His Secret Lover Chapter 139-140

Chapter 139

Did she …… mishear?

He said she was the same?

She just couldn’t believe such words, because, she had never heard them before.

But, again, it seemed like it was true to her own ears.

For, when she went to look more closely, she found that the man had suddenly turned away, with such a hint of unnaturalness, and a hint of chagrin visible to the naked eye.

Soon, he went upstairs.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

For a second, it was like something cracked deep inside, and as an afterthought, she finally felt a hot and raging liquid run out uncontrollably.

In just a few seconds, it was amazing that even her fingertips were trembling.

She really was that indisputable!

Wen Shuxu ended up running back to her room with a hot face, after which she buried herself in her quilt for a long, long time with her heart beating like a drum.

The first thing you need to do is to talk about your daughter tomorrow.

The next day.

The little ones at the villa woke up early, especially Baby RuoRuo, who got up even earlier after hearing Mummy’s words last night.

She wore a fluffy pink bunny onesie and, without washing her face or brushing her teeth, she got up from bed with a messy little head and went to look for Mummy.

But where was Mummy?

She looked into the room that was still unopened and rubbed her eyes that were still not quite awake.

“Crunching ……”

Suddenly, someone came down from upstairs.

The little dumpling heard it and turned her head dumbly to look over, clutching the mermaid rag doll in her hand.

It was daddy!

She finally got a good look at this person who came down from upstairs with a briefcase in his arms, and at once, the person stood there motionless with the cloth doll in his arms.

Huo Siji: “……”

Yes, he happened to come down at this time, he had a very early meeting this morning and he had to go to the office early.

But how come this little girl wasn’t hiding when she saw him?

He took another serious look at her.

But he found that this pink ball with a furry little head was still a bit timid in staring at him with those big glass bead-like eyes.

However, she really did not hide anymore.

Instead, she stood there watching cautiously, just like before, not daring to come forward too much, but expecting something like a deer.

“Your mother isn’t up yet?”

When Huo Sijiu saw such a look, he suddenly felt in a good mood, so he looked down at the little thing and asked in a rare good-natured way.

Little Ruo Ruo then hugged the rag doll tightly, and after a long time, she answered her daddy in a milky voice: “Not yet.”

“Then go to your brother’s room first, so you don’t catch a cold, your mum will be up later.”

When Huo Siji heard this answer, his mind couldn’t help but think of the bedroom that was still open when he came back so late last night, and he couldn’t help but feel a little unnatural on his handsome face again.

Luckily, the little girl was very obedient today.

When Daddy told her to go to her brother’s room, she really didn’t cry or play a little tantrum, so she went to Mo Bao’s room with that rag doll in her arms.

Only, when she went in, she even stole a glance at Huo Sijiu.

Little girl!

Huo Sijiu was in a good mood as he carried his briefcase down, thinking that he could be a little nicer to the little thing in the future.

Anyway, her father was dead, so it was a public service –

Because Huo Sijiu had already gone to the company, the task of sending those few children to kindergarten was left to Wen Shuxu who then got up.

“Let’s go, little ones, mommy has to go to work after sending you to kindergarten today.”

“Work? What kind of work are you doing, Mommy?”

The first time I said this, Mo Bao, who had just been carried to the car by her mommy, asked in the car.

The first thing you need to do is to get a job at the hospital, so you’ll have to work every day.

Mo Bao: “……”

Huo Yin: “……”

Only simple baby RuoRuo, when she heard that her mommy had found a new job, immediately raised her fleshy little hands and applauded her mommy.

“Mummy, you’re great!”

“Yeah, I think so too, come on, baby, give me a kiss.”

Then mother and daughter hugged and gave another big kiss.

Watching the two sons behind them was a sad sigh ……

Half an hour later, the three babies were sent into the kindergarten, Wen Shuxu that drove the car immediately left, slipping faster than a rabbit.

Mo Bao saw that, hurriedly pulled his brother to go to the flower base that, began to talk about this sudden incident of mommy.

“Why would Mommy suddenly go to work at the hospital? Didn’t she work at Daddy’s company before?”

“I don’t know.”

Huo Yin knew nothing about this either.

Mo Bao saw that, his little brow wrinkled even tighter: “Things definitely can’t be that simple, before Mommy brought us back, there was still over 400,000 in savings in her hand, this money, enough to feed us for a while, there’s no need to go out and find a job so soon.”

This little guy, surprisingly, even Wen Shuxu has a clear idea of how much savings.

When Huo Yin heard this, he also showed a not-so-optimistic little expression.

“Then check?”

“Okay, you check the bottom of this hospital first, we’ll see what happens then, if it’s not too good, I’ll slip out and run it myself.”

Mo Bao agreed to the decision, casually giving his brother the tablet he had brought in his small school bag.

Chapter 140

What could be done?

Clumsy mummy was always being bullied, and if they didn’t protect, who would?

The brothers got down to serious business.

And what about little RuoRuo?

She was holding her little face, watching her brothers work, and then peeking out with her little feet to see if anyone had spotted them.

The three siblings are working together very well.

But Wen Shuxu is still unaware of this at this time, she is still immersed in the atmosphere of the new job she has just changed.

“Director Nancy, these are all the patients in our internal medicine department, you take a look first.”


Wen Xuxu was very good-tempered and took these medical records.

This hospital is still very friendly to Wen Xuoxu, probably because of her fame there, even though once she came to be the director position, but still very polite.

Wen Xuoxu is also a very smart person.

“Well, it’s all fine, but what’s this convalescent home?” Wen Xuoxu suddenly asked, pointing at a bunch of things with special markings in the medical records.

“This, ah, is our hospital’s sanatorium, many people do their rehabilitation there, and it’s also part of our internal medicine department in charge.”

The tall, thin, white looking nurse explained to Wen Xuoxu in detail.

Only then did Wen Xuoxu understand.

This hospital is not bad, there is actually a nursing home.

She casually flipped through it and didn’t care much about it, so she put it aside.

But at this time, the nurse suddenly spoke up again boldly: “Director, do you want to go take a look? There are so many patients living inside this sanatorium, in fact, they are also all being treated conservatively because the current western medicine cannot cure them at the root and then, you are a Chinese doctor, will you make them effective?”


Wen Shuxu hesitated for a moment.

It’s true that Chinese medicine can sometimes solve the difficulties encountered on western medicine, but isn’t it not good for her, a new director, to run to a sanatorium when she hasn’t even figured it out here yet?

Wen Shuxu had the intention to refuse.

But this nurse is trying to persuade her: “Director, those people have been sick for a long time, if the director can treat them, then they really will never forget you for the rest of their lives.”

Wen Shuxu: “……”

A lifetime of remembering her, she didn’t need to.


Wen Shuxu finally decided to follow the nurse to the sanatorium…


“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“What do you mean? She went over there?”

The man who was buried in his work suddenly heard this, his slender fingers tapping on the keyboard came to a screeching halt, and those stern eyes snapped up!

Lin Ziyang nodded: “Yes, she suddenly went over there, in a car from the city hospital, and I don’t know what happened? That old man is over there, look ……”


There is no sound, this second, the man who has not frowned for a second in front of a thousand armies, this will let lose his temper to as long as four or five seconds, there is no movement.

Lin Ziyang looked a little surprised.

The reason is that in his opinion, although this is a sudden incident, but with this B’s ability to handle things, he would never have lost his temper like this, he would have just asked someone to take the old man away.

Why would he not move for so long?

You know, the matter of the household registration, soon to be done, to this juncture there is a mistake, let the old man see this woman, then really will be a loss of work.

“The president?”

“Stop her, don’t let her see anyone.”

He finally spoke, while his face was extremely pale, like it was covered in a layer of white frost, and his deep features all looked oozy.

Lin Ziyang chilled for a moment.

But after all, he did not have time to delve any deeper, and immediately after getting these words, he went to inform the people over there.