His Secret Lover Chapter 1845

“What are you babbling about? What do you mean by continuing to be God’s little aunt? Do I need to continue?”

She stared at this woman in shock and anger, quite unable to understand that she had called her specifically to come over, actually to come over and listen to her nonsense.

At first, this Cen Youan actually remained calm after watching her get angry.

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about, do you, are you trying to tell me that after so long, you don’t even know what kind of feelings Huo Yin has for you? Do you think that he really still treats you like a little aunt?”

Like a bolt from the blue, she actually opened her mouth and threw out such a sentence.

Shen Shanshan’s pupils snapped open.

She stared at the woman for several seconds, in which her mind was devoid of any thought.

“You’re really crazy!”

“Am I crazy or not? You know best in your heart, I thought, at first, that he was only kind to you as an aunt and nephew, but, no, many times I saw him look at you differently.”

Cen Yu An sat there thinking back.

She recalled the first time she saw the two meet in the canteen, when it was raining outside and in the canteen, Ning Xin’er, who thought she had chased her Cen Yu’an away, joyfully ordered a table of food for the teenager.

However, the teenager was ungrateful.

Until, when he saw this girl appear, his eyes lit up.

Like a star, like the most dazzling jewel ……

In short, that was the first time she saw this cold and unsympathetic person, but there was also a scene where he shone so brightly, so stunningly.

And it was from that is that she became less fond of this God Shanshan.

“You are talking nonsense, Yin Yin he …… is aunt and nephew to me, we are relatives, he must be happy to see me, and will defend me.”

Shen Shanshan finally spoke up.

She held back the waves of shock that tumbled through her heart and clenched her fingers hard again in denial.

Shen Yu’an laughed.

“I’ll do whatever you want, I’m just reminding you that if you really don’t want to have anything else to do with him, then I’d advise you to stop being nice to him, the nicer you are to him, the more he’ll cling to you. When the time comes, if his father really doesn’t approve of you being together, it should be even more devastating for him, right?”

She advised lightly.

She had, really, let go of it now, and this time, calling this girl over, she was going to really just be a good-natured reminder.

Since she had turned herself in, she had learned something about what had happened after her brother’s death from that teenager called Lu Guan.

He had said that just because of her brother’s death, Huo Yin had locked himself in his room for three days and nights and almost didn’t come out. In the back, it was his father, Huo Siji, who woke up in time.

Then, it was only with his help and enlightenment that he slowly returned to normal.

Shen Shanshan finally stopped talking.

Her face was frighteningly white, as if in just a few seconds of work, something had finally stabbed her deep inside.

She didn’t want to admit it.

But at this moment, there was really nothing more to her than the bone-chilling coldness that ran through her body.

“Cen Youan, it’s time.”

Outside, the police, who had been waiting, began to hurry up.

Seeing this, Cen Youan stood up from her chair, after stroking her hair in front of her forehead, she lifted her feet and was ready to go.

“Why are you telling me this?”


The sudden sound of another voice speaking behind her forced her to stop.

“Because, you’re not the only one who likes him, and I’m now going to atone for the mistakes I’ve made, but I want him to be happy and joyful in the future of his life just the same.”

That was all the simple reason this girl gave her in the end.

Sure enough, when people let go, they were honest about what they said.

Shen Shanshan finally watched her leave, and after that, went to the window herself and sat down in her original seat looking out at the brilliant sunlight for a long, long time.

It really …… was ridiculous!

A week later, school was finally out.

Huo Yin walked out of the school building and didn’t go back to his flat right away, but walked to the place where the booster bike was parked and waited, as usual.

He still didn’t know how to ride.

Or rather, he didn’t want to ride at all, he just wanted a ride.

After waiting for a while, sure enough, the two siblings came over, each of them holding a big bunch of books, looking as if they wouldn’t be coming back here to study next semester.

“Yin Yin, you’re out already? How did you do on your exams?”

Shen Shanshan’s sharp eyes saw that he was already waiting there, and immediately smiled as she strained to carry the books over, while asking with concern.

They all had to take exams before the holidays, and Shen Shanshan had just finished her own exams.

Huo Yin raised an eyebrow.

Didn’t say anything, just came over and helped her take the books in her hands.

Shen Tianhao: “Eh, little Yin Yin, good boy, give uncle some hugs too.”


A sharp eye knife killed over, immediately, this guy obediently shut up.

Still Shen Shanshan drove the booster, Huo Yin sat in the back, and in addition Shen Tianhao, drove a separate one, however, just as the three were about to set off after the meeting, Ning Xin’er came running over again.