His Secret Lover Chapter 1895

Huo Yin ended up going to see a psychiatrist.

As much as he would resist these things, he knew that there were things that he had to face positively in order to keep himself living under the sun.

“Mr Huo, sit down.”

The familiar psychiatrist saw him coming and immediately had a very enthusiastic attitude and told him to sit down in that chair.

Huo Yin had no reason to feel a pang of nervousness.

This chair was, in fact, where the patient sat, and it was here that he had been hypnotised last time.

He slowly sat up.

Doctor: “Mr. Huo, don’t be nervous, I’m just checking you out, it’s fine.”

He came in front of him and rea*sured him again.

Huo Yin nodded, his tense expression a little better.

“Mr. Huo, do you still have moments of insomnia and inability to keep yourself still lately?”


Insomnia and inability to be still?

He suddenly remembered the night he returned from the museum that day.

Also, these days, he didn’t seem to be able to be still either, and was prone to emotional ups and downs.

He lowered his eyes, “Occasionally.”

“Yeah, right, and does that bother you?” The doctor asked again.

“I mean, does it keep you from concentrating on anything else? If so, then we can do another test.”

The doctor inquired as he watched his expression carefully.

That’s how a psychiatrist is, he won’t ask you what’s wrong with you as soon as he opens his mouth? Instead, he would ask you about what was bothering you and what was bugging you in a chatty way.

This time, however, Huo Yin felt that it should not be a nuisance.

He would be unable to calm himself down again, but it was all within his control.

“No need.”

He refused.

The psychiatrist smiled.

He poured him a gla*s of water and, after placing it on the table, he looked at him and moved into a more relaxed state of conversation.


It was already past ten o’clock in the morning when Lu Guan learnt that Huo Yin had not attended cla*ses at the Finance Department.

He was quite surprised to hear the news.

“Why isn’t he in cla*s? Something came up today?”

“I didn’t hear that he took a leave of absence.”

The professor from the finance department said.

This person, Lu Guan, was a sensation when he was admitted into this school at the age of less than sixteen, and many teachers in the school knew about this student.

When it came to later, after he got straight A’s every year in the architecture department, he became even more well known.

The professors in the finance department, after knowing about Huo Yin’s relationship with him, would also inform him as soon as something happened.

Lu Ge hung up the phone.

Where did he go if he didn’t attend a good cla*s?

He opened his phone and after finding someone, he sent a message over.

[Lu Guan: Uncle Qiao, did you ask Huo Yin to work on anything today?

[Qiao Shiqian: No, isn’t it Monday for him? I don’t even schedule work for him once it’s Friday.

The news came back quickly from Qiao Shiqian, who was far away from home.

The first time I saw him, I was able to see him.

The hospital!

Lu Guan left the school.

Twenty or so minutes later, in the hospital, just as Huo Yin was already lying in that chair having fallen asleep, and the psychiatrist was preparing to bring back that memory of his.


The teenager covered in chills entered.

“Mr. Lu …… Lu?”

“Who told you to do that?” Lu Guan didn’t have any extra words, and when he came in, he directly stepped over with an arrow, grabbed him by the collar and yanked him up fiercely.


He threw him onto the table behind him.

The psychiatrist was on the verge of fainting from the pain in a flash.

“Lu …… Mr. Lu, he asked for it, no …… not me ……,” he tried his best to hold back the panic in his heart , stammering in pain as he tried to explain.

But, Lu exhaust is he can perfunctory?

The young man, whose eyes were all stern, expressionlessly picked him up and threw him to the ground again, this time with one foot directly on his throat.

This time, he stomped on his throat.

“I’ll ask you again, who the hell told you to do that?”

“…… It …… was …… this Mr. Huo’s fiancĂ©e, she …… she found me yesterday and said he was almost well enough and asked me to restore his memory.”

The psychiatrist finally told the truth.


Lu Guan’s eyes narrowed, but when a person came to mind, a more bitter chill appeared on his delicate face and he kicked the doctor away.

She really was impatient to live.

Lu Guan took away Huo Yin, and after that, until the two of them were back in the car, Lu Guan splashed a bottle of water down his face.


The cold liquid splashed violently onto his own face.

Finally, Huo Yin, who was in a daze, came to his senses and sat up straight from the car, his entire chest was heaving violently.

Lu Guan just sat next to him without speaking, staring ahead, waiting for him to wake up completely.

Two minutes later ……

“I’ve been hypnotized again?”

“I’ve long ago instructed you that you are one of those people whose mental will is particularly unstable, don’t come to see this kind of doctor alone, why did you forget today?”

The voice that opened its mouth in response was angry and reproachful.

It didn’t leave Huo Yin the slightest room to maneuver.