His Secret Lover Chapter 149-150

Chapter 149

“President, it’s the little young master and the others!”

Lin Ziyang also saw it, and was immediately very excited in the car.

This woman, Wen Shuxu, had really refreshed his perception this time, he never thought that a woman could still be so strong and

She took several children away without a word under the nose of Asia’s youngest business empire king, and was able to keep him from finding any trace of them when she was done.

If it hadn’t been for that stupid cousin of hers, they wouldn’t have found her by now.

However, this tattletale also brought them to their knees once again!

How could they not have expected that this person who was helping her behind the scenes was still a famous and powerful family in y country?

It was too awesome, this woman.

“President, so are we going in now?”

Lin Ziyang looked at the b sitting behind him in the rearview mirror, his face already frosty and snow-sworded to the point of killing, and asked with a bit of a numbing scalp.

With such a picture, it was hard for him not to want to kill someone, right?

Son, wife, all in another man’s house, at this time is still staging a large picture of mutual love.

Lin Ziyang couldn’t bear to look at it!

“Wait here for me!”


Lin Ziyang only had time to say “ah” before the man had already gotten out of the car.

Damn, what a killer!

Should he call a few more bodyguards to come over? What if there was a fight later? This was the Raymond Villa, could the president do it alone?

–The president could do it alone?

Inside the lodge.

Wen Shuxu was chatting comfortably with Raymond’s friends at the banquet.

Just now, her stunning appearance made many people misunderstand that she was Raymond’s girlfriend, and she now had to explain to them, the relationship between them.

“Miss Nancy, are you really not boyfriend and girlfriend?”


Wen Shuxu saw it with her glass of wine and hurriedly explained politely and with a smile.

But Raymond suddenly came over: “How come it’s not? Nancy, I’ve always liked you in my heart, can you give me a chance?”

He suddenly confessed his love to her in public.

Wen Shuxu was stunned.

“Raymond, what …… are you talking about? You know very well that I ……”

“It’s okay, Nancy, I don’t mind you in any capacity, I can treat your children as my own and give them the best fatherly love I can.”

He suddenly put down his glass and half-kneeled reverently in front of her, and in his hand, at some point, he took out a huge diamond ring!

This guy, he really was crazy!

Chapter 150

The banquet hall was completely silent.

All eyes were focused on these two, including the three children who were eating their snacks over here.

“Look, how charming our mummy is!”

Mo Bao was very proud and happy after seeing this scene, and he gave his mother a thumbs up while admiring the image with great interest.

Those arched eyes were as bright as stars in the darkness.

Little Ruo Ruo was the same, she was a die-hard fan of her mummy, and the expression on her face at this time would not need to be described.

Only Huo Yin was in an even sadder mood when he saw it.

“Daddy, Mummy is about to run away.”

“She can’t run away!”

Suddenly, there actually seemed to be a familiar voice next to him that answered back.

Huo Yin jerked his head up, and before he could even see what was going on, a pair of large familiar hands had already wrapped their arms around his small body and then carried him over.


Is it really daddy?

Huo Yin looked at this person who had carried him over in his arms in disbelief for a long, long time, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

When Huo Sijiu saw him like this, he rubbed his little head: “What’s wrong? Scared silly? Don’t recognize daddy?”

Huo Yin: “……”

With just one sentence, this little guy’s little nose was sore, and suddenly, bean-sized tears rolled down from his beautiful eyes, and he went headlong into Daddy’s arms.

“Daddy …… daddy, I thought …… I thought you wouldn’t come, daddy …… I… …I missed you so much ……”

His two tiny arms hugged his daddy’s neck hard, and at this moment, the little man, who had always been strong, finally hugged his daddy and cried so hard his nose bubbles came out.

In the end, he was still a child too.

Moreover, he had never left his daddy, he had been brought up by him all these years.

The first time Huo Sijiu saw him sad like this, his heart ached, and he wanted to scold him for being a little wolf, for throwing away his daddy’s words at a critical moment.

The first time, nothing could be said.

“Okay, no more crying, daddy is not here?”

“Well ……”

The little one then muffled back with a sobbing voice on his chest, his emotions eased a little.

But at this time, in the banquet hall, Wen Shuxu and Lei Meng had arrived in the limelight.

Wen Shuxu naturally did not expect this partner, who would suddenly confess his love for her in public, so her mind was in shock and disbelief at this time.



“Would you like to?”

Raymond persevered and asked again.

All of a sudden, everyone in this ballroom echoed the sentiment as they cheered loudly for Wen Shuxu to agree to this man’s confession and were reminding her that this was a blessing that many women out there couldn’t get.

And yes, who is Raymond?

The family, which used to be royalty, became ordinary nobility only later when the family was not so prosperous.

But even if he was an ordinary nobleman, he was still a powerful man in the city, so how could such a man allow a commoner to be his girlfriend?

That would never be allowed.

So, at this time, they really felt that Wen Shuxu was very lucky.

However, to their disappointment, this Oriental girl actually refused in the end.

“Raymond, don’t be ridiculous, we’re just partners, I’ve never thought of our relationship in that way.”

“Then it’s okay to think about it now.”

This blonde, blue-eyed, handsome man, however, suddenly got up and wrapped his arms around Wen Xuxu’s waist the moment she turned to leave, immediately, the petite Wen Xuxu immediately had to be pulled into his arms as a whole.

“Raymond, you-”

Wen Xuoxu finally got a little angry.

But the tall foreign man suddenly seemed like a different person, he looked down at her, and the heat in those turquoise blue eyes was as hot as a lit fire.

“Nancy, I’m not joking, if you say yes, I can give you this lodge right away.”

After saying that, he was about to kiss her.

Wen Shuxu immediately struggled violently.