His Secret Lover Chapter 143-144

Chapter 143

“Dad, you misunderstood, I didn’t mean it like that, I just felt a bit surprised how he didn’t tell you, it’s okay, it’s the same now that we see it, Dad, have some tea.”

Wen Shuxu with a smile made a cup of freshly brewed tea for this old man and handed it to him.

It looked exactly like a person who had nothing to do with anything.

The old man was stunned.

She was really fine?

Could it be that he had misread it just now?

He wanted to see a hint of what was going on in her expression.

However, with her calm and collected face, and the way she was calmly cooking his tea, he could not see that there was anything wrong with her.

That was good.

The old man finally stopped his obsessive probing, he took the cup of tea and his tone became very relaxed: “Good, then, since you’ve come back, when are you planning to go home?”

He still referred to the Huo family, as her home.

Wen Shuxu then looked down at the pot of curling water mist in front of her and smiled again: “In a couple of days, I still have to bring a grandson to you.”

“A grandson?!!!” The old man instantly got excited: “You mean ……”

“Yes, I’m not the only one who survived that year, there’s another child who hasn’t met his grandfather yet, I think he’ll be happy to see you.”

Wen Shuxu smiled and looked at this old man, that calm tone, as if he was talking about a perfectly ordinary thing.

How could it be an ordinary thing when another grandson popped up?

The old man was completely shocked!

His hands trembled slightly, his eyes instantly red again, and several times, he wanted to say something, but in the end, all that could be seen were his trembling lips.

He still has a grandson ah ……

Wen Shuxu just watched him quietly until after a few more minutes, she felt it was time to go back and put the teacup in her hand down.

“Dad, then if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first.”

“Huh? Where are you going back to?”

“I’ve found a job at the hospital now and I’m working, so I’ll have to rush back. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely bring the kids over to see you sooner.”

Wen Shuxu stood up and once again gave the old man his assurance.

The old man was relieved to hear this.

So Wen Xuoxu left the sanatorium.

Ten or so minutes later, Lin Ziyang, who had been anxiously waiting for news at Huo’s building, also finally received a call from there.

“Assistant Lin, Miss Wen has left.”

“Gone?” Lin Ziyang heard that and immediately his heart rose to his throat: “Didn’t she say anything? Or any unusual actions?”

“No, she’s been very calm, apart from showing panic and shock when she saw the old man, other than that, there was nothing more after the two of them arrived in the room.”

The bodyguard told him truthfully what was going on over here.

It was surprising that there would be nothing?

Lin Ziyang didn’t quite believe it.

However, no matter how he finally asked, this bodyguard still said that there was really nothing abnormal about Wen Xuxu, and even, he even told him that Wen Xuxu even went back to work normally in the end.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Lin Ziyang hesitated and finally went to the b office.

“President, the news came from there, saying that she has left, there is no reaction, it’s very calm.”


Inside the windowed office, Huo Sijie had also been waiting for a long time.

He was still sitting in that wide desk, his slender fingers clasping papers, seemingly reviewing them slowly and methodically, but there was a very oppressive feeling in the air, inexplicably.

There was also the very rare sound of sparks zipping.

That was a lit cigarette, not smoked for the moment, resting on the ashtray, but inside, there were already four or five cigarette butts.

When Lin Ziyang saw it, he couldn’t help but feel his scalp tingling again.

“What does that mean?”

“It is …… to say that Miss Wen she is not moved to anger, she seems …… to have little reaction to this matter.”

Lin Ziyang trembled and explained one more time.

At these words, the man holding the document in his hand, finally “snapped” closed, a second, even he himself did not find, but also in a long sigh of relief.

It was a relief!

But it was only four or five seconds before he was in another state of confusion.

“Why is she unresponsive?”


Lin Ziyang was about to kneel down to this ancestor.

What reaction? Did he still want this woman to chicken out and make a scene? Did he have masochism?

“No, President, isn’t it good that she didn’t react? It won’t make a scene that way.”

“You don’t know shit! If she doesn’t make a scene, does that mean she doesn’t care about it?”

“Yeah, don’t care.”

Lin Ziyang blurted out.

Then, to his horror, he realized that the office had fallen into dead silence again, and this time, the atmosphere was even more frightening than it was just now.

Grip the grass, what the hell is wrong with this guy?

Lin Ziyang was completely confused about this ancestor of his family’s temper, he felt that his moodiness was getting more and more outrageous, it was almost catching up with a menopausal woman!

Chapter 144

But this matter did not continue in the end, because then the hospital side also came to the news, said Wen Shuxu back, has been in normal work.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The president’s office finally began to function normally.

Two hours later, the kindergarten was about to be dismissed.

Since Huo Sijiu had already instructed Lin Ziyang before he went out to meet a client that it was Wen Xuxu’s turn to pick up the children this day, Lin Ziyang made a special phone call.

“Madam, the president went out to meet a client today, then the young master and their side, I still need to trouble you to pick them up.”

“I know, I’ll be right over.”

Wen Shuxu agreed indifferently over the phone, sounding very calm indeed.

Lin Ziyang then smiled and said a few more insignificant words, then he hung up the phone and went to continue his busy schedule as well.

Since it was all about mothers picking up their children.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

But this night, what Huo Sijiu didn’t expect was that until he returned home after working late, he didn’t see the children come back.

Not to mention any sign of that woman.

“What’s going on? Why haven’t they come back yet?”

“Huh? Miss Wen said she called you ah, said she’d take the kids to sleep over at her place tonight, sir you …… don’t know about this?”

A confused Sister Wang, hurriedly explained to him.

She had called him?

Huo Sijiu took out his mobile phone.

Only to find that there weren’t any missed calls on it at all, not just no calls, not even a single message.

Then why did she say that? What the hell was she up to?

The man finally got a little angry, seeing that the time was already so late and it was so cold outside, he had a gloomy face and immediately found Wen Shuxu’s phone and dialed it.

“Hello, the number you have called is switched off!”



He stared at his phone in dismay, not even believing what he was hearing, ruthlessly pinching it off and immediately calling again!

But what made him gush with anger was that the phone was still off.

This dead woman, she was really tired of living!

The next moment, he grabbed the set of car keys and went out again.

“Sir? Where are you going at this late hour, sir?”

“I’m going to get her killed!”

The gritted man’s voice came out of that pitch-blackness in the cold, windy night, and it was actually all a bit funny.

Because, the way he was furious and furious, really was completely different from his elegant and introverted appearance during the day at the company, during the day at the company, he was dignified and cold, even if he scolded, then he could definitely definitely control himself to the extent that he did not show a hint of a fallen expression.

But now, he had completely let go.

Especially when he grinded his teeth and said the word “get”.

Sister Wang then leaned against the door and sighed: “These two ingrates ……”

Huo Sijiu’s car was fast.

It may be because of the fire in his stomach and his concern for the children, after leaving from the shallow water bay, not even half an hour later, he had already arrived at the old town.

Then he found the building that Wen Shuxu had rented.

However, when he came over, he found that upstairs, there was actually no light.

Was it asleep?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

But he was still a practical man after all, and since he was already here, he didn’t think twice about it, so he just took off on his long legs and went up.

A few minutes later, the door of that familiar rental house.

“Wen ……”

“Young man, who are you calling? The mother and son in there have moved out, don’t come looking for them anymore.”

So coincidentally, an aunt just happened to come down from upstairs, and after seeing Huo Siji standing there in the dark with the intention of knocking on the door, she shone her torch on him and reminded.

Huo Siji froze: “Moved out? How is that possible?”

Auntie: “How is it impossible? I even helped her carry her suitcase down in the evening, three kids and she’s an adult, everyone downstairs knows about it, why would I lie to you?”


With that one sentence, the man, who was in a hurry to get here in the dead of winter, finally, after a “buzz” in his head, stared at the lock on the door of the rented house and didn’t move.

Yes, if someone was inside, how could this old-fashioned lock be locked on the outside?

So it wasn’t that the woman wasn’t answering his calls at all.

Rather, she’d run away?

Abducted both his children?!!!

His long, erect body finally froze like a thunderbolt, his pupils contracting violently as something burst from his chest like lava.

The next second, in a fit of rage, he slammed his foot with a loud bang!

The door, to his surprise, had been kicked open.

It was really empty.

When he had come over that night, it had been full of things, a warm little electric stove and a small, but clean and tidy sofa.

Also, the little table where he had once eaten noodles ……

That said, there was actually nothing left.

The house, in the space of but a few hours, was surprisingly empty never to be seen again in any kind of smoke or fire.

His pupils, at last, reddened little by little-