His Secret Lover Chapter 1887

Lan Shanshan got into the car.

The moment the car door was closed, she felt the chill that had not yet dissipated from this man, and did not dare to speak, so she sat obediently in the back and looked out of the window.

The car was awfully quiet.

As it sped along, the only sound that could be heard inside this extremely well enclosed top of the range luxury car was the slow flow of warm air.

Without realising it, Lan Shanshan’s fingers clenched.

“That, the man who just dropped me off at the museum, was an officer from the Foreign Ministry, and Madame specifically asked him to keep me safe.”


Still no response.

This man, it seemed, had arrived here to study, and his ability to say absolutely no more than half a word if he wouldn’t speak was simply more outrageous.

Lan Shanshan had to continue, “Also, just now he sent me down because …… because I was at the auction and wanted to auction off my grandfather’s things, and as a result, there wasn’t enough money, and then he just …… he ……”


Finally, the car came to a raw halt on the side of the road.

Lan Shanshan hadn’t even finished her words yet.

Why did this guy suddenly stop?

She could only cover her frightened chest and look at the person in front of her with a backward look, not even daring to breathe too loudly.

“Lend it to you?”

“…… Yes.”

Lan Shanshan listened to this voice that seemed to seep out from the ice cave, and replied with fear and trepidation in the back.

Sure enough, as soon as the words left his mouth, the man’s aura became even more ghastly.

“Have you no brains? Not enough money with so many people here at home, won’t you call?”

“I …… I was trying to call in, but …… but he had already taken it out, and, that auction, I had attended, and when he was raising his cards, that… . that money was deducted from his account.”

Lan Shanshan was on the verge of tears.

She stammered her explanation, the aggravation on that little face was just about to drop tears.

This matter, indeed, had nothing to do with her.

The auction had started at £100, and since it was a public service, she had said yes when the lady invited her to the auction.

But who would have thought that as soon as the auction started, this person’s bid was actually raised by ten thousand, and it was too late for her to withdraw even at that time.

Huo Yin was so angry that his face was full of irony.

He didn’t even understand why he had to be so angry? He sat there, staring at the front of the car, and just felt like his chest was about to explode with anger.

“How much is it?”

In the end, that was all he could ask.

Lan Shanshan hurriedly took out that pen: “Five …… fifty thousand pounds.”

Huo Yin: “……”

Nothing was said, after he looked down and took out his mobile phone, only to see him operate on it twice, and soon, a sum of money was transferred out of his account.

Lan Shanshan then watched carefully from behind.

Until, not long after, her phone vibrated as well, and when she looked down, she found that she had actually received a message that the money had arrived.

And the amount ……

“Half a million!!! Yin Yin, are you crazy? What are you giving me so much money for? I only need 50,000!!!”

“You shut up!”

Another very annoying sentence.

After this teenager threw the phone aside, he started the car and sped off again.

Lan Shanshan: “……”

Crazy, he was really crazy.

Forget it, let’s not mess with him tonight and return the money to him tomorrow when his anger has subsided.

Lan Shanshan didn’t bother him anymore, instead, she looked down and quickly moved the 50,000 out of the money than she received, and then she returned it to the ensign officer first.

[Lan Shanshan: Mr. Wells, here is the money back to you, thank you very much for your help].

[Wells: So soon? Didn’t you say you had to work to earn the money? How come all of a sudden you have it? Did something happen to you?

The ensign officer was still quite nice, and as soon as he saw that the money had come so quickly, he immediately wondered if there was danger over here?


There must be, it had scared her to death just now.

However, after raising her head to take a look, Lan Shanshan noticed that the teenager driving in front of her, who was now looking ahead with full concentration in the darkness, did have a much calmer aura on his body.

The corners of her mouth also relaxed.

[Lan Shanshan: No, my family is coming over, just now at the museum, I actually wanted to call them].

[Wells: …… Okay, so will you still be coming to work at the Foreign Office?]

[Lan Shanshan: ……]

“Have you had enough of talking? Paying back the money and getting addicted to talking?”


Lan Shanshan immediately pressed her phone and sat back in a disciplined manner.

This guy, wasn’t he driving? How did he know she was paying back the money? And chatting with someone? Did he have eyes on his back?

Lan Shanshan no longer dared to have small things.

Later in the day, because it had been a long day of tossing and turning, and because she hadn’t slept well last night, after Lan Shanshan sat in the back and became increasingly sleepy, she actually fell asleep.

The sound of the girl’s even breathing came through.

The teenager driving in front of him, his eyes still shining stunningly in the dark, swept a glance in the rear view mirror and for a moment, the car slowed down.

Forty or so minutes later, outside the apartment complex.

“Yin Yin ……”

After opening those hazy eyes and seeing a familiar person, Lan Shanshan, who had suddenly felt someone move her in her sleep, subconsciously opened her arms.