His Secret Lover Chapter 205-206

Chapter 205

Wen Xuoxu slept very well this night.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on your own, and you’ll be able to get a good deal on your own.

Could it be that she actually didn’t want a divorce either?

No, it couldn’t be, she would be like this, it must be because of the children, if she didn’t get a divorce, she wouldn’t have to separate from them for a while, she could live happily as she was now.

She gave herself an answer.

Then, there were no more waves in her heart.

The company is still very early to go to the office, Wen Shu Shu then as usual, after waking up, she took care of the children to clean up neatly, and then prepared to go down to have breakfast for class.

But this morning, the teacher came over and said that she would take Huo Yin, who had been learning the violin for some time, to a performance today to exercise his courage.

This is a good thing!

Wen Shuxu immediately agreed, casually cleaned up, she was going to accompany her eldest son, but Mo Bao and Xiao Ruoruo heard that his brother was going to the performance, the two little ones also yelled to go together.

“I want to go too, I want to see my brother’s performance!”

“Yes, Mummy, such an important occasion, brother must need people to cheer him on, my sister and I will go there, we can pull many, many votes for him, brother, don’t you think so?”

Mo Bao was the most spooky, looking for a breakthrough directly from his brother.

Huo Yin really did not hesitate and nodded, “Mm!”

He had wanted them both to go.

Wen Shuxu saw that there was no choice but to bring all three.

Luckily, the teacher didn’t say anything either.

After the four mother and son set off together, in the car, Mo Bao and little Ruo Ruo were quite rowdy all the time because they were going to attend their brother’s performance, happily chattering away.

Only Huo Yin, he was a bit nervous.

“Yin Yin, what’s wrong with you? Are you nervous? Don’t be afraid, mommy and younger siblings will always be by your side, this is an opportunity to exercise, it’s okay to lose.”

After Wen Shuxu saw it, she reached out and put her arm around him, and naturally comforted him.

The teacher sitting in front of him: “……”

Does he have to say hello to Mr. Huo first? When the time comes, don’t blame it on him as a teacher if the performance goes wrong.

Huo Yin’s side listened to his mommy’s words, but his body immediately relaxed, and then, played with his younger siblings.

About forty or so minutes later, the city’s grand theatre.

“Well, we’re here, Miss Wen, then I’ll go and help with the entrance pass first, you watch the kids over here.”

“Okay, okay, teacher, you go.”

Wen Shuxu hurriedly assured this teacher, and after seeing him off, she took the children around the place and surveyed the place.

This kind of place, Wen Shuxu actually does not know, if it is just an ordinary performance, it is impossible to come here, this belongs to the government units, usually have a certain level will come.

And that teacher, precisely because Huo Yin is Huo Siji’s son, will try his best to help him get this opportunity.

“Ah, mummy mummy, come and see, there’s a poster here oh, q symphony orchestra, the one brother is going to join is this.”

Suddenly, little Ruo Ruo’s milky little childish voice rang out in this wide hall.

Or was it a symphony orchestra?

Mo Bao heard it and immediately ran over and came next to his sister, “Let me see let me see, it’s really eh, it’s a symphony orchestra, brother, it looks like you have a very official opportunity to exercise this time.”

Mo Bao did not know the market of this piece of music, but seeing the word symphony, he still realized that this opportunity for his brother to perform, should not be so casual.

However, before Huo Yin could reply on this side, some of the children in the hall who had also brought their instruments over suddenly exclaimed, “Exercise? He actually said that this performance was just a workout?!!!”

“Yeah, where on earth did he come from as a little brat? How dare he come to the Q Symphony Orchestra’s recital to exercise?”

“Does he have some kind of background?”


A stone stirred a thousand waves, this hall, in the waiting of other people, immediately put eyes towards Mo Bao and them.

Wen Xuxu would not be here, she went to find the teacher.

Just now, the teacher sent a WeChat over, saying that she wanted Huo Yin’s ID card for the entrance permit, and then she went over.

Mo Bao didn’t expect his words to cause so much anger among these people, at once, he subconsciously leaned towards his brother’s side.

“Brother, did I say the wrong thing?”

Huo Yin: “……”

q symphony orchestra, as a person who has been learning violin for quite some time, he certainly knows what level of orchestra that is, not to mention the domestic first-class, even in the international are also able to rank, many people who learn musical instruments, are proud to be able to play in this orchestra, is a matter of struggling to get in.

Therefore, at this time Mo Bao with such a playful tone, said he Huo Yin to go inside the performance is only an opportunity to exercise.

It is strange not to anger them.

Huo Yin coldly swept a glance at the gang, his small prince-like body in a small suit moved slightly, and immediately, he blocked his brother behind himself.

“No, it’s just for me to exercise!”

Chapter 206


This cold little guy can say so many more words in one sentence now.

And extra bossy!!!

Mo Bao immediately made faces at the gang from behind his brother, “Hear that, my brother said, that’s for fun, what can you do?”

“That’s right, huh?”

Little Ruo Ruo also waved her chubby little fists behind her brother, milking her fierce and ferocious to help Brother Mo.

“These little brats, they’re so angry to play!”

When the group saw that, they exploded with anger, and a few of them, who weren’t a few years older than Mo Bao either, immediately wanted to come up and beat him up!

Beat him up?

Fine, let’s see who can beat up who? He hadn’t been in a fight for a long time and his hands were itching.

Mo Bao, who is a militant warrior by nature, saw this and simply rolled up his sleeves, revealing his white, but powerful and lethal little arms inside.

The people on the other side: “……”

Including Huo Yin on this side: “……”

Seeing that a vicious fight was about to take place, at that moment, those teachers who had gone to do the entrance tickets came back, including Huo Yin’s teacher, and Wen Shuxu.

“Yin Yin, Mo Bao, what are you doing? The passes have already been issued, let’s go in.”

“Yes, yes, Huo Yin, we need to get in quickly, you’re in second place.”

“Okay, mummy!”

The three little darlings heard this, and only then did they all crisply agree, and then followed their mummy and teacher.

Of course, as they walked away, the naughty Mo Bao, didn’t forget to make another face for the group behind them!

What can you do to us?!!!

“This little thing, I’ll get him!!!”

When the people over there saw this, they were really angry straight away, and a boy in a small white suit was even more eager to come after them and kill Mo Bao.

Luckily, someone pulled them back at that moment.

“Young master, don’t get angry with them, a little kid who hasn’t even grown up yet, there’s nothing to worry about, this performance will be broadcast on TV, if he really treats this place as a practice ground, just wait until he makes a fool of himself in front of the whole nation!”

“Really? That’s great!”

As soon as these words were said, the group of people who were still very resentful towards Mo Bao and the others, immediately stopped being angry and turned into a kind of gloating as they watched the good show.

Damn kids, just you wait! –

Inside the studio, Wen Shuxu and the teacher, who had already brought the children in, were also informed of the news.

“Huo Yin, this time the concert, we just got the news that it is going to be broadcast on TV, so you must perform well know?”

“Yes, Yin Yin, such a good opportunity, we must seize, by the time it is broadcast out on TV, Daddy will also see it, he must be very happy if he sees his baby so capable in the TV, oh.”

Wen Shuxu was finally not as casual as she had been before she arrived, squatting in front of her handsome son, she helped him fix his pretty bow tie while seriously encouraging him.

Can daddy see it too?

Huo Yin hadn’t been that nervous, but once he heard that daddy could see too, his lips tightened up.

He was already a bit self-conscious, and it was already hard for him to come to an occasion with so many people now.

Yet, there was actually talk of being on TV.

“Mummy ……”

“Look guys, that little fool, I told you he was a bit abnormal, right, his legs are shivering, look at ……”

Huo Yin had not finished a sentence, suddenly those who had quarreled with Mo Bao and the others before came in, seeing Huo Yin in this state, they immediately sneered without mercy.

Huo Yin’s little face immediately turned even paler!

He was tense, cold sweat, a pair of tightly squeezed small hands, but also a burst of bones, that state, as if the next second, he will escape from here.

Wen Shuxu hurriedly pulled him back: “Yin Yin, are you okay?”

“Bullshit! Your legs are the ones shivering, I’m telling you, my brother is the best!!!”

No one expected that at this time, Mo Bao would actually stand out, and he shouted at the gang.

The studio was suddenly in chaos.

They looked at the foul-mouthed boy in disbelief, unable to believe that such an uncultured child would be here in such a place.

However, Mo Bao didn’t care at all.

After he finished scolding, he looked at his brother again, ”Huo Yin, we don’t need to pay attention to them, you can pull whatever you want? So what if it’s on TV? We’re only five years old, there’s no shame in pulling the wrong one, even if you do a somersault on it, daddy won’t blame you!”

The little one didn’t care and cheered his brother on.

Huo Yin’s eyes widened slightly at once.

Yeah, why should he care?

They were only five years old, so why did they have to carry such a heavy burden? Look at other five-year-olds, they’re all still playing in the mud.

Huo Yin was suddenly healed.

He then remained emotionally unchanged until he followed that symphony orchestra onto the stage.

Wen Shuxu cried tears of joy, unable to hold back her heart’s excitement, she took out her phone and sent a message, “Watch the TV, your son is going to perform at the recital.”