His Secret Lover Chapter 147-148

Chapter 147

When Ramon heard that, he immediately agreed very quickly, however, he did not agree to stay in a hotel.

“Of course you can, but how can you go and stay in a hotel when you are here with me? It’s to my manor, of course, come on, I’ll take you there.”

Then this blond man, holding little RuoRuo in one hand and still pulling a suitcase for WenXuXu with the other, headed straight for the parking place.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

When Mo Bao saw this, he immediately took the initiative to take his brother’s little hand: “Uncle Raymond is just someone who does business with Mommy, don’t worry, Mommy won’t do anything with him.”


Huo Yin heard, and only then did he give his brother a sullen look back.

Mo Bao immediately gave him reassurance, “It’s true, Uncle Raymond is a nobleman here, he’s not married but his family won’t allow him to marry a commoner woman, and Mummy still has a few of us draggers with her.”

The little one even ended up undermining himself as a drag queen.

At these words, Huo Yin finally breathed a sigh of relief.

However, when he thought of the current situation, he was a bit downhearted again: “What about Daddy’s side now? Does mommy really not want him anymore?”

“Don’t you ever mention him to me again! Really, Huo Yin, I’m not talking about him, Mommy and I have given him many chances, but look what he has done. Do you know how Mummy came back yesterday?”

As soon as Mo Bao said this, his little fist clenched again, and even his little eyes were slightly red.

Yes, after the incident yesterday, Wen Shuxu acted like she was on cloud nine in front of everyone.

But no one knew that she had slapped herself hard when she came out of the sanatorium and immediately after getting into the car. Also, the vomiting she stopped halfway through.

No one knew any of this.

Except for Murbaugh, who always had the habit of putting a tracker on Mummy!

He didn’t know why Mummy was vomiting? But he heard her painful voice clearly, violent, like she was trying to vomit her entire chest.

Until finally, she was so distressed that she began to make that sad, choking whimpering sound in the car, silently and heartbreakingly.

Mo Bao really wouldn’t forget it.

Huo Yin finally stopped talking.

He lowered his head, his tiny fingers squeezing the shape-shifter, his knuckles all white, but he didn’t say a word more.

Seeing this, Mo Bao didn’t know what to say, so in the end, he could only take his little hand and follow his mommy together.

Twenty minutes or so later-

It was true, after mother and son saw the car slowly pulling into an area lined with verdant French sycamores, it didn’t take long for a very beautiful and luxurious European-style castle garden to appear in front of everyone, and the group was all brightened up by the sight.

“Uncle Raymond, is this your home?”

Little Ruo Ruo was a sweet-talking little girl and immediately asked excitedly after seeing such a beautiful house.

Raymond nodded, “Yes, do you like it? Little Ruo Ruo.”

“Yes, it’s bigger and prettier than even Daddy’s house.” She mentioned daddy once again and added that it was bigger and prettier than this place compared to Repulse Bay.

Huo Yin heard behind this and finally couldn’t help himself.

“No way, my house is bigger and better looking!”

The little one is not good at expressing himself, aggravated to the extreme, and can only hold back these few words.

Wen Shuxu heard, then noticed the emotions of her eldest son, immediately, she turned back to him, “Yin Yin, don’t be angry, sister doesn’t understand, it’s right, my baby is the biggest in the family.”

She reached over and comforted the little one who also didn’t know when to start in all the time tense.

Little RuoRuo also came over, her big eyes flashed at brother Yin, showing an apologetic little expression.

“Brother Yin, are you angry? Ruo Ruo is wrong, Ruo Ruo will never say such words again, Brother Yin don’t be angry, okay?”


With just one sentence, even Huo Yin, who had even greater grievances in his heart, could only bow his head in the end and then swallow back the sourness in his eyes raw.

He would have such a big emotional change, in fact, it was not his fault.

He had never been away from Huo Siji, and this was the first time.

Moreover, Mummy had found another man as soon as she got out, so would she really never see Daddy again after that?

The little child’s heart was like a knife.

Wen Shuxu discovered this child’s emotions, so when the four of them, mother and son, arrived at this mountain resort, she found an opportunity to bring the child into a room alone.

“Yin Yin, do you regret going with mummy?”


The moment these words were spoken, the child who was brought in immediately denied it firmly.

Yes, he didn’t regret it, because this time Mommy finally didn’t leave him behind.

Wen Shuxu was also relieved to hear this answer from her son.

“Then you don’t like it here, do you? Don’t worry, Mummy is only making a short stay, and when Mummy’s friends have arranged everything, Mummy will take you back to Kriel.”


The little one, who still had teardrops on her eyelashes, finally brightened her eyes when she heard the words.

Chapter 148

“Of course it’s true.”

Wen Shuxu squatted down in front of her son, cupping a pair of small hands that had just been washed and somewhat cold into her palm to warm them up

This is why Huo Yin is in a better mood

The actual fact is, he also wants to ask, is mommy not going to see daddy again? And won’t take them back to China

But in the end, he did not open his mouth again

Because he knew that this time, Daddy had made too big a mistake, and his brother had said that Mummy had slapped herself after meeting Grandpa

Who would easily forgive a mistake like that

Huo Yin’s pair of beautiful eyes were enveloped by another layer of sadness …..

That night, Raymond held a special welcome dinner for mother and son because of Wen Shuxu’s arrival

It was very grand

“Mr. Raymond, how can this be a pleasure? I’ve already bothered you a lot by bringing the children here, how can you still go to such lengths for me?

Wen Shuxu was very sorry and hastened to ask the man not to spend so much money

But Raymond just smiled

“Nancy, you deserve all I can do for you, what’s a party? I’ll have to give you more and better in the future.

This man was really straightforward

Wen Xuemeng blushed red, but in the end, she could only say nothing more

After changing into the dress this man had carefully prepared for her, she put on a delicate makeup before following him to the banquet site

“Oh my god, who is this? So beautiful!

“Yes, so classy and an oriental girl, is this the Count’s new girlfriend?


The moment Wen Xuxu appeared, a sound of amazement immediately came from the opulent mountain banquet hall, and all the guests who came to the banquet stopped talking and looked over towards her

Wen Xuoxu’s features were indeed beautiful

She was wearing a haute couture white bustier model dress, which trimmed her tall and delicate figure to be more curvaceous, and her long hair was also carefully coiffed by the hairstylist, revealing a fair and beautiful neck like a swan, and a face that was so delicate that it made people’s heart stop

This woman, really good-looking ah

Wen Shuxu looked at the burning gaze of these people staring at herself, and did not feel a little bit less than …..

“Hello everyone, my name is Nancy and I am a friend of Mr. Raymond.

“Nancy? You are Nancy!

“Oh my God!

I didn’t expect that once she reported this family name, these people were very shocked and looked at her with an even more excited and thrilled gaze

Wen Xuoxu: “……

Is this ……

Lifu looked over at the tall blond man next to her, showing a hint of confusion

Raymond then smiled smugly, “See, my friends all know you, your great name has been heard among them like thunder for a long time, my beautiful Miss Nancy.

In the last sentence, he did not hide the smugness and pride in his eyes

Wen Shuxu instantly blushed even more

This picture that Huo Sijiu had received happened to be this image

The woman who had never blossomed in front of him with such beauty, in the photo, was like an elfin princess who had fallen to earth, she had bright eyes and white teeth, elegant and noble. At this moment, she was nestled next to a blond man with blue eyes

“Wen Shuxu!!!”