His Secret Lover Chapter 167-168

Chapter 167

Huo Siji froze again.

This was a result he hadn’t expected, he had only said this at first to tell her what the real reason for Huo Yin’s condition was?

But now, what the hell was this?

He looked at the string of keys next to him and, not knowing what he was thinking, sat there quietly, while a pair of eyes as deep as a ghostly tan paused on them for a while.

This gaze ……

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items. Don’t forget, MoMo is also your son.”

The man finally raised his eyebrows.

Then, he finally stood up from his chair, grabbed the set of keys and went out ……

What kind of people are these!

That night, Wen Xu Xu ended up staying at the hospital with her eldest son.

And Huo Sijiu?

On the other hand, he took the keys to the flat and went back. Wen Shuxu thought he was just following his own arrangement and went back to arrange for someone to take care of the other two children at the flat.

The man came out of the hospital and went straight to where she lived.


When he arrived at the flat, Mo Bao in the room, who had not yet slept because he had been worried about his brother, suddenly heard the sound of the door seemingly being opened.

Immediately, his little head lifted up from the small comforter.

“Brother ……”

Baby RuoRuo, on the other hand, was sleeping just like a piglet, and sensing her brother’s movement, she was sleepily dissatisfied with the disturbance of her warm little nest, and milkily dreamed a sentence.

Her fleshy little arms hugged her brother even tighter.

Mo Bao: “……”

He was about to move his sister’s little hand away when, with a steady footstep coming in from outside, he heard the sound of something being thrown onto the table after a movement.

It didn’t take long for the man to seemingly come straight over to this children’s room of theirs.

“Mum …… Daddy? What are you doing here?”

The little guy who burst his head out of the small nest was so shocked that his small, moon-like eyes went all round when he suddenly saw the tall figure that appeared at the entrance of the room.

Huo Sijiu was also a little surprised.

Probably, he hadn’t expected that this little thing would still be awake at this late hour.

“Waiting for Mummy?”

He sat down on the edge of his cot and rubbed his little head, gesturing for him to lie back down properly and not catch a cold.

Mo Bao then obediently lay back down again.

Still, because he saw Daddy at this time, he was happy, his curved little eyes as bright as the stars in the sky.

“Yes, mummy has gone to see brother, daddy, how is brother? Is he sick? Also, why did you come over here? Did …… come to see us on purpose?”

With that last sentence, the little one was still a little cautious.

Unlike Huo Yin, he was not brought up by daddy himself, and when father and son communicate, they are naturally not as open-minded, just like Huo Yin and Wen Shuxu.

The two of them are not as open as they could be, just like Huo Yin is with Wen Xu.

At that moment, he sat at the edge of his cot and reached out to tenderly tuck his little quilt in: “Brother had a little scare, and Mommy was with him in the hospital, so Daddy came over here to you guys.”


Sure enough, the little one was happy to hear this answer.

Daddy had really come to stay with them on purpose.

Mo Bao’s handsome little face was all smiles under Daddy’s gentle gaze, “Is that brother important? I was talking to him on the phone and then he suddenly went silent.”

“You were on the phone with him?” Huo Sijiu was slightly taken aback, “And did you say anything to him?”

“I ……”

The little guy, lying on the bed, was immediately a bit speechless.

He couldn’t tell daddy that he was talking to his brother about the two of them getting divorced at the time, could he? If he told, Daddy would surely get angry and think they weren’t good kids, all eavesdropping on adults.

“No …… nothing, just talking about the games we usually play.”

“So it’s like this, it’s okay, brother will be alive and well tomorrow, it’s not early, you go to sleep, behave.”

Huo Sijiu heard this and didn’t bother to look deeper, after stroking the little one’s head, he signaled him to hurry up and sleep well.

Mo Bao then looked at his daddy with a smile on his cot, “Okay, so where is daddy going to sleep tonight? Do you want to sleep with MoMo? We don’t have that many rooms at home, except for this one, which is Mummy’s room.”

This little thing actually teased her daddy.

After Huo Sijiu finally pinched the little thing’s nose as a punishment, he came out of the children’s room.

There was definitely no way he could sleep with them, how could he sleep in such a small bed?

And there were two children sleeping in it.

Huo Sijiu eventually came next door, then, opening the door, he saw a bedroom that was not much upscale and luxurious, but cleaned up and tidy.

With Wen Xu Xu’s financial ability, she naturally couldn’t afford to live in a much nicer house.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

It was also made very cozy by her.

The bedside table is nothing, as she likes to keep things simple, she can only see a thick medical book and a small lamp, at a glance, it is really simple.

Chapter 168

However, Huo Siji did not feel monotonous.

For, he saw a fuchsia vase on the desk not far away, and in the vase was this winter’s flower, a bunch of yellow chrysanthemums that were blooming like fire.

The chrysanthemum was like a ray of sunshine on this cold winter day, making the whole bedroom warm.

This woman has some taste.

Huo Sijiu took off his jacket.

He was used to being pampered, so he would not touch the broken bed that this dead woman had slept in.

But the truth was, he ended up lying on it, not knowing how.

And, when he woke up the next day, he found himself wrapped up tightly in that bed quilt, his mouth and nose full of its smell, that faint scent of lime. !!!!

He must have been possessed by a ghost last night!

He didn’t know how to describe the mixed emotions, ripped the thing off and was about to get up, when a tiny figure outside had come running in cheerfully.

“Good morning, Daddy, did you sleep well last night?”

It was Mo Bao, who was already up.

Huo Sijiu was even more embarrassed and had to hastily turn his head away as he pretended to look elsewhere.

“Good morning, you’re up already?”

“Yeah, we have to go to kindergarten at 8:30, daddy, are you going to take me and my sister to kindergarten this morning?”

Mo Bao made another hopeful plea.


Huo Sijiu finally glanced back at his son and saw that his little face was full of expectation, at that moment he nodded readily, “Of course, are you guys ready already?”

“Not yet, my sister hasn’t brushed her hair, daddy, will you?”


Huo Siji wouldn’t.

He would take care of the baby, but Huo Yin was a little boy, and little boys didn’t need to brush their hair.

But in the end, because there were no other adults in the house either, little RuoRuo, who was fully dressed by his brother, was still timidly brought to daddy by his brother.

When she first woke up and heard her brother say that Daddy had come, she didn’t believe him.

How could Daddy come here?

The house was not big and Daddy was not on good terms with Mummy, always arguing and disliking Mummy, so how could he come here?

Little RuoRuo didn’t believe it.

Until now, she saw this tall, big figure that really appeared in the house.

“Little girl, come here!”

Huo Sijiu looked down at the little girl who had been hiding behind his brother and staring timidly at him, and was patient enough to beckon her over early in the morning.

So this little dumpling finally came over.

Unlike her two sons, this little pink and white girl was really dumb and silly. When she arrived in front of Huo Siji, it had been a long time, but she was still tilting her little head and blinking at him with her big, glassy eyes.

What was she looking at him for? Did she think she had big eyes?

Huo Sijiu lifted her by the back of her collar, picked her up and placed her on a stool in front of him.

“Ah – you can’t lift Ruo Ruo’s like that, Ruo Ruo is a baby, you can’t lift it, you have to hold it!”

The little girl finally spoke, carried to the stool by her daddy, staring at him, waving her fleshy little arms in a milking protest.

Huo Siji was stunned.

It was like a breeze brushing the river, or like a feather softly crossing his heart, as he looked at her little form, and that little milk voice that was completely different from his two sons.

Ultimately, somewhere he softened a little.

“Okay, don’t mention it later.”


Little Ruo Ruo’s big watery eyes lit up all over, and she stood obediently on the stool, letting her daddy tie her hair.

But as she tied it, she suddenly quit again.

“Uncle, do you know how to tie your hair or not? If you do this, the baby will hurt.” She touched her daddy’s messed up little head in anger and couldn’t tell how sad she was.

Daddy couldn’t tie his hair, how could she be his baby in the future?

Huo Siji was also a bit at his wits’ end.

He had done his best, but who would have thought that the furry thing on this little girl’s head would be even harder to handle than the hundreds of millions of orders he had signed at the mall?

Who the hell invented this? Do girls have to tie their hair?

Huo Siji wanted to throw the comb away.

But in the end, he held back and made a small tug for this little girl with a lot of effort, which made Mo Bao next to him look miserable.

After all, it was his first time combing his daughter’s hair.

However, little Ruo Ruo was quite happy.

The little fat hand touched the little tug that daddy had tied, and she went out with it as if she had been given the most precious gift.

Mo Bao: “……”

Huo Sijiu: “……”

What a sin ……

Inside the city’s first hospital.

Wen Xuxu had also woken up by this time and was preparing to take Huo Yin back.

“Yin Yin, let’s go home, the doctor said you’re fine, let’s go home first, okay?” She looked tenderly at the child who had slept in her arms all night and wanted to persuade him.

However, as soon as he heard the words about going home, the child, who had already recovered well, immediately had his eyes closed in her arms.

Even, he tried to roll over, not wanting to pay attention to her anymore.