His Secret Lover Chapter 1873

Because, in the six months she had been with him, she had never seen him wander off in cla*s, even when she came, whenever she happened to be in cla*s, or doing his homework.

He wouldn’t even pay attention to her.

Lian Xiling walked in delightedly.

“Yin Yin, here, I’ve got water for you.” She took out a brand of mineral water that he loved to drink from her school bag.

“Well, put it away.”

But this teenager, his gaze withdrawn, changed back to his indifferent and detached look, as if the two beams of his gaze just now, were just an illusion of Lian Xiling.

Lian Xiling was a bit lost.

But she was still quick to act as if nothing had happened again, and she took out her books as usual, ready to accompany him here to do his homework.

“Yin Yin?”

Suddenly, someone shouted outside the cla*sroom.

Nian Xiling froze for a moment, and when she looked up, she found that the teenager sitting next to her had already gotten up and had quickly gone to the cla*sroom door.

“What’s wrong?”

“Yin Yin, that …… that teacher is going to test me, saying that all exchange students are like this, after pa*sing the test, only then can I decide how many levels I will be given, I looked at it, a lot …… of them are in English. ”

The embarra*sed Lan Shanshan, after arriving with her backpack, she cupped the paper in her hand and just about lowered a little head into her chest.

It was indeed humiliating.

She considered herself to be an outstanding student at T University.

However, when she arrived here, she found that she didn’t know many English technical words, not to mention some of the finance and accounting knowledge here.

Huo Yin looked away for a moment, and he led her in.

“You sit here.”

“Oh, okay.”

Lan Shanshan sat down and cast an apologetic glance at Lian Xiling next to her.

A few minutes later, the two began to work on this paper, with Lian Xiling watching from the side, and she suddenly realised that the teenager she had been with for the whole six months had obviously always been high and cold.

But at this moment, he was particularly patient and gentle in his speech when he gave him, his little aunt, the questions.

“Will that do?”

“Well, this one will do, what about this one?”

“Let me see.”


The whole half hour, the break after cla*s, was all used up.

Lan Shanshan’s whole expression was happy when she finally left, and after she had collected her papers and put her school bag on her back, she looked at the teenager next to her with a very wide smile.

“Yin Yin, thank you so much, let me treat you to lunch.”


“To thank you, and Xiling, you should join us, you guys decide where to eat, after cla*s, I’ll come find you, I have to go to cla*s now.”

Then she ran off with her bag on her back.

Lian Xiling sat there watching her back until she was out of sight, then she dropped her gaze to the teenager beside her.

“Yin Yin, do you want to go?”


Huo Yin tossed out indifferently.

Lian Xiling: “……”


It’s been six months, but I haven’t seen him go outside to eat, either Ruo Ruo found someone to send over, or they went back to the flat to eat, when did he ever go outside this school to eat.

Lian Xiling suddenly felt less comfortable in her heart.

And when Lan Shanshan went back to her cla*sroom, she went in head first, covering her violently beating heart, as if she had done something amazing.

She was so excited.

It was so good that her Yin Yin hadn’t rejected her and he had given her a lecture on the subject.

She carefully turned out the test paper that he had explained, and at this moment, it was as if she could still smell his scent on it.

It was light, minty and smelled good.

At noon, as soon as the bell rang, she couldn’t wait to rush out, ready to find Huo Yin and the others to go to dinner.

However, when she got to the finance department side, she found that the cla*sroom had long since disappeared, and after asking those students, she learned that he had long since left.

“You mean Yin ah, he has already left ah, his girlfriend will come to pick him up every day at noon to go to dinner, his girlfriend is very good to him, very considerate and thoughtful.”

These students said.

Lan Shanshan heard, suddenly, full of enthusiasm as if poured down by a pot of cold water, she stood there, just a trace of hope rose again.


Was it the girl called Lian Xiling?

Oh yes, that day, she had forgotten to ask XVI, what was the origin of this girl named Lian?

She introduced herself as the granddaughter of the General Staff of the Ministry of the Sea, but she had forgotten to ask how she had ended up here. The two siblings, plus a sixteen, both already had company.

So what was the point of this Nian Hiling’s existence?

“You say she ah, she is your god family old master looking for a great-grandson in-law ah, for Yin Yin, I heard, picked for a long time, so far this is the most satisfactory, it seems that her grandfather and the old master are war buddies.”

Zhou Xiuying, who suddenly received a phone call from her daughter, replied from home.

A great-grandson in-law?

Lan Shanshan’s brain buzzed for a moment.

She couldn’t believe her ears, it had only been six months and the God family had already decided on a marriage for him, so …… did they have no chance at all?

The girl holding the phone once again seemed to have been knocked into the abyss.