doesn’t, I don’t like him, I like Uncle Joe!!!”


Lin Ziyang listened to the little milk voice that could be heard outside this corridor, hurriedly came over with an arrow step and covered her little mouth.

“Okay, okay, little aunt, stop it, let’s go out now and find your Uncle Qiao, okay?” Lin Ziyang was afraid that Lord B, who had gone to the doctor to ask about his condition, would be coming back, so he hurriedly hugged the little girl and ran away.

Little Ruo Ruo was carried away, naturally, the two twin brothers also followed along and went out.

So when Huo Sijiu returned to the ward with the diagnosis, the only person left in the large vip single ward was the woman lying unconscious on the hospital bed.


Lin Ziyang took it away?

He was not surprised, and when he came in with the results in his hand, he casually dragged a chair and sat down by the hospital bed.

In the past two days, he did not go to the company, but stayed in the hospital to take care of this woman, but he did not have an easy time at all, and when he sat down, he felt a kind of weakness.

Perhaps it was because he feared she was dead.

He picked up the piece of paper and put it in front of him again for a closer look.

The hairpiece had not killed her, but it was said that because the area was rich in nerves in the brain, there was a chance that she would be affected when she woke up.

What effects?

Being stupid or being blind?

He squeezed the piece of paper and suddenly his mind went back to the scene he had seen that day in the hotel.

He had experienced her fierceness, the first time when she had faked her own death to abscond with her two children, and the second time on the boat when she had stabbed herself with glass to convince him that Gu Xia was abusing her children.

Then, there was Mo Bao’s accident and she went alone to save him.

In short, this woman is brave and unafraid of death.

However, all of this is shown in her children, and in her personally. He did not expect that one day she would take up a sharp weapon against herself as well, in order to keep his secret.

Was she really that unafraid of death?

He squeezed the thin piece of paper, his fingers clenching little by little, as he remembered the killing intent that had risen from the bottom of his heart for a moment that day at the hotel when he had seen her about to reveal that secret of his!

At that moment, he actually wanted to kill her.

But, next, indeed, she had fallen before him in order to keep the secret.

How ironic it was.

He shredded the piece of paper and threw it in the trash as he raised those bloodshot eyes, “You deserved to be stabbed, a man who had you planted countless times and had to be saved, are you a pig?”

He wanted to be more vicious, after all, that would be in keeping with his pattern with her.

But, as he cursed, he couldn’t go on, his throat choked up as if there was a huge rock blocking it.

“Buzz …… buzz ……”

A phone came in just at that moment, and when he heard it, he immediately got up, took the phone and went to the window.


“President, the matter has found some clues, that doctor who practiced hypnosis on Miss Wen, Dr. Jin didn’t know him at all, after face-matching, he found out that it was an international student with a PhD in psychology in M country.”

“And then what?”

“Found out his current account, the most terminal was a retail account opened by Chi Tianrui.”


In a second, a very frightening murderous aura enveloped the man, almost immediately dropping the temperature of the ward to freezing point.

The bodyguard side seemed to sense it and simply said it all: “Also, president, the media reporters side also found out that it was someone who specifically sought them out, none other than the Chi family!”

The atmosphere became even more ghastly, and the creepy aura could be felt across the long distance of the phone line.

“Within today, don’t let me see the words Shengshi Department Store again!”

“Yes, President.”

“Also, confiscate all the properties under the Chi family’s name, send the evidence to the police station, and tell them that without my order, none of the Chi family members will be released to me, including Huo Ying’e!!!”

That last sentence, the man almost grinded it out word by word from between his teeth!

This was insane! It was too ruthless!

It was almost as if he was uprooting the Chi family, leaving no one behind!

And this, more or less, seemed to be related to his genetic defect.

So at noon that day, the Chi family, who lived in Fairview Garden, had no idea that disaster would strike from the sky.

–The family’s home was raided in a matter of hours.

When Wen Shuxu woke up, it was at night, she opened her eyes and looked at the warm yellow light shining on the ceiling, for a long time, she did not remember where she was?

And, what kind of a situation she was in.

Was she going to work?

It seemed that this month she had taken more days off than Creel had every month, and she wouldn’t get her bonus if she didn’t go.

So she tried to get up.

But just as she pulled herself up from the bed, a sudden, tearing pain shot through her head, and she fell back down with a cry of pain.

What was going on?

Why did her head hurt so much?

In the midst of the pain, she reached out to touch her head, but at that moment, her ears heard the sound of an urgent footstep coming: “You’re awake? Don’t move around, you’re not healed yet.”

A very familiar voice, low and magnetic, with a hint of anxiety.

Wen Shuxu froze and slowly raised her head, finally, she saw a man walking over, he was tall and straight, a handsome face with clear and distinct contours, even better looking like the most perfect work in the hands of a master.

Wen Shuxu was stunned!

It really was as if a century had passed, and she looked at the man who had come to her for a long, long time without even moving a muscle.

The only thing that happened was that those beautiful eyes, full of bewilderment and doubt, looked at him dumbly, so dull that Huo Sijiu, who was running towards her, had his heart sink, and even his fingers immediately went cold.