His Secret Lover Chapter 161-162

Chapter 161

She even asked directly about the reason for letting her come over.

When the old man heard that, he didn’t hide it and nodded: “Yes, Shuxu, dad thought about it, what happened before, it was all dad’s fault, dad thought that by letting you marry in, he was treating you well, now I know I was wrong, so, as long as you want, I can let you two divorce immediately, what do you think?”

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Wen Shuxu: “I am willing.”

Almost without any hesitation, this girl who had just come in, stood there and quickly said those three words out.

The eyes, on the other hand, never looked at the man next to her from start to finish.

Huo Sijiu clenched his fist, and the veins on the corners of his forehead jumped in a sudden burst.

“Alright then, then I’ll go get the account book now, don’t worry, as soon as we go to the Public Security Bureau and get your account restored, we’ll be able to apply for a divorce certificate right away.”

The old man said, immediately to let people go to get the Huo family household register.

Wen Shuxu saw this and nodded approvingly again, “Good, thanks dad, but this is something that I still don’t think should be too publicized so that it’s not really bad for the company.”

“So what do you mean ……?”

“Just find a random time, he and I will just go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, of course, if Young Master Huo is not even willing to do this, Dad, it’s fine if you go with me.”

They discussed the matter as if no one was watching in this hall, and in the end, Wen Shuxu even made a very understanding suggestion.

The old man was once again moved to the point of raising his head, his cloudy old eyes flushed with red as he looked at the young girl and was about to say yes on the spot.

But at that moment, a voice in the hall, which had been holding back for a long time, grinded its teeth and spoke out in an eerie voice: “What? Are you going to divorce my father? And letting him go with you?”


The hall fell silent.

Because, the smell of gunpowder was just too strong!

The old man’s beard glared, and he was about to get angry on the spot and clean up this bastard.

But at that moment, Wen Shuxu had already spoken indifferently, “You can also understand it that way, anyway, that’s how we received our marriage license at the beginning.”


Huo Sijiu’s blood rushed to the surface and he almost didn’t die of anger here on the spot.

This should be his second sore spot here today, never thought that, within one day, his titled president of Huo Group would be stepped on twice in a row at home.

“Wen Xuxu, do you want to seek death?!!!” He stared at this dead woman in anger.

However, this woman didn’t put him in her eyes at all.

“How did I become looking for death? Young Master Huo, haven’t you always wanted to move my account out? So that your wife can come in, so now I’m taking the initiative to move it and make you all whole, isn’t that good?”


“Or is it that you simply don’t want to give me decency and are going to use your way like that to get me out of your Huo family, that won’t do! I’m telling you, I, Wen Shuhui, married you, although not willingly, but I also gave you two sons, if you have to do so, do not blame me for turning the other cheek, big deal, we will see each other in court!”

Wen Shuxu finally stared at the man.

Her eyes were cold, her expression sharp, her voice without any warmth, and when she said the last sentence, it was more like a knife hardened with ice, filled with her anger and hatred!

Yes, that must be why he didn’t want to divorce her now.

How could he not want to divorce her when he had even used such tactics in order to break away from her?

Only, he is now unwilling because the old man wants to use such a way to make her, Wen Xuxu, leave. He hates her so much and loves that woman so much that he naturally does not want her to be hurt in the slightest.

The public divorce will definitely have an impact on her reputation.


Huo Sijiu was stunned for a moment.

She was regretting?

Regret for what? Regret marrying him? Or was she regretting that she should never have met him in the first place?

The corners of his thin lips pursed tightly for a few seconds, and even he didn’t know why? He had always been in control of his emotions, but he felt a slight panic that he could not even stop.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Did I say I wouldn’t divorce you? You’re like a mad dog! Fine, I’ll have someone prepare the divorce papers now, you wait for me!”

He tried his best to suppress this unwarranted emotion, and after saying these words in an extremely ruthless tone with irritation, he grabbed the car keys on the table and left.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

Looking at the man’s rapidly departing back, all of a sudden, it was as if her entire body’s strength had been drained away, and she swayed and fell into the chair behind her.

“Shuxu, are you all right?”

The old man had been beside him just now without making a sound, seeing that she had suddenly fallen down, only then did he get up and hurry to ask.

Wen Shuxu opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end, it turned out that in just a moment, she didn’t even have the strength to speak.

What she had was a sense of emptiness like a mountain of water.

Chapter 162

The thing that had been holding her up so hard in her psyche for so long had finally collapsed, and she was so relieved, so relieved, that for a moment, even her fingertips trembled.

Yes, she was free at last.

At last she didn’t have to always wait with a sliver of humble hope for a return glance that simply wasn’t possible, let alone coax herself that every time he hurt her, it was for a reason and he definitely didn’t mean it.

No more, none of it.

From now on, she was a newborn, she was no longer a prisoner in her own cage.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual situation.

A million arrows through the heart, but that’s all!

Wen Shuxu did not leave the Huo family residence that afternoon.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

However, after waiting all afternoon, Huo Sijiu did not come.

On the contrary, as she waited, she didn’t know if her emotions were too intense at noon. She actually fell asleep at the back.

“Grandpa, is my mommy asleep?”

When Mo Bao brought Huo Yin along to look for mommy, he found that mommy had already fallen asleep, so the two brothers ran with their short legs to grandpa’s side again.

The old man was staring at a small book in his hand, when he suddenly saw his two little grandsons running to him, he put it down in a hurry.

“Yes, she’s asleep, why are you two here? Aren’t you playing at Third Uncle’s?”

“No, no, we have to go back.”

Mo Bao glanced at the phone watch on his little hand and stood smiling in front of his grandfather to explain.

Of course he had to go back, his sister was still in kindergarten and he had to hurry over to pick her up or she would be crying.

But when this old man heard him, suddenly his gaze fell straight on his little face, “How about you guys don’t go back tonight? Stay here and sleep with grandpa?”


The two little ones were frozen for a moment.

Huo Yin was fine, after all, he had lived here a lot since he was a child, but Mo Bao immediately felt a sense of resistance when he heard this.

He was not used to sleeping in a strange place without daddy and mommy.

“No, Mummy said we have to go back to bed so we won’t be late for kindergarten in the morning, so, Grandpa, we’ll have to come back to see you at the weekend.”

The little one was very clever and not only did he not reject his grandfather outright and stiffly, he also told him sweetly with his little mouth that he would come and see him at the weekend.

As a result, when the old man heard that, he was even more sad to see him.

That’s right, these two little ones didn’t know that just at the moment they came in, the old man in front of them, had actually been thinking about the issue of Mo Bao’s custody with his account book in hand.

There was no doubt that Mo Bao, whose surname was Huo, must return to the Huo family.

But at that time, Mo Bao had not yet come in, and the old man, in his heart, would more or less still stand in Wen Shu Shu’s shoes.

After all, he felt that the Huo family owed Wen Shuxu too much.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The old man suddenly didn’t want to let go.

“It’s okay, in the future grandpa can specially go to see you guys off, grandpa gives you his word that he won’t let you guys be late, okay?”


“Well, I’ll ask Uncle Butler to show you the room first, and we’ll decorate it beautifully.”

After the old man said this, he surprisingly called the housekeeper in the old mansion directly, wanting to take the two children out and then arrange for them to stay.

When Huo Yin saw this, his little face sank on the spot!

“No way!”


The old man almost didn’t get angry with this good-natured oldest grandson.

Fortunately, Mo Bao was there at this time, and after he saw it, he smiled and hurriedly reassured his grandfather: “Grandpa, don’t be angry, brother is like this, he has to take his time, wait for me to go out and talk to him properly.”

Then, regardless of whether the old man agreed or not, he dragged his brother and ran out.

A few minutes later, in a relatively isolated courtyard of the old mansion.

“Huo Yin, you did that on purpose just now, right?”


Huo Yin, who had been dragged here by his brother, lowered his little head a little embarrassed, while a faint pink layer immediately rose behind his pretty ears.

Mo Bao was delighted and patted his brother’s little shoulder, signalling that he had done a very good job.

Then, he began to analyse the matter.

“Something must have happened to Daddy and Mommy, or else Grandpa wouldn’t have taken such an attitude.”


Huo Yin, who was not a talker, also agreed with his brother with a slight frown on his small brow.

Mo Bao continued, “So we definitely can’t stay here now, we have to find out what happened to the two of them? The way Grandpa acted just now, he was clearly trying to keep me here, did you notice? It’s me!”


“If that’s the case it’s very troubling, he must be stealing me from Mummy, if he strikes it won’t be as easy for Daddy to deal with, not only will Mummy have no power to fight back, you and I both just won’t be able to help much.”