His Secret Lover Chapter 1844

Then she noticed that the big tiger brother actually had curved eyes, just like the moon in the sky, and they were beautiful.

“What are you looking at? It’s not like I’m going to eat you.”

Mo Bao had no idea what this little girl was looking at.

As soon as he saw her staring at his face after being carried up, he thought she was afraid again.

As a result, just as he finished speaking, this little girl actually immediately stopped looking and hid in his arms, lowering her little head, just like a cat that had done something bad.

Mo Bao: “……”

Little rascals are so hard to coax.

Mo Bao finally took the little girl to the supermarket and told her to take her pick.

She sat in the trolley and let her big tiger brother push her around, picking out a lot of snacks and toys that she liked at once.

“I want this one, and this one too.”

“And this and this, I want them all, big brother tiger, buy me ……”

She was so excited that she said the word “Big Tiger” out loud.

Mo Bao’s face turned black!

He is a big tiger? Where does he look like a big tiger? He was so sunny and handsome, he was clearly the Prince Charming that everyone loved.

Mo Bao ended up carrying a bag full of snacks and toys, while the other hand carried this little six-year-old girl in one arm, and the two of them went back to the flat together.

“Geez, you two, what a convincer!”

The others who had already been waiting for them in the flat all night saw this and really had to kneel for Mo Bao.

But all in all, it was good that the child was recovered.

So the next morning, in order to avoid further accidents, Chi Wanwanwan let Mo Bao and Ruo Ruo take the two back to the capital first, ready to hand over to their mommy, Wen Xuxu.

As for the others.

“I’m going back to the company.”

Huo Yin stood on the balcony, watering the flowers while saying with an expressionless face.

Lu Guan nodded, “I’ll help you get your stuff over there, and when it’s done, go back to the capital.”

This was a perfect reason.

The simple-minded Ruoruo really did not suspect.

Everyone’s destination was decided, so the next step was Shen Shanshan’s siblings. The summer holidays had arrived, and according to the custom of previous years, the siblings would both go to do summer jobs.

But this year was a bit different.

Shen Shanshan: “I …… I’m also going to Huo’s with Yin Yin, and I pa*sed my internship application.”

“Really?” As soon as this news came out, Ruo Ruo next to her jumped up happily.

“You’re going to Huo’s, that’s great, I’m telling you, little aunt, with your talent, you need to go to a big company like this, don’t worry about it, when you go, daddy will definitely take special care of you.”

She also mentioned daddy, thinking he would take special care of his family.

But in reality, would Huo Sijiu?

Shen Shanshan didn’t think that much and didn’t dare to hope, she was already happy that she could go in to Huo’s.

Shen Shanshan looked over to the balcony.

However, to her surprise, the young man who was watering the flowers on the balcony was not as happy as she thought, but was still watering them with no expression on his face.

Shen Shanshan’s smile froze.

“Buzz …… buzz ……”

Suddenly, the mobile phone she had placed on the table rang.


“Hello, is this Ms. Kanzan? This is XX police, I’m at the hospital right now, do you have time to come over? Cen Yu’an wants to see you for a moment.”

It was the police.

Shen Shanshan was stunned.

Cen Youan wanted to see her? Why?

After she finally packed up, she grabbed her bag and headed out the door, straight to the hospital.

It was only after she had been taken to the hospital that she actually found out about Cen Youan, when she learned that all the dust had settled and those who wanted their God family siblings had fallen into the net.

She had to admit that a piece of her heart had really fallen to the ground.

She could finally stop worrying about people coming to kill their siblings all day long.

But why did this Cen Youan still want to see her?

Shen Shanshan was puzzled as she arrived at the hospital, only to find that when she arrived, a young girl who had already changed her clothes was already there waiting for her in the hospital room that was being brightly lit by the sun.

She was still beautiful.

And, as she sat in the sunlight, looking up at the window, her side was particularly beautiful in that dazzling gold.

“You’re here?”

Hearing the sound of her coming in, Cen Yu’an didn’t look sideways.

Shen Shanshan then walked in slowly, taking off the bag on her shoulder as she looked at her.

“Look how beautiful the sun is today, I can see such a bright sunshine before I go in, God is still not too kind to me.”

“…… You’re still young, there are more beautiful days waiting for you when you get out.”

Shen Shanshan didn’t know what to say, and finally could only comfort her.

Yes, she went in not a death sentence, there will always be a day to come out.

Shen Youan had to smile.

The first time it showed was the kind of smile that came from the heart to get relief.

“Yes, what about you? Figured out what to do?”


Shen Shanshan froze for a moment, slightly missing the meaning of the words.

“What do I do?”

“Is it to stay with Huo Yin? Or continue to be your divine little aunt?” She finally turned her head sideways, and her eyes, with their calmness, were serious.

Shen Shanshan’s brain went buzzing ……

Is she crazy?