His Secret Lover Chapter 173-174

Chapter 173

She had brought this on herself.

Originally, when she came back, Huo Sijiu had arranged a reception banquet for her, despite all the suspicions, because she hadn’t seen him for so long, but now, she had messed it up.

Who was to blame for this?

In the end, it was her controlling mentality that was to blame.

She thought that in the Huo family, she was the one who spoke and made the decisions, and wanted to be involved in everything, including Huo Sijiu’s personal affairs.

Unbeknownst to her, no one really took her seriously.

Huo Siji took the two children away and never even entered the hotel room door.

When Mo Bao saw this next to his daddy, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Daddy, where are we going to eat next? My little tummy is starving.”

He touched his little belly, which was already grumbling.

Huo Sijiu gave him a look and was about to say that he would take them to a random place downtown to eat, but at that moment, Huo Yin, who was on his right, suddenly spoke up, “Go to Mommy’s.”

“What did you say?” Huo Sijiu looked at him in surprise.

Go to Mummy’s?

What do you mean? Why would he go to that woman’s place for good reason?

The man didn’t know that his son, whom he had raised, had been with his mummy all day today and had already bought a new quilt and household items, intending to settle in for the long term.

Mo Bao was quick to respond, and immediately answered: “Right, right, right, right back to our house, Daddy, I tell you what, Mommy had bought a lot of food today, and if my brother and I hadn’t suddenly been picked up, we would have eaten a lot of Mommy’s cooking tonight, right, Huo Yin?”


Huo Yin nodded again without hesitation.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

How could this image look so unpleasant?

So, this woman had bought both of these little b*****ds into submission, had she? Look at the way they embrace her, how come he doesn’t have that distinction? He was still their daddy.

Huo Siji was a little annoyed.

But in the end, when the father and son returned to the city, Huo Sijiu took them to the apartment complex that Wen Xuxu had rented for real.

“Alright, Ruo Ruo, your favourite chicken legs are coming up.”

The mother and daughter in the flat, Wen Shuxu, still didn’t know that her two sons had taken their daddy back to the house, and she just happened to bring out the two chicken legs she had cooked so carefully.

Little Ruoruo was overjoyed to see them.

“Wow, it smells so good, thank you Mummy.”

The little one immediately grabbed a small fork and began to eat it in a fragrant manner. Next to it, there was a bowl of shrimp stuffed wonton noodles that Wen Shuxu had made for her, which looked very tempting.

The two sons are not here, Wen Xu Xu must not do much, enough for mother and daughter to eat.

When Wen Shuxu saw that her daughter was eating well, she also went to the kitchen and served a bowl, but hers was more noodles and less wonton.

The mother and daughter were eating when suddenly, the intercom video went off downstairs at home.

It’s this time of the day, who else is looking for her?

Wen Shuxu was relieved to come over with chopsticks, but didn’t expect that when she picked up the microphone, she was surprised to find that the two little ones who appeared on the screen were the ones she had sent out not long ago!

“Yin Yin? MoMo? Why are you back again?”

“Mummy, open the door for us, we haven’t eaten, come home to eat.” “Oh yes, I’ve brought daddy too.”

The next floor is dressed like a small bun like Mo Bao, waving a small hand at the camera towards mommy with a smile, by the way, and tugging the tall figure behind him to shake a little here.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

For a moment, she stared at this figure in the screen and actually panicked for a moment.

This kid, what the hell is going on? How come he came back again?

And, he even brought his father here!

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The first thing you need to do is to get the house cleaned up quickly so that you don’t feel uncomfortable when this person comes in.

The place where she lived was already clean.

So she ended up having to pick up the dishes from the dining room table, and when she was done, the person at the door arrived.

“Mummy Mummy, open the door, we’re here!”

“It’s brother? Mummy, brother they’re back!”

When Ruo Ruo, who was sitting at the dining table eating, heard this, her eyes immediately lit up, she didn’t even eat her chicken leg, she jumped out of her chair and went to open the door for her brother with her short legs.

As soon as the door opened, there were both brothers outside.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Daddy…… daddy why is he here too?

The little girl was shocked to the point that she didn’t dare to play around with her brother any more, she turned around and ran with her little arms and legs to find her mommy.

Outside the door, Huo Sijiu: “……”

Is he scary? Running at the sight of him!

Forgetting that he was the one who put the little tug on her head this morning?

The man who had condescended to come here was a little upset, but he followed his two sons in anyway.

A very warm and welcoming light.

This evening, after the mistress of this flat was home, Huo Siji, who had come over again with a body full of cold air, was finally no longer as dark and cold as he had been last night.

Chapter 174

Rather, when he entered, he immediately felt the warm light that enveloped him, with a tantalising scent of food that actually made him very comfortable in a space that was still less than sixty square metres.

Had he seen a ghost?

This sh*thole still felt comfortable.

He came in on long legs and went straight over to the little raggedy sofa.

“Daddy, do you want some water? I’ll pour it for you.” Mo Bao was very understanding, and as soon as he arrived at his house, he immediately opened up and poured water for daddy.

Of course, Huo Sijiu was very willing.

At that moment, he sat down in the small sofa, waiting for his son to pour water for him while taking a look at this small, shabby place that was not big enough for his bedroom again.

He had come in so late yesterday that he hadn’t even had a chance to look around.

When he got up in the morning and the chickens were flying, he had even less time.

She heard her son say that the three of them hadn’t eaten, so of course she had to prepare something for them to eat.

However, when she took a look at the fridge, she was suddenly in a bit of a bind.

“You …… haven’t eaten either?”

She asked with some hesitation as she stood out and gazed at the man sitting in the sofa.

Huo Sijiu would be drinking water, suddenly hearing these words, his eyes naturally swept over.

The woman is really unkempt!

A loose and wide home dress, with a huge long-eared hood trailing behind it, and a shoulder-length short hair that was not properly tended to, just tied with a polka-dot hairband, revealing the small, plain face ……

She really doesn’t know how to clean up? You’ve forgotten that you’ve been a young lady before? The most important thing is that you can’t even maintain the minimum appearance.


But the weird thing is that he was not disgusted at all.

On the contrary, after seeing her in this state in front of his eyes, an image came to his mind, an image of the night he came back late and she suddenly opened the door and he saw a beam of orange light coming out from inside.

At this moment, this scene actually made him feel a bit overlapped with it.

Huo Siji raised his eyebrows, “What do you think?”

“So you guys didn’t go to dinner? How come none of you ate all of a sudden?”

“Something came up and I didn’t go, why? You didn’t eat?”

“No, it’s not ……”

Only then did Wen Shuxu hurriedly deny it.

Of course she wouldn’t run out of food, this was her home, how could she run out of food, she just wanted to make sure that he wasn’t really going to stay and eat here as well.

It seems that this is a definite answer.

Wen Shuxu could only go into the kitchen again and then, looking at the contents of the fridge, started to get worried.

The kids are very manageable, having sold so many shrimp and noodles this afternoon, just to make them wonton noodles.

But this man was different, he was picky, he didn’t eat fishy, he didn’t eat spicy, and he didn’t eat much Chinese food, so what was she going to make for him to eat?

Would it be hard to get him a Western meal?

Wen Shuxu was at a loss.

And while she was thinking about this, even she forgot that they were still at loggerheads at this time, and even two days ago, they were still talking about divorce, and she was still hating every minute of the day that she would never have anything to do with him again.


Wen Shuxu ended up making the same bowl of shrimp stuffed wonton noodles for her two sons as her daughter.

And what about Huo Sijiu?

On the other hand, there was a bowl of soup made from fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, and rice balls made from dried purple cabbage and shrimp, one by one, with a small peeled orange on the side in an original way.

“Dinner’s ready!!!”

As soon as the three little ones saw that they could finally eat, they were cheering with a small spoon and chopsticks each.

Huo Sijiu also sat down at the table.

However, when he saw what was set before him, he froze: “Why am I eating this?”

Wen Shuxu: “Their wonton has shrimps in it, you can’t eat it, it’s useless to make it for you.”

She then blurted out very casually.

The result is that after the words fell, the man who was going to move his chopsticks, suddenly the hands stopped, then, his two beams of deep as a pond cla*s of eyes swept over, a moment to stare at Wen Shuxu.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

The actual fact is, she said the wrong thing.

A second, Wen Shuxu panicked so much that even cold sweat emerged.

She had indeed been too careless, she was an ex-wife who had only been married to him for a year, and had only met him once in the middle of the year, how could she know this about him? She was a stranger to him.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get the best out of your own home. I was wrong? You like to eat? If you like it, I’ll go cook it for you.”

With that, she was off to the kitchen again.

“No need, I really can’t eat it.”

Huo Sijiu finally spoke out, perhaps, it was her explanation that had an effect.

Seeing this, Wen Shuxu let out a long breath of relief, and then, also sat down next to the children and picked up the chopsticks.

This is the first time the family has eaten dinner together at a table, how difficult it is.

Wen Xuoxu secretly looked at this image, the bottom of his heart could not control or a trace of gloom ……