His Secret Lover Chapter 203-204

Chapter 203

“Miss Wen and the young master were already at odds with each other and had suffered too much from him before, so it is only normal that when you come to the door like this and deliberately prevent her from divorcing the young master, it will make her afraid. However, what I don’t quite understand, Master, is why you are suddenly doing this. Before, didn’t you really want her to stay?”

This old butler boldly asked what he wanted to ask.

As the words fell, the old man, who had already reached the car on his crutches, paused there.


Probably, because it was better when she was a good girl and could do what he said.

But now, it seemed that was not the case. She was no longer just the little girl who stayed by his side; she had, by her side, someone else.

And this person, on the other hand, was someone he could not control.

The old man thought of his daughter, of whom he had so far been ignorant, and his old face clouded over, and soon he left here.

That evening, when Huo Siji came home, he sensed an unusual atmosphere.

“You’re back?”

Inside the brightly lit dining room, the woman wearing an apron stood at the table filled with dishes, her long black hair tied with just a hair rope, revealing her full and smooth forehead, her small goose egg face still unpowdered, but her white and delicate features were just as clear and beautiful.

Especially the watery eyes, which at the moment were full of laughter, were like a sweet spring in the desert, making him wander.

“Well, where are the children?”

He sensed his disorientation and asked as he withdrew his gaze while carrying his business notebook over.

Wen Shuxu then came over and took the initiative to help him pull his chair out of the way and, by the way, poured a bit of hot water over for him so he could wash his hands.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

This woman, what’s going on?

“They’ve already finished eating, you’re back so late, you should be asleep now.” Wen Shuxu returned indifferently, serving the man’s meal.

It was indeed not early, at this point, it was already past nine.

Huo Sijiu didn’t squeal anymore and sat down to pick up his chopsticks.

However, when he was about to eat, he found that the woman next to him did not go away, she also pulled out a dining chair and sat down, without bothering him, and just picked up her phone and read it.

This was really perverse.

Not to mention the fact that she never showed up to serve him when he came back, but now she was staying here with him, which was weird enough to make him feel weird.

So, was there something wrong with this woman?

Huo Sijiu put his chopsticks down again and stared at the woman, “You have something?”

“Huh?” The woman who was brushing up on her Weibo account immediately raised her head, “No, you can eat first, let’s talk afterwards.”

The first thing you need to do is to be honest with yourself.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

Fingers stiffened, finally, she still slowly put the phone down, and then gazed at the man.

“There’s nothing else, just …… wanting to ask you about that thing we had, when are you free?”

“Which piece?” Huo Sijiu hadn’t responded.

“It’s the …… divorce, the day you called me to get it done.” Wen Shuxu’s fingers were slightly white clenched in her palm as she finally said the words out.

The restaurant went quiet.

It was as if all movement had suddenly been frozen, this moment, this brightly lit restaurant was so quiet that even dropping a pin on the floor could be heard.

Wasn’t he glad that she had finally mentioned it?

After all, he’s about to get married to the woman he loves most.

Wen Shuxu suddenly laughed at herself a little.

Because, she remembered, just two days ago, she said it was a bit strange why this man didn’t even mention the divorce to her anymore?

The actual fact is that you can’t be sure that you’re going to be able to get a good deal on your own.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

Wen Shuxu’s fingers clenched even tighter.

But what she didn’t expect was that this restaurant, after a moment of silence, suddenly, the man sitting there, two good-looking eyebrows raised, his gaze coolly looked over.

“I have no intention of getting a divorce.”

“What?” Wen Shuxu’s eyes immediately widened, “Didn’t plan to …… get a divorce?”

Huo Sijiu nodded: “You think it’s appropriate to divorce now? Look at a few of them, only five years old, you want them to continue to live as single parents? Or are you willing to give up the custody of Mo Bao?”

“No! No way!!!”

This Wen Shuxu rejected sternly on the spot.

The man who got his way then hooked the corners of his mouth, his long slender fingers calmly picked up the chopsticks placed on the table, he finally moved his chopsticks, “That’s not it, so my advice is, don’t leave for the last few years.”

Wen Shuxu: “……”

Another bomb was dropped on the bottom of his heart no less.

No, what exactly does he mean by this? Why is he suddenly saying not to divorce?

Yes, considering from the child, at this time, it is indeed inappropriate for them to divorce and not benefit the child’s growth. But wasn’t he going to have a wedding with that woman? Then how can he marry her if they don’t divorce?

Chapter 204

Wen Shuxu stared at him blankly, really a bit unable to digest this sudden change of events.

“What do you keep staring at me for? Do you want a divorce badly? Do you have your eye on another man? You want to get married in a hurry? Wen Shuxu, don’t forget that you’ve already restrained two husbands.”

All of a sudden, this person just sat there while eating slowly and methodically, while not without malice came this sentence.

When Wen Shuxu heard this, all the chaos in her head was gone, and a fire rose up.

“What are you talking about? Who grams two husbands?”

“I said wrong? Me, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for five years because you’ve been grated on me, and that little fool’s father, you’ve even grated on him, can you stop wreaking havoc on men?”


“Slap–” a sound!

After Wen Shuxu finally slapped her palm on the table fiercely, she stood up in anger: “Better you eat me to death tonight too! Then both of my husbands will be dead!”

Then she flung her hand and went upstairs.

This stupid thing, how dare you say that she is a bad husband, it is better that he die tonight for her, to fulfill her “reputation” of being a bad husband.

Wen Shuxu went back to her bedroom, full of anger.

The first thing she didn’t know was that the man downstairs actually laughed when she left.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

This silly woman! –

After finishing his meal, Huo Sijiu went up to the third floor.

He had just taken off his jacket when his mobile phone rang on the table.

“Sir, it’s Gu Xia, did you see the message I sent you today at ……? My book has been released and I plan to go back in the next two days, can you come to the airport to pick me up?”

It was actually Gu Xia.

She asked carefully over the phone, her voice of course still as warm and soft as ever, and even, in order to please this man, she deliberately brought a hint of a pitiful rhythm.

Unfortunately, after hearing this, Huo Sijiu’s handsome face immediately turned cold.

Without saying a word, he hung up the phone.

Gu Xia: “……”

Almost instantly, she immediately slammed her phone down while she was abroad!


Why did he do this to her? Even if she had lied to him, but the subsequent four years of letterheads were really all written by her… were four years not letters compared to the previous six years? Was it not a heart?

She had gone a little crazy again.

Gu Qinglian heard the commotion and came in: “What are you doing again? Didn’t I tell you? Let you not call him.”

Immediately, Gu Xia’s whole face twisted a little in agitation, “Why can’t I call him? It’s not like I did anything wrong, I also wrote him a letter, so why does he only recognize that woman’s six years? Why doesn’t he recognise mine?”

She asked, word by word, at the top of her voice.

But in fact, she didn’t know that Huo Sijiu also didn’t acknowledge the six years of letters that Wen Shuxu had left.

The first time he found out, he was equally furious, he didn’t accept it, his resentment towards her was at an all-time high, otherwise, he wouldn’t have wanted to divorce her immediately!

But then that big thing happened with Wen Shuxu.

He thought that he hated her, hated her, but that night, when he heard about the incident, he hurried back and saw her walking corpse-like appearance in the interrogation room.

Suddenly, he panicked.

It had never occurred to him that he could be afraid.

He hated the thought of her disappearing, but when that image was actually before his eyes, and he saw that she was like a bubble in the air, that she would be completely gone from this world if he wasn’t careful.

He found that there was no joy in him.

There was, instead, just the fear that spread instantly from the bottom of his heart, the panic that it felt like a gaping hole being torn in his chest at the mere thought that she would really be gone.

He was surprised that his hands and feet were so cold that he didn’t know where he was.

So there was something, it was caught quite unawares, much less for any reason, and it had taken root in his heart without him even noticing it himself.

There was nothing to do with those letters, really.

Even if there was, it was just something behind those letters, little by little, like a poison, hate or loathing, that had penetrated his bones.

Gu Xia, on the other hand, was not.

Gu Qinglian could only call the Huo family’s old residence again in the end, but did not expect that, this time, the old residence side actually treated her better.

“The wedding is going to take place anyway, the eighth day of the lunar month is his aunt’s birthday, let’s set it for that day, you bring your niece, consider it a meeting with both parents, I won’t stop you.”

The old man said stiffly on the other side of the phone, just a very reluctant look.

When Gu Qinglian heard this, she didn’t bother with that much, and was immediately overjoyed, “Yes, yes, thank you, old man, then!”


Wasn’t that Huo Feng’e?

This person is much better than the two men in the Huo family, as long as the gift is more expensive, and I heard that her son has been coveting the mayor’s daughter for a long time, so if she gives her son a boost, everything will be taken care of.

The two men are the only ones who have been in the market for a long time.