His Secret Lover Chapter 171-172

Chapter 171

The one that picked up Huo Yin?

Wen Shuxu immediately came out of the room, “Who are you? Huo Sijiu’s people?”

“No, Miss Wen misunderstood, we are the old master’s people, today the eldest miss has returned, the old master wants the family to reunite for a while, so he specially asked us to pick up the two children.”

This group of people were quite polite, introducing themselves one by one and explaining their identities and also the purpose of their visit.

Seeing this, there was nothing Wen Shu could do.

The old man had already come out, so how could she refuse?

At that moment, she could only go back to her room and dress up both of her sons before sending them out the door.

“MoMo, when you go, you must remember to listen to grandpa and daddy, okay? Also, you can ask your brother more often if you have nothing to do, he will help you.”

Before going out, Wen Shuxu was worried that her little son would not be used to going to such a family gathering for the first time, and could not help but a dictate.

The first thing you need to do is to take care of yourself.

The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public.

Wen Shuxu was relieved, and then she watched as the two brothers were taken away by these people.

The two brothers had left, leaving her alone in the empty room, and she couldn’t help but see her eyes redden again.

“Mummy ……”

“Okay, okay, Mommy’s good baby, it’s all Mommy’s fault, to make it up to you, Mommy will make you your favorite chicken legs tonight, okay?”

Wen Shuxu hurriedly picked up the little girl and coaxed her and went to the kitchen.

For this little girl, she did feel guilty.


South China Island, Peninsula Hotel.

It was only when Huo Sijie was almost off duty that he heard that the address had been changed, and that on a cold day, Huo Si Xing had asked for the dinner place to be set on Nanhua Island, which he still had to take a boat over.

“Is she sick?”

Huo Si Xing immediately scolded as soon as he found out the news.

Lin Ziyang didn’t dare to say too much, so she could only wait for him to get into the car and start setting off for South China Island.

What kind of a person was Huo Si Xing?

In fact, anyone who had been in Huo’s for a little while would know that it was really a master that would make their scalps tingle at the sound of his name.

At the beginning, when Sir Huo was not in charge of the company and the old man was not well, this huge Huo’s was taken care of by Huo Si Xing, who was behind the old man.

It was at that time that they truly saw how terrifying a creature this powerful woman was!

And the most terrifying thing was that she also possessed an extremely strong desire to manipulate!

The most important thing is that she also has a strong desire to manipulate, which means that if you are targeted by her, if you do not obediently follow her command, then he will definitely let you die a very ugly death, or if she does not like it, the end will be very miserable.

The first time Wen Shuxu, is one of them.

Huo Sijiu took a car all the way to South China Island, during which he received a message from Wen Xuxu.

“MoMo and HuoYin both went, Dad sent someone to pick them up, you keep an extra eye on them, MoMo has never been to this kind of scene, also, he …… has never seen his aunt, you remember to keep an extra eye on them.”

It was a matter of admonishing the two children.

The old man even sent someone to pick them up? Didn’t he not call him? How come he also came?

A hint of doubt flashed across Huo Siji’s eyes.

But soon, he thought it was Huo Si Xing who had called, so he didn’t bother to think about it any further. Pressing off the phone, he picked up a document that was sitting beside him.

Forty minutes or so later, South China Island.

Forty minutes or so, what could have happened?

How much had Huo Sijiu signed himself when he hadn’t had time to look at the documents he was working on in the car?

But on South China Island, in that brightly lit hotel, the two children who had been picked up, one of them, had been in the private room for a long time as if they were being interrogated as suspects.

And that child, was Mo Bao!

“I’ll ask you again, what exactly is the purpose of your mother’s return? Say it!”

This voice was really harsh, not at all like an aunt’s voice, and her face, which was heavily made up in black, was even more hideous, looking terrifying.

Mo Bao’s little face turned even whiter.

He was originally a very cheerful and optimistic child, but this night, he was so frightened that he couldn’t even say a word.

Was this really his aunt?

Why was it so scary?

He was so terrified that his eyes even turned red ……

Huo Yin had been locked outside the door, and when he saw that his brother had not been released after so long, he angrily kept slamming the door with his small hands outside: “Open the door!”

“Little young master, don’t knock, your aunt will let your brother out soon after she’s finished asking questions.”

The bodyguard guarding the door saw this and came over to try to hold him and stop him from harassing the people inside.

But the smart Huo Yin saw it and immediately dodged out of the way: “Open the door!”

“Little Young Master ……”

“Three seconds, if you don’t open it, I’ll make you unable to see the sun tomorrow!” The little guy who was so angry that he said this word by word, actually resembled Huo Sijiu.

It was so cold and horrifying that one couldn’t help but shiver!

Indeed, if you want to say that he looked like his daddy, it was the boy who looked like him, both in terms of his features and his temperament.

The bodyguard finally opened the door and Huo Yin immediately rushed in.

As a result, it was still too late, and he saw that his brother, who usually loved to laugh, was already crying in front of that fierce woman at this time, and his body was trembling uncontrollably.

“Huo Si Xing! Get out of my sight!!!”

Huo Yin’s eyes were red, and without saying a word he grabbed an ashtray on the table and smashed it fiercely at this abominable woman.

Chapter 172

He is not afraid!

In the Huo family, if there is one person who can be the most reckless and then not be responsible for anything, that person must be Huo Yin.

What’s an aunt?

If he was really unhappy, he could just turn his back on the old man!

The ashtray hit her with a solid thud when she didn’t notice.

“Huo Yin! What are you doing? How dare you even hit your aunt?

“Get lost!!!”

Another yell from an enraged Huo Yin, who dragged his brother across and his tiny body shielded him solidly behind himself. By the way, his tiny hands grabbed another thing.

The bodyguard took a look and a head full of cold sweat dripped down.

“Eldest Miss, let’s go out first, this bowl smashing down by the young master will really kill you.” Then dragged and dragged, only then did he pull this crazy woman out.

That’s right, what Huo Yin was holding in his hand this time was exactly a bowl that was placed on the table.

He was not a man to talk to, if he was angry with him, this little ancestor would really do anything, this bowl might just smash Huo Si Xing’s face.

In the end, Huo Sicheng could only be pulled out with a curse and a grunt.

As soon as the crazy woman left, the private room quietened down and Huo Yin immediately turned back to his brother.

“Are you alright?”


Mo Bao had been fine for a long time.

He had been quite scared, as he had never seen such a scary woman before.

However, when his brother came in, with the ashtray smashed in his hand, he was immediately happy, what was he afraid of, didn’t he have his brother here? I can’t beat this crazy woman to death!

Mo Bao looked at his brother with admiration: “Huo Yin, you’re great, do you often beat this woman at home?”

Huo Yin had a grim little face: “She wouldn’t dare to mess with me!”


Mo Bao ended up not taking the matter to heart because he knew that it had nothing to do with either his brother or daddy, all there was was this sick aunt.

So the two little ones went down hand in hand.

Just in time, Huo Sijiu arrived at this time.

“Huo Sijiu, you’re finally here? Do you know that your son almost beat me to death just now?”

Huo Si Xing, who had been waiting for his brother in the hotel lobby, saw that he had finally arrived and immediately revealed his bruised arm, angrily coming up to complain to him.

Huo Si Xing’s eyes swept lightly.

The relationship between Huo Sijie and his sister was indeed not good, they were both very strong people, and had very impressive achievements in their respective fields.

Moreover, there was a thorn between the two of them.

That was that at a young age, because of that illness of Huo Siji, at one point Huo Si Xing thought that this brother had been damaged physically and mentally, so much so that she had refused to let go of him all those years when she was following the old man in charge of Huo’s.

She believed that Huo Sijie no longer had the qualifications.

“Why did he hit you?”

As expected, seeing the bruise, Huo Sijie’s tone was very cold.

Hearing this, Huo Si Xing immediately became even angrier: “Is this your attitude? No matter what? A nephew hitting his aunt, that’s what he should do? All these years, is this how you’ve educated your son?”

As the words fell, the eyes of the man who had just entered suddenly narrowed.

This was a very dangerous sign.

Seeing this, the bodyguard next to him hurriedly intervened, “President, that …… is like this, after Missy had someone pick up the two young masters, because it was the first time she met young master Mo Mo, she asked him a few more questions, and then young master Huo Yin got angry.”

“Asked what?”

“It was to ask …… Mo Mo young master how he spent those years, and then ……”

“Put p! It was her who bullied her younger brother!”

Just when this bodyguard stammered and tried to cover up for Huo Si Xing in the past, a childish voice suddenly came angrily from the other side of the lift, and he was like a sharp sword that cut off this person’s words without mercy.

The bodyguard didn’t dare to make a sound and stood there trembling, not even daring to raise his head.

It was Huo Yin and Mo Bao who arrived.

Huo Sijiu raised his eyes to look faintly and found the two little ones walking out of the lift, obviously the older son with a shy personality, this time holding his younger brother behind him.

And his cool little face was even darker with frost.

This little thing, he knew how to protect his brother.

The corners of his thin lips lifted slightly in an arc ……

“Daddy, she’s lying!”

Huo Yin brought his brother over, afraid that daddy would listen to that bodyguard and aunt’s words, he ironed a small face, in front of daddy again tilted his small head remaining angry added.

He nodded, not doubting his son’s words in the slightest: “Daddy knows, is the younger brother hurt?”

Mo Bao immediately also came out from behind his brother: “No, daddy, Mo Mo is not hurt, but, aunt she ……”

His pair of clear and innocent eyes, surprisingly, even looked worriedly at Huo Si Xing behind him.

When Huo Sijiu saw this, he burst into a burst of sarcasm: “Huo Si Xing, see? This is my child’s tutelage, you, as an aunt, see clearly?”


Huo Sicheng, who was a strong person by nature, instantly turned her entire face into a pig’s liver colour!

It was like being slapped fiercely!