His Secret Lover Chapter 1848

Huo Siji ended up flipping through a few books on teenage rebellion overnight at the reminder of this a*sistant.

Then he learnt that there were actually several kinds of this problem.

“One, parental oppression; two, thinking you can go to heaven; three, falling out of love!”


Wen Shuxu received this call in the middle of the night, and faced with this man’s summary of such brutal and simple points, it was really good and funny.

“Then Mr. Huo, do you know which category your son belongs to?”

“Exclusion, first point, we don’t oppress him, secondly, although he is arrogant, he still can’t go to heaven in front of me, his old son, so I think it’s lost love.”

“Cough cough cough ……”

With one sentence, Wen Shuxu, who was drinking water over there, choked.

Lost love ……

Another one of her children started to fall in love, and it was so humiliating, it was a lost love, was her son bad? Why would he fall out of love ah?

To die!

Wen Shuxu also couldn’t sit still, she immediately asked: “Then did you get it clear? Which girl is it? Why can’t she see my Yin Yin? He is so handsome and so smart.”


Huo Sijiu was quite speechless.

Could this be the brain structure of women and men? The same thing, but in his Huo Sijiu’s eyes, once he saw it, was unable to stop wanting to thunder!

What’s the point of falling in love?

He was just a little kid, he hadn’t even grown up yet, what kind of love was he talking about?

This man, in his rage, forgot about his own little leaking jacket, and the person who abducted her was two years younger than his son!

Huo Sijiu decided to investigate this matter properly.

And that night, probably because Huo Yin’s affair had caused a bit of a stir, in a family group they had previously established for the younger generation, Shen Shanshan finally couldn’t resist bubbling over at Ya’an.

It’s so cold on my side.

She then posted a picture of herself.

When the people in the group saw it, they all immediately popped up as well.

[Ruo Ruo: Wow, Auntie, what kind of place is your place? How come it’s still snowing in the middle of summer? Is this true?

[God Shanshan: Yes, it’s true, it’s high altitude here, I’m even wearing a down jacket today.

[God Tianhao: Let you go there and suffer!

[God Shanshan: ……]

[Mo Bao: That’s called high-mindedness, little auntie. She’s going for charity, not for her own work, we should be proud of her.

[Ruo Ruo: Yes, the other day, sixteen also went to Fengcheng, said that the water rose there, with Uncle Marrow Leng and they went over.

[Mo Bao: How come I didn’t know about this?

[Huo Yin: What do you know?

He finally popped up.

The moment Shen Shanshan saw it, she immediately didn’t even think about it, she aitted him in the group.

[神珊珊:@霍胤胤胤, how are you doing? I heard them say that recently you’re not feeling well, your daddy’s gone over to the company is that right?

[RuoRuo: Yes, little aunt, my brother is having another tantrum and doesn’t want to go to work].

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The group was simply shouting in front of everyone in the group.

The group was very quiet.

A few moments later, when the group quieted down, she found a private chat window, and clicked in to see that it was her little aunt who had sent her a message.

[God Shanshan: Ruo Ruo, what’s wrong with your brother? What is he in a mood for?

[RuoRuo: It’s my aunt, yes, my brother is throwing a tantrum, he doesn’t want to go to work, he stays at home all day and doesn’t go to the office, daddy is furious, he’s just going over.

[God Shanshan: Huh?

She was stunned.

At the same time, there was a strong worry in her heart.

Why was she suddenly in such a foul mood? Was it because he didn’t fit in when he arrived at the office? Or was …… he still angry with her?

She suddenly thought of this, and at once, a message she had been about to send to the teenager was immediately deleted, as if she had done something sinful and unforgivable.

She raised her hand and smacked herself.

“God Shanshan, what are you doing? Is this being a biaozi and setting up a pagoda?” She cursed herself extremely harshly.

The message was then never sent out again.

What she didn’t know was that it was that night, since the group had gone cold, the teenager hiding behind his phone had taken it out countless times to see what was going on inside.

But each time he was particularly disappointed.

Until it was almost midnight, when he finally reached the limit of his patience, and after throwing the phone to the ground ruthlessly, he began to get on again, and this time, it was a night of typing.

Huo Sijiu came over in the morning.

He pushed open the door and saw the computer that was actually still on in the room, and next to it was the b*****d lying there crookedly.

He was so angry that he almost didn’t burst a blood vessel!

“Huo Yin, you’ve stepped on my bottom line.” That was all he said to his son.

An hour later, Leng Xu, who was staying at the Dragonbottom Pavilion, received the news that he had received an a*signment to go to Repulse Bay to bring someone to his Dragonbottom Pavilion for two months of proper training.