His Secret Lover Chapter 155-156

Chapter 155

Wen Shuxu finally agreed to go back to A City with her.

The reason for this is that she really can’t let go of these children. She weighed up the options, and if she forced herself to go back to Kriel, she wouldn’t be able to take a single child with her in this situation.

So, going back to City A was the best option for her at the moment.

After hearing that mummy was willing to go back, all three children ran in, surprising Wen Shuxu, who was surprisingly all very happy.

“The actual fact is that you are really agreeing to go back with daddy? That’s great, RuoRuo thought you didn’t want to.”

The first one to come in was little RuoRuo, and when she saw her mommy, she immediately burrowed into her arms.

Wen Xuoxu was very surprised: “Do you want Mommy to go back with Daddy too?”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The little girl’s mind is always very simple, a little warmth, can be satisfied.

Wen Shuxu’s nose tingled and he immediately put his arms around her.

Mo Bao also came over, he saw his mommy and also told her solemnly, “Mommy, I also think you should go back with daddy, we can’t leave our brother behind.”

He took his brother’s little hand next to him.

Huo Yin: “……”

Also do not know what to say, in front of mommy under the little head, a pair of beautiful little eyes, while red.

Wen Shuxu saw that, a burst of heartache, squatting down on this older son also embraced in the arms.

“Well, Mommy is not going to leave any of you behind, I’m sorry, it was Mommy who was not well thought out in the past and made Mommy’s big baby aggravated, Mommy apologizes to you.”

“Mommy ……”

Huo Yin finally wrapped his arms around Mommy’s neck and hugged her tightly.

These three children, ah, in fact, in the end, although each has its own characteristics, but each is a kind and affectionate baby.


The four of them followed Huo Sijiu back to China on the third day.

–The first time I saw a woman, I was in the middle of a fight.

Meanwhile, Gu Xia, who was also abroad, was still waiting for good news on this matter.

Gu Qinglian’s eyes are many.

So, as soon as Wen Shu Shu ran away with her child, she got the news, so she hurriedly told Gu Xia.

Gu Xia came here to regain her position as the mistress of the Huo Group, and once she heard that the biggest obstacle had actually disappeared on its own and abducted the child as well.

God knows how happy she was!

“Is she out of her mind? I can’t believe she ran off with the baby.”

“What do you care, she ran away with the child, isn’t that what you want? This way, it saves you from putting so much effort into writing this crap book.”

While drinking her coffee, Gu Qinglian swept a disdainful glance at the manuscript that was being written in a mess on the computer in front of Gu Xia.

Seeing this, Gu Xia’s face burst with annoyance.

She hurriedly clicked the close button, as if she was afraid that someone would see her stuff: “What are you talking about? I’ve already signed this book.”

“Really? Then you should write it properly, if it’s found to be of a different standard than those previous books, you’ll be in big trouble.”

Gu Qinglian was still nonchalant.

Gu Xia’s face went white and she wanted to retort back, but in the end, she snapped out of the topic.

This matter was indeed a sore spot for her, she had published so many books, including the hottest selling one a few years ago, “You are the tattoo on my heart” was all hers.

However, after these two years, her writing skills are not as good as before.

Even this book, which the publisher had exceptionally given her a contract based on a title, she could not write for a long time.

Gu Xia turned off her computer indignantly and went to make coffee as well.

“Let’s just talk about what to do next, this bitch Wen Xuxu has left with the baby, Huo Sijiu will definitely be furious, I think I should be able to go back to my country.”

“That’s a good suggestion.”

Gu Qinglian finally agreed with her niece this time.

With such a sudden change at home, the furious man would definitely need someone to comfort him.

Whether he recovered the child or not, at this time, he would need a woman by his side, to recover it and reprise her role as a virtuous wife and mother.

If he doesn’t, then even better, she can be by his side to comfort him.

Gu Xia had a smug look between her eyebrows, “However, before I go back, I can also go snooping around to find out about this woman.”

Gu Qinglian was stunned, “You’re still going to spy on her? Are you crazy?”

“Don’t worry, when I say spying, I’m naturally doing it for show, of course, if that bitch isn’t that lucky and lets us find her, then even better, wouldn’t it be better to get her killed and bring the child back?”

She slowly sipped her coffee and said this out slowly and methodically.

Gu Qinglian was indeed not wrong, she just needed to calm down, to settle down, look at what she was saying now, that brain, wasn’t it back to her peak days in the Huo family?

Gu Qinglian was satisfied.

At that moment, the aunt and nephew started to make arrangements for this matter.

Chapter 156

But what the two didn’t expect was the bad news they were waiting for!

“Is Huo Sijiu out of his mind? He still brought her back, brought her back for what? To clean her up again?”

Gu Qinglian’s first reaction upon hearing the news was one of shock and anger.

But not Gu Xia.

Because, she remembered how horrible Huo Sijiu who stayed behind that day at the mall, when Wen Shuxu actually didn’t even know that she had left with the man who had accompanied her to buy clothes!

It was like he treated Gu Xia like air, and after he went out from the shop without saying a word, he immediately informed someone to pick up the child from the kindergarten.

Really, at that time, he looked like that, she had never seen before.

Out of control, childish ……

That was no where near the steady as a mountain imperial president lord, it was clearly like an enraged child, and his actions were all but laughable.

So, is he really cleaning up after that woman by bringing her back now?

No, it couldn’t be.

He was probably more interested in keeping her on a tight leash by bringing her back than anything else.


Gu Xia finally crushed the cup in her hand, the moment blood flowed out from her palm, her eyes, hatred to the extreme, also crumbled out with a thick murderous intent.

Wen Shuxu, you really deserve to die!

The first time I got back, I got out of the helicopter.

The first time she came back, after getting off the helicopter, she immediately took the two children and left, not taking Huo Sijiu’s car at all.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

Huo Yin saw it from behind, his little hand holding his daddy couldn’t help but feel another pang of aggravation.

“Daddy, mommy is gone ……”


Huo Sijiu this words can not be returned, he can easily get this dead woman back is good, but also expect her to obediently listen to him?

He said, “If you’re gone, you’re gone. It’s not like you won’t see her again, your mum will come to pick you up after school tomorrow.”


The little one was really happy to hear that, and those pretty eyes looked at daddy as bright as stars.

See, it really is a little white wolf that can’t be raised well.

The first thing you need to do is to take Huo Yin with you to the car.

And what about Wen Xu Xu?

After she brought the two children to the city, she could only take them to look for a house first because the previous house had been returned to rent.

“Mommy, where are we going to live? Can we stay in a prettier house this time?”

Little RuoRuo followed her mummy, and after hearing that she had to look for a house again, she couldn’t help but carefully plead when she thought of the rundown rental house she used to live in.

These two children, in fact, were quite understanding.

Whether they were in Kriel before, or here in the old town, they followed Wen Shuxu and didn’t say anything.

But this time, the little girl suddenly wanted to live in a beautiful house.

Maybe it was because it was too cold, or maybe it was because they had been following their daddy in a nice house for a while, and in the end, they were still kids too.

Wen Xuoxu squatted down in front of them: “Okay, we’ll change to a beautiful house this time.”

Baby Ruoruo: “Great, thank you mummy.”

So two hours later, mother and son three finally rented a small flat in one of the more upscale properties in the city centre.

“Brother, come on, let’s go and look at the rooms and see which one we want to choose. I’m telling you oh, baby RuoRuo is definitely going to want the prettiest one.”

“Well, good.”

Mo Bao was also very happy, and right away, the two little ones went to look at the rooms.

Wen Shuxu looked at the two’s backs and smiled, and began to unpack, intending to clean up the room while it was still dark, so that she could cook for the two little ones.


But at that moment, a message suddenly arrived on her phone.

She looked down and tapped the screen to see that it was a collection message for exactly one million dollars.

One million?

Wen Xuxu sneered, picked up her phone and clicked on online banking, she returned this money she had just received intact and then immediately called the bank’s customer service to freeze the card.


Throughout, her expression was one of indifference.

She never said she wanted the $1 million because, at all, her return had nothing to do with him.

Mother and son spent their first peaceful night back in this new home that evening.

The following day.

“MoMo, RuoRuo, it’s time to get up, we have to go to kindergarten today.”

“Yes, Mummy.”

With a lazy little child’s milk voice coming out from under the covers, soon the tiny body was carried out by Mummy and began to dress and wash up.

Of course, Mo Bao still dressed himself.

A few minutes later, both little babies were neatly dressed in the living room.

Wen Xuoxu: “What do you want to eat? Mommy will make it for you.”

Mo Bao: “……”

He was about to speak, when the phone watch he was wearing on his wrist suddenly rang, and when he saw it, he answered the phone first.

“Hello? Huo Yin?”

“Um, here it is.”

No one expected that the child’s voice that came from inside once this phone watch was connected would actually be just those two words.

Wen Shuxu froze for a moment.

What did this mean?

What arrived?

She didn’t understand, but at that moment, the little son in front of the station had already run out quickly towards the balcony.