His Secret Lover Chapter 151-152

Chapter 151

But Raymond was possessed at this time, and seeing that she was going to struggle, he actually grabbed her slender arms again with one big hand so hard that she couldn’t move.

“I’m not drunk, I’m more sober than ever, Nancy, I don’t mind you being a single mother, I’m happy to raise them, I really love you.”

After saying that, this man lowered his head and was about to forcefully kiss her.

Wen Shuxu struggled violently!

What kind of psycho is this?

When the people in the banquet hall thought that this time, it would be difficult to escape the palm of this Raymond’s hand, suddenly, Mo Bao, who had rolled down from the children’s chair to save his mommy, saw a tall and straight figure coming in the darkness.

It was a figure in a black trench coat.

In his hand, he seemed to be holding a child, and when he came in, before the person appeared in the glow, the voice with an extremely strong killing intent had already spat out from his thin lips, “You try to touch her?”


The banquet hall fell silent.

It was as if they had suddenly been frozen in place, all those who had been staring at the two of them, Lei Meng and Wen Shuxu, had been startled by this voice and had turned to look at him.

Including Raymond.

The voice was, indeed, a bit frightening.

“What kind of person are you? Who let you into the Leimeng Villa? Don’t want to live, do you?” Lei Meng shouted angrily, his face full of annoyance at being disturbed.

However, this man clearly did not put him in his eyes.

After he came out of the darkness with the child in his arms, what flashed into everyone’s eyes was that arrogant and awe-inspiring figure.

Strange, who is this man?

The people here were all rich and powerful, but why did he appear?

Everyone felt the oppression from him in unison.

Everyone subconsciously shrank.

Except for Wen Shuxu!

“I should be asking you this question, what are you doing touching my child’s mother? Do you want your Raymond family to completely disappear from this world, do you?”

He finally opened his mouth and walked into the light with the child in his arms, his voice was nice, like the cool sand of the night.

But the better it sounded, the more frightening it was.

Ramon’s pupils flinched at once!

His baby’s mother?

He looked down at the woman still in his grasp, only to find that she would be staring at this man who had suddenly appeared, those glazed eyes that hadn’t even moved for a long time.

It seemed that they were indeed related.

Raymond took another look at the child this man was holding in his arms, and suddenly, a layer of killing intent rose up in him as well: “So you are Nancy’s ex-husband, what? How dare you threaten me?”


When he heard these words, Huo Sijiu, who was holding the child, every inch of light in his pupils was cold and hostile, and suddenly, he smiled: “You’re wrong, we haven’t divorced yet.”

“What did you say? Not divorced?”

“Yes, she tried to widow me, but I didn’t make it, so in three seconds, if you don’t let go of her, then your Ramon family, will go up in smoke completely.”

He warned once more with good intentions.

Unfortunately, Ramon didn’t believe it.

He probably thought that he was the nobleman here, and that not even someone with a bit of power over here could shake their family, let alone this one mediocre Oriental man.

He thought there was something wrong with him.

Until three seconds later, this oriental man took out his mobile phone in front of him, “Hey, pack up all the a*sets of the Ramon family for me and send them to Duke Ying Shan’s house, and tell him that this is a big gift from me, Duke Huo Siwei.”


There was no more sound, at this moment, all was finally silent in this banquet hall!

Duke Ying Shan, that was the deadly rival of the Raymond family.

However, the Raymond family did not dare to fight him at all, because the Duke was still a member of the royal family, and if he caught a hold of the Raymond family, he could bring down the Raymond family in a minute.

But to his surprise, this man, unexpectedly, would still know Duke Ying Shan.

Moreover, he even said that he would package up all the a*sets of the Raymond family and give them to Duke Ying Shan!

Raymond looked at the mountain mansion that was suddenly in chaos after the man hung up the phone, as well as the servants who started to run to say that the family was looking for him.

Finally, as an afterthought, he sensed that something was not right.

“Who …… are you anyway? Why do you know the Duke of Inzan?”

“Is that strange? I gave the Duke of Ying Shan’s family land, so what’s surprising about me knowing him?” Another faint sentence from Lord Huo Si.

As the words fell, this banquet hall finally exploded!

A few years ago, the Duke of Ying Shan had been given a huge gift, a piece of land in the most prosperous part of the country, and that was something that everyone knew about, and it was extremely sensational at the time.

Even the royal family was envious.

And this person, who is little known, was given it by the Huo Group of companies, a famous business empire group in Asia.

So, this man is the man in charge of the Fok Group?

That’s terrible!

It turned out that he was such a prominent figure, no wonder when he came in just now, they felt a particularly powerful aura about him, and the kingly demeanour that came with the times.

Everyone was petrified.

Raymond, on the other hand, almost didn’t go limp.

He had actually moved the president’s wife of Huo’s group ……

Chapter 152

“Uncle Ray, don’t you let go of Mummy yet, do you want to make my Daddy even more angry? This way, you’ll be even worse off!” At the critical moment, Mo Bao reminded.

When Raymond heard that, he immediately let go of his hand like he was electrocuted.

“Yeah …… sorry, I didn’t know that, I really thought …… thought she …… just now.”

“Uncle Raymond, even if my daddy is not the president of Huo Group and my mommy doesn’t want to, you can’t treat her like this, understand? You’re really going too far like this.”

Mo Bao gave him a very angry lecture.

Afterwards, he stretched out his little hand and held onto his mommy who was just a little shaky even after being let go.

“Mommy, are you okay?”


Wen Xuxu was actually in a mess.

She never expected that her hard-headed departure from A City with her three children would end up in such a situation, being found by this man.

This made her humiliated and had a very frustrating feeling.

“It’s okay, Uncle Ramon may have had a bit too much to drink today, well, go and bring your sister over and let’s get out of here.”

She straightened her dress and her makeup and wanted to get out of here right away with the two kids.

Mo Bao: “……”

Huo Yin: “……”

Including Huo Sijiu, who had just saved her across the room, couldn’t help but lick the back of his teeth after hearing this.

Why were his hands so itchy?

It was too good for her, right? He had abducted his two sons, and instead of taking care of her, he had saved her first, so she felt emboldened, right?

Well, then he did what she wanted!

The man whose anger had finally surged up again waved his hand and immediately, the bodyguards who had already come in behind him appeared in the hall.


“Go, take some of the children away.”

“Yes, President!”

The bodyguards heard that and immediately came up to carry the children.

When Wen Shuxu saw this, she was so shocked that she immediately turned around and held the two children tightly in her arms: “Huo Sijiu, what are you doing? What makes you think you can take them away?”

Huo Sijiu sneered: “I’m snatching the children? Isn’t this you snatching? You snatched all three of them without saying a word, and now you have the nerve to say I’m snatching them? Where’s your face?”

Then without hesitation, he let the bodyguards take all the children away.

Wen Shuxu was completely mad!

Not caring that there were still many people watching in the banquet hall, she carried her skirt and chased out towards these people: “Huo Sijiu, you beast, give me back my children, they are mine, Huo Sijiu-”

The heart-rending cries could still be heard until Huo Sijiu got into the car with the child.

Lin Ziyang saw the figure stumbling after him in the rearview mirror and was a little unforgiving: “President, isn’t this …… not very good, Miss Wen she …… is the child’s mother after all ……”

He was going to say, isn’t it a bit too much to go after a woman like this?

The weather is so cold, she only wore a skirt to chase out, only to be afraid that before she could get the child back, she would be frozen to death on this street.

However, he, Lord B, was not the least bit moved, and after sweeping his face like an expression in the rear view mirror, he said, “Drive 40 yards.”

Lin Ziyang: “?”

40 yards?

What the hell is 40 yards? Isn’t that a little faster than a snail?

Lin Ziyang suspected that the president had made a slip of the tongue.

However, soon after he had adjusted this speed down, he noticed that the figure behind him, who was about to stop after seeing that their car had been started, was a bit unable to catch up.

Suddenly seeing that they had slowed down again, she actually hesitated for a moment, and moments later, came after them again with her skirt.

Lin Ziyang: “……”


It went on like this for about twenty minutes or so, and finally, Lin Ziyang, who was driving the car, saw the exhausted woman behind the car swaying and then collapsing.


“Stop the car!”

A name, only just called a surname, the man sitting behind already spoke first.

Then, when Lin Ziyang stopped, this man got out of the car, and in the dim light of the streetlights on both sides, he stepped through the frost of the late night and came step by step to the fallen woman.

Then, bending down, he picked her up.

Lin Ziyang: “……”

So, this was intentional?


The unconscious Wen Shuxu was eventually taken away as well.

Together with a few children, they were taken by Huo Sijiu to a hotel, also owned by Huo, which was top-notch in the area in terms of both size and decor.

Mo Bao hadn’t said a word.

Even when he arrived at the hotel and Daddy told him to go and shower and change first so that he wouldn’t catch cold, he didn’t move, but stayed in the room hugging his sister and staring at Daddy without saying a word.

He was a very smiley boy, but now, on his little face, there was no half smile.

He was angry.

Huo Sijiu easily caught the boy’s mood and he came in.

“MoMo, angry at Daddy?”


There was no answer, and the response to Huo Sijiu was really the same indignant look in the little one’s eyes, and the little fist that he had clenched subconsciously.

These two children, in treating their own parents, really are completely two attitudes.


Probably, this is the reason why the two grew up with different people.