His Secret Lover Chapter 175-176

Chapter 175

A meal that took about an hour or so to eat.

Although it wasn’t as sumptuous as the hotel meal, but because it was made by Wen Shuxu himself, several children were very giving and ate more until their entire little bellies were fed round.

“The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. It’s made with shrimp meat.”


Huo Yin was eating the last one with a small spoon when he heard this and nodded his head without hesitation.

Little RuoRuo was delighted.

She was a die-hard fan of Mummy’s, and was always very supportive of her no matter what.

However, when she turned her head to look at daddy and wanted to ask the same question, she was suddenly shocked by the expression on his face as he stared down at the plate in front of him, and her little face turned white and she no longer dared to make a sound.

What was Daddy looking at?

Why did he suddenly look so frightened? It was as if he was seeing something unbelievable, his dark, dark eyes were in a deep frenzy!

What was wrong with him? Was it because Mummy didn’t cook well?

The little girl was very aggravated.

Wen Shuxu did not find this, she would be cleaning up the dishes, after several children had finished eating, leaving a table of wreckage she had to clean up.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

If she had noticed, she probably wouldn’t have been able to be as calm and busy as she was at the moment.

It was a long-standing habit of hers, because this man did not like peeling his own oranges, let alone getting sweet, greasy orange juice on his fingers.

So at that time, whenever she sneaked to see him, she would peel the oranges, insert small toothpicks and sneak them into his doorway from outside when Huo’s family was not around.

How long had she been doing this?

The first time she sent it, she had just started first grade, and then when he was sent abroad, she had graduated from primary school.

Wen Shuxu was in the kitchen brushing the dishes, her mind thinking about how to tell this man later that she had promised to let her eldest son stay?

“Yin Yin, come over here and help Mummy carry the washed grapes out.”


Huo Yin, who was playing with his younger brother, immediately got up and went to the kitchen to help Mommy carry the grapes.

“Yin Yin, listen to Mommy, even though we have decided to let you sleep here now, we still need to let Daddy know, so, you carry these grapes to Daddy and say so by the way? Okay?”

Wen Shuxu was a bit of a wimp, surprisingly trying to get her son to take the lead.

Of course Huo Yin wouldn’t poke his mommy, and at the same time, was happy to do it.

However, when he brought out the grapes, he found that he didn’t see Daddy in the living room and didn’t know where he had gone, but he saw that the door to Mummy’s room was open.

Did daddy go to mummy’s room?

Huo Yin came over with the grapes.

It was true, when he got to the door of this room, he saw daddy inside.

However, what puzzled him a bit was that Daddy was actually going through those books that Mommy had put on her desk, and he didn’t know what he was looking for. Several books that he had gone through had been thrown down on Mommy’s usually neatly tidied desk.

What is daddy doing?

Huo Yin walked in, “Daddy, what are you doing?”

Huo Siji, who was flipping through these books like a man possessed, finally stopped there with a stiffening of his fingers.

What was he doing?

In fact, he didn’t even know himself, probably because that thought just now was so horrible, and then he couldn’t wait to find some evidence to prove that it wasn’t, right?

But really, wasn’t it?

He looked at the medical book in his hand, somewhat lost in thought, for a long, long time, without taking his eyes off the annotated handwriting on it.

“Daddy, I’m going to sleep in here.”

“…… what?”

“I won’t leave you, but I also like having Mommy and my brother and them around, and I …… like the atmosphere tonight.”

Huo Yin struggled to get his point across.

He really didn’t want to leave daddy, but, again, he liked the atmosphere here so much, here was mommy, brother and sister, and looking at the atmosphere tonight, it was really much better than the cold No.1 Royal Court.

Huo Yin tilted his little head and looked at his daddy with hope.

It was a bit surprising, in the past, if he had to mention this request, his daddy, whose face might have turned into a stink, actually didn’t object this time, after he gave him a disturbed look.

“Got it, I’ll pick you up then.”

“Okay ……”

It was surprisingly a little shocking how smoothly things went.

Huo Yin immediately ran out again with that plate of grapes in his hands in a frenzy of joy, he had to tell mommy the good news in a hurry.

Sure enough, Wen Shuxu, who was waiting for news from her son in the kitchen, was also a bit incredulous after hearing this, “He really agreed?”


The little one’s eyes were so bright that they were about to glow under the bright lights of the kitchen.

Wen Shuxu then believed it, and then, after she let the child go out to play, she cleaned up the kitchen a bit and came out herself.

“What’s wrong with you ……? Why do you look so ugly?”

The first thing that happened was that she ran into Huo Sijiu, who had also come out of her bedroom. In just ten minutes, the man seemed to have changed, and his face was so blue and white that it was a bit frightening.

Chapter 176

Huo Siji did not speak.

However, his gaze, for the first time in so many years, fell on her face in all seriousness.

When exactly had he started to hate her?

It should have been when he was ten years old, when their Wen family suddenly moved their family from the north, and then when five-year-old her, brought to his home by her parents, told him that this was his future daughter-in-law.

As a ten-year-old boy, he didn’t actually know what love meant yet.

But that day, he saw with his own eyes the look of joy that her parents gave him, and the way this little girl, too, looked at him blankly all the time.

And he became disgusted!

He saw the climbing greed in their eyes and the stupidity of this little girl, and he found it disgusting.

But then, this Wen, whose surname was Wen, got close to his father, and they came over often, bringing the young Wen Xuxu with them, and when they did, the little fool naturally tucked into him.

“Brother Huo, do you want some oranges?”

The young Wen Xuoxu was actually very warm and soft, just like the current Ruo Ruo.

Every time she came to the Huo family and saw the beautiful brother who always had a cold face, she would bring out her beloved candy and then give it to her ingratiatingly.

However, Huo Sijiu never appreciated it.

He loathed her and naturally disliked all her things. She would grab the candy in her hand and throw it hard on the floor before stomping on it a few times and telling her to get out!

The young Wen Shuxu’s eyes were always red by that time.

She walked away in fear, but before long she would come over again and stand timidly a short distance away looking at him like a cowlick he could never shake off.

But that was just annoying.

What really made him hate her completely was the time when he happened to have an attack and then let her run into him.

At that time, Huo Sijiu’s family did not know that he was ill, and he did not tell them, fearing that they would take measures against him if they found out.

So at that time, he was secretly contacting his uncle abroad, trying to get him to help him.

But that day, this little fool found him out, and she saw that he had lost control to the extent that he suddenly strangled the kitten that the family had kept alive in one go, and in great fear, she immediately ran to tell her parents.

Afterwards, Huo Sijiu was admitted to the hospital by his parents.

He began daily and nightly treatment, and even when he was later taken home, because of the authoritative hospital diagnosis, he was kept in his room for six whole years, without ever setting foot outside the mansion!

Until six years later, the uncle finally convinced his parents to take him abroad.

So to say, for Wen Shuxu, if anything, it was disgusting.

In Huo Sijiu’s heart, what actually occupies the most should be hate, if not for her, he might have been taken out of the country secretly by his uncle to heal back then, at that time, he was slight.

Unfortunately, just because of him, he suffered 6 years of torture alive.

And the hardest thing for him to bear was that when he he was well out of that abyss of pain, he still had to marry her.

Is it ironic?

Huo Sijiu stared at this woman without saying a word, that gaze, like a sharp sword that had been sealed for years, wanted to cut her open immediately, so that he could see what she really contained inside?

Back then, after the incident, he hadn’t seen her as a young girl since.

But that orange tonight, he had eaten for six whole years, from the beginning, when he had turned a blind eye, to the end, when it appeared with the handkerchief wrapped in the letter.

Then he began to eat it.

Because, it said on that letterhead, if you eat the sweet, you will forget the bitter.

“What is wrong with you ……? are disagreeing?”

Wen Shuxu swallowed her saliva.

She hadn’t seen him look like this, this man, always in front of her temperamental, P*ssed off, immediately angry, obeyed his will, then is to give you a good face.

When did he become so calm again?

It was so calm it was creepy!


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Wen Shuxu was stunned again.

The actual fact is that you can’t be a lot of people. Why does he suddenly look like he’s been hit by frost? What has he been irritated by?

Wen Shuxu was puzzled, but, hearing that it was not a disapproval, she had been happy, his matter, was not within her scope of consideration.

“That’s good, don’t worry, I’ll take care of him, and if he wants to go back, I’ll send him back too.”

She gave him her a*surance.

But, to her surprise, the man again blandly refused.

“No, I’ll get it.”

He then resumed that high and mighty look, striding away with his long legs in the direction of the gate.

Wen Shuxu saw that, that is, greeted the two sons to come over to say goodbye to daddy, and then once this guy left, mother and son four then completely partied in this flat.

“Yes, Yin Yin will stay here tonight, hooray!”




From a long way away, Huo Sijiu, who had already gone out, could still hear the cheers in here.

Were they that happy?

He entered the lift in a bit of a trance ……