His Secret Lover Chapter 183-184

Chapter 183

Wen Shuxu, can’t you be more competitive?!

That’s just a man, what can it be? You’ve had him all these years without a divorce?

She cursed herself fiercely in her heart, then, taking a deep breath, she forced herself to calm down again, and this time, as she bent down, she was 100 percent sure that her hands were not shaking.

Fortunately, this time there were no accidents at last, and this patient fell into a deep sleep immediately after she had administered the needle.

After the main surgeon saw this and gave her a thumbs up to express her heartfelt praise, soon after, everyone went into surgery.

Seeing that, Wen Shuxu stepped back and intended to go out.


Suddenly, the patient’s heart monitor called out.

Wen Shuxu immediately turned around and saw that each of these doctors immediately got very nervous: “What’s going on?”

“Director Jiang, the patient’s blood pressure suddenly dropped sharply.”

“Has it touched something? Check it out!” The chief surgeon shouted in anxiety and immediately looked down inside the patient’s newly opened abdominal cavity.

However, very strangely, there was no bleeding seen in this abdominal cavity at all.

Since there was none, but the blood pressure was still dropping rapidly.

That was the only possibility!

Everyone stared in disbelief at the heart in the patient’s left chest cavity, only to find that the heart, which had just been opened and was still beating vividly, had now slowed down.

Why was this happening?

The active physician immediately stopped the operation and asked for a cardiac injection!

But just then, the patient suddenly started to convulse again, and that image, really don’t be a big horror!!!

Like a suddenly tumbling pot, the patient’s freshly opened abdominal cavity, the internal organs still exposed to the air, began to shake and dislocate as the patient convulsed, the blood dripping and shocking to the eyes ……


This image is so visually stunning!

Wen Shuxu was completely dumbfounded on the spot, and those few timid nurses, after screaming on the spot, threw down the things in their hands and ran out in fear.

“Someone come quick-”


In just a few minutes, the entire internal medicine department was in a mess.

Wen Shuxu’s head was completely dumb, and she couldn’t get back to her senses, especially when she saw that there was a section next to her foot, and not just some organ splattered over.

Her mind went completely blank with a buzz.

It was horrible!

What the hell had happened?

Wen was so dazed that she didn’t wake up until she heard someone call her, then she looked up and realized it was someone from the hospital’s investigation department.

“Dr. Nancy, this accident, we found out that you were the one who gave the patient the anesthesia.”

“No, it wasn’t me ……”

Wen Xuxu was shocked and immediately denied it.

However, the director of this investigation division, however, quickly produced the evidence that caused the patient’s tragic death, it was the area where Wen Shuxu placed the needle that caused the patient’s blood vessels to stiffen and then spread to the heart.

So, this patient, indeed, was killed by Wen Shuxu.

Wen Shuxu fell head over heels!

When Huo Sijiu received this news, it was already almost ten o’clock at night.

The first thing you need to do is to get your own ID and marriage certificate.

How could such a trivial matter as divorce be more important than his business?

However, this day, there was no news from Lin Ziyang’s side, instead, at almost ten o’clock at night, Huo Yin gave him a phone call.



“Why did you let Auntie take us back to the old mansion?” The little one was exasperated over the phone.

Huo Sijiu was stunned for a moment.

Back to the old mansion?

Or was it Huo Si Xing?

He didn’t understand the child’s words, “I didn’t ask Auntie to take you back, why? Aren’t you guys at Mummy’s?”

“No, at the old mansion!”

Huo Yin spoke again with a hard tone, and he could hear that he was upset.

But, about too much, he wouldn’t be able to express it, after all, his constant non-speaking had made all his speech functions much weaker than those of children his age.

Huo Siji finally knitted his brows together.

Putting away the documents in his hand, he decided to call back and ask to see what was going on.

As a result, once Lin Ziyang over here received the call, he immediately even burst into tears: “President, you finally called, do you know that something big has happened here?”


Huo Sijiu took his phone down and looked at it, only then did he realise that he didn’t know when he had turned on the anti-hara*sment mode.

“What’s happened?”

“Miss Wen, Miss Wen, she’s in big trouble, she had that surgery today, someone was killed, and now all the evidence in the hospital points to her, saying that she killed the person, and they’ve all been put in the police station!”

Lin Ziyang cried with a handful of tears and a snotty nose.

Chapter 184

The first thing is that Wen Xuxu, who had been waiting so hard, did not appear, and then when he went over to look for someone, the hospital said that she had an accident.

They said that Wen Shuxu had killed someone, in the morning during an operation, a patient died tragically on the operating table because she made a mistake, and then the family made a scene, and the police finally had to take her away.

When he heard that Wen Xuxu had been taken to the police station, Lin Ziyang, of course, immediately went there.

But, what made him very angry was that the police wouldn’t release him without the help of Huo Sijiu!

And where was Huo Sijiu?

It had been a day, and his phone hadn’t even been called in.

“President, if you don’t call again, I’ll have to go over to the provincial capital to look for you. Can Miss Wen stay there? She at least used to be a lady of the house,President ……”

When she said the last sentence, Lin Ziyang almost choked up to the point where she couldn’t even speak anymore.

Huo Sijiu did not squeak anymore.

This was something he hadn’t expected.

He had suddenly asked his a*sistant to inform this woman to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce him today, which was actually something that he had thought about for a long time last night.

When all the truth was peeled back in front of him, he thought he would be moved and happy.

But in reality, he wasn’t!

Instead, what he felt, just like when he was a child, was still the same sense of humiliation and hatred that rolled in like a tidal wave.


Why, after all these years, had he not escaped her? Did she think he would forgive her just because she was like this?

He had been imprisoned for six years because of her, from a spirited teenager to a madman that everyone feared, and if it hadn’t been for his uncle coming over at the end, I’m afraid, his whole life would have been ruined by her.

So there was no way he could have been happy or moved.

There was only the resentment, the anger that he had rolled up against her, and it had risen to an unprecedented level until, in the end, he hated every minute of the day to break off this relationship with her.

But now, all of a sudden, it said that something had happened to her.

She had killed someone.

What happens when you kill someone?

Of course, if she was convicted in the end, then she would be dead.

And she would, as he had hoped, never appear before him again.

His fingers clenched around the phone for a moment!

This was supposed to be a very happy event.

However, he could not feel any joy, on the contrary, after this thought jumped out, his mind was empty for a moment, and even he did not feel it himself, but even a trace of panic was born.

Lin Ziyang: “President?”

“Go tell Ma Guohua that if anything happens to this woman in his place, I’ll make him answer for it!”

His voice was chilly as he threw down these words, then hung up the phone as he went out.

When Lin Ziyang heard this, he let out a sigh of relief.

The president was coming back, at last, he hadn’t left Miss Wen in the lurch.

However, after he relaxed on his side, he immediately got annoyed over another thing, because, as soon as he turned around, he saw the little girl who was being put behind his back with tears in her eyes.

“Ruo Ruo, don’t cry, look, uncle has found your uncle Huo, he will be back soon to take care of your mommy, okay?”

It turns out that after the incident, Huo Si Xing first took someone to the kindergarten to pick up Mo Bao and Huo Yin.

However, for Ruo Ruo, who was “not” Huo Si Jue’s child, this cold-blooded woman left her there and ignored her.

If the kindergarten hadn’t called the company later, just as Lin Ziyang received it, there’s no telling how long this poor little girl would have been left alone in the kindergarten?

Lin Ziyang picked this little girl up.

She was actually a very pretty and cute little girl, with big eyes and a round face, just like a porcelain doll, so how could she not be the president’s own?

He took a tissue and somewhat clumsily wiped the tear tracks from her face.

Luckily, after hearing that daddy would finally come over to save mommy, RuoRuo stopped crying and, with a sob, hugged this uncle’s neck and lay on his shoulder.

“What about brother?”

“Brother, ah, we’ll wait for Uncle Huo to come, and he’ll pick up all the brothers, okay?”

Lin Ziyang still used Huo Siji to comfort her.

Because right now, he couldn’t even think of a way to let her see her two brothers, that was the Huo family’s eldest lady, the one she took away, could he see them easily?

Lin Ziyang carried this little girl up to the top floor lounge, intending to wait for the president to return and then hand her over to him.

It was almost twelve o’clock at night when Huo Sijiu returned to A City from the provincial capital.

The city had long been cold in the dead of winter, and there was not a soul in sight on the wide streets, only the biting cold wind whistling, making people’s hearts tremble as they listened.

Huo Siji got out of the car.

He was dressed thinly, in a long black trench coat and just a thin navy blue shirt underneath, and after stepping up, the people in the police station saw him.

A piercing coldness that was revealed from inside and out of him immediately made each of them shiver.

“Sir, may I ask who you are?”

“Where’s Wen Shuxu?”

Huo Sijiu stared ahead, his beady eyes sweeping over one by one, his entire being giving off a near suffocating, terrifying feeling!

Wen Shuxu?

Who the hell is this?