His Secret Lover Chapter 187-188

Chapter 187

Huo Sijiu took Wen Shuxu up to the third floor.

Maybe he was worried that the two little things downstairs would disturb her after sending her to the first floor, or maybe he was unsure about her current condition and was afraid that she would make another mess midway.

Then he took her to the third floor bedroom.

A private place that had never been left by a woman in all those years.

“Sir, this …… Miss Wen, is she alright? Should we ask a doctor to take a look?”

Sister Wang was also woken up at this time, and after hearing the commotion from above, she hurriedly came up to see.

But the man with the handsome eyebrows and cold eyes shook his head, and then, regardless of how dirty the woman he was holding in his arms was, he tucked her into his bed.

Sister Wang: “……”

“Anything else?”

“No …… no, then in that case, I’ll go down and take care of young master Mo Mo, I saw him come back just now as well.” Sister Wang hurriedly made an excuse.

Only then did Huo Sijiu remember his son.

Glancing down at the woman he had placed on the bed, he frowned and still spoke, “Well, you tell him to take a shower and change first, daddy will go down to look for him later.”

Tonight, he felt the need to go and explain this matter to the brat.

Otherwise, he could hardly guarantee that their father-son relationship would not have an irreparable rift in the future?

Sister Wang quickly went down.

A few minutes later, Huo Sijiu, who had taken off his trench coat, rolled up his sleeves and went to the study next door to bring the medical kit over ……

After that, that night, the third floor bedroom of this villa, for a long time, the light was on.

It was a quiet night.

The next day.

Sister Wang, the maid, was still up early, and after she had made a hearty breakfast, she came up to call for someone.

“First …… student? You slept here last night?”

Having just reached the third floor, she was a little surprised to see Huo Sijiu, whose two eyes were all blue, just coming out of the study with a rather ugly face.

What was wrong?

Isn’t Miss Wen still the wife? Why does she have to avoid it like this?

Sister Wang was very surprised.

Huo Sijiu paused for a moment, turned his head and saw that it was her, and suddenly it was as if he had grabbed a lifeline, and with a “thud”, he kicked open his bedroom door with a very disgusted expression.

“Just in time, go and clean up the inside, it’s filthy!”

Sister Wang: “……”

Hurry up and run up to go inside and take a look, boy, it was really, upscale and luxurious bedroom, a sour smell could be smelled from a long distance, wait until she came inside again.

The whole comforter was on the floor and the bare sheets were covered with several puddles of vomit.


What had happened here? Could it be Miss Wen?

No, where was Miss Wen? There was no one in this bedroom.

Sister Wang finally realized the most important question, so she immediately came out again, “Sir, where is …… Miss Wen?”

“Next door!” Huo Sijiu, whose eyes were all bloodshot, threw down another sentence in an extremely bad mood.

“Ah? Next door?”

“Yes, she had a fever and vomited last night and made a mess of the bed, you threw her next door, right, you clean up and call a doctor for her again.”

Huo Sijiu finished impatiently, came to the wardrobe and grabbed a random bathrobe, then went into the bathroom.

Sister Wang looked at this scene, really crying and laughing.

How could she still be acting like a child?

At that moment, she went to the study next door to have a look again.

It was true, after coming over to the heated study, she instantly saw a woman lying there wrapped casually in a blanket on the sofa that was set up inside.

And at that moment, probably because she had been very ill last night, that little palm-sized face, with its pale face and eyes tightly closed, was looking very dreadful.

So, had the gentleman been guarding her all night?

Sister Wang was delighted and hurried to the bedroom to gather up the soiled sheets and bedding and carried them out.

Then she went down to the phone.

Ten or so minutes later, Huo Sijiu also came out after taking a shower.

He hadn’t slept much last night, he hadn’t even taken a good shower. He had thought that after he had drugged the woman, he would let her have a good sleep first.

But who knew that it didn’t take long for her to start talking nonsense and keep saying that she hadn’t killed anyone!

Then, by the time he went up to the mould, she was already rolling and had started vomiting not long after.

He wasn’t surprised that she was sick, though, as she had been in shock all day yesterday, and it was cold, and she was in the police interrogation room, with no heating.

It was a wonder she didn’t get sick!

Huo Siji picked up the air dryer and blew his hair dry in the mirror, sprayed some perfume on his body, which made him feel better, and then he took his car keys and went out the door.

Originally, he wanted to go straight downstairs and out, but when he passed the first floor, he paused for a moment, and in the end, he still took his long legs and went to this floor first.

“MoMo? It’s daddy, are you up yet?”

He knocked on the door of his youngest son’s room.

Last night, because of the late hour and the subsequent illness of Wen Shuxu, he ended up not being able to keep his promise to come down and explain to his son.

So, this morning he felt the need to meet the little one for sure.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get up, but you can get up and get out of bed.

Chapter 188

“y,last night your mommy was a little sick, daddy went to take care of her and didn’t have time to come down to you, can you still give daddy a chance?”

Huo Sijiu looked at this little face that was completely devoid of any semblance of a smile in his face, and his heart was actually hard and remorseful.

He was his son, but the last person he led to save Mummy last night was another man, what did this mean?

It just meant that he had failed as a daddy, that he hadn’t given him security, someone who couldn’t even be his first choice in times of crisis.

In itself, it was the man’s problem!

Mo Bao was indeed still aloof.

After that usually most smiling curved eyes swept him a very angry glance, he let go of this door and turned around and folded back.

When Huo Sijiu saw that, his heart was happy and he immediately followed him in.

“MoMo, I’m sorry, this accident, it’s all daddy’s fault.”

“So what? The damage done to mummy, can it be undone?”

Mo Bao finally spoke up, sitting on one of those cots, it was hard to believe that a child who was only five years old could open his mouth with a cold little face and say such sharp words.

Huo Sijiu’s face changed at once.

He was really different from Huo Yin, although Huo Yin was also smart, but under his Huo Siji’s careful care, his mind was more like a child.

But this little guy in front of him, he always reveals an extraordinary maturity and composure at the very moment.

Could it be that because the three of them had been wandering outside for so many years, in order to protect his mother, he, at the age of five, had already taken on the responsibilities of a young man?

Huo Sijiu felt a pinch of difficulty again.

At this moment, he really hated to slap himself twice!

“Yes, you’re right, the accident has happened and the damage caused cannot be undone, but daddy please believe that from today onwards, as long as daddy is here, no one can hurt you.”

With an unprecedented solemnity, Huo Sijiu gave his son a word of assurance.

But in reality, the words actually sounded like they were also being said to him to hear himself, that from today onwards, as long as he was around, he would not let any harm come to the few of them, mother and son!

Mo Bao was always a little moved.

He also looked at his daddy seriously, as he was doubting and hesitating because of all Huo Siji’s bad deeds in the past.

But in the end, after seeing the seriousness on Huo Sijiu’s face, he chose to believe, and then, those beautiful crescent eyes finally turned a little red.

“Protecting even now?”

“Of course, so the task Daddy has given you today is to keep a good eye on Mummy at home with your sister, you are responsible for taking care of Mummy at home, and Daddy will take care of the rest.”

That last, slightly upward trailing note seemed to return to his usual air of turning his hand to the clouds and his hands to the rain, his good-looking eyebrows full of contempt!

And yes, who is he?

He was the king of this city, and those who had caused a bloodbath here yesterday probably didn’t even know that the woman they had messed with.

Whose people they really were!

Huo Sijiu coaxed his son and immediately left for Repulse Bay.

Of course, when he set off, he didn’t forget to order the bodyguards here that from this day onwards, Wen Shuxu was not allowed to leave this place half a step without his permission!

When Wen Xuoxu woke up, it was already eleven o’clock in the morning.

She woke up and saw the unfamiliar surroundings, her brain was completely bewildered after her high fever, she couldn’t remember what place this was?

Also, even what had happened had been forgotten.

It wasn’t long before little RuoRuo, who was playing with Daddy’s go set next to her, heard Mommy’s movement and then immediately came over.

“Mummy, you’re awake, great, you’re finally awake!”

She was so happy, her fleshy little hands patted and she immediately climbed up.

Wen Shuxu’s mouth was all bitter and her head was dizzy for a while, but after seeing her daughter come up, she still reached out and hugged her.

“Be careful, don’t …… fall down.”

“No, the sofas at daddy’s house are all very wide oh, you won’t fall.” The little girl wasn’t afraid at all and wrapped her arms around her mommy when she climbed up.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Wen Shuxu was stunned for a moment.

What happened yesterday, she really ended up not remembering at all, a person who was over-stimulated and frightened to the point where she ended up in a trance and confused.

It was true that one would not remember what happened then.

She covered her head which was starting to hurt again.

Fortunately, at this time, Sister Wang also came up when she heard the commotion from upstairs, and when she saw that it was her who had woken up, she was also very happy.

“Miss Wen, you’re finally awake, how are you? Do you feel uncomfortable there?” She came in with concern and asked.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

Pursing her lips, which were dry to the point of bitterness, she finally asked, “Is this …… Repulse Bay?”

Sister Wang smiled and nodded: “Yes, last night Mr. carried you back, you don’t even know how scary you were last night, high fever and vomiting, Mr. guarded you the whole night.”

Sister Wang really does have an ulterior motive, deliberately emphasizing that latter sentence.

As the words fell, Wen Shuxu’s brain got even more confused as she lay there.