His Secret Lover Chapter 137-138

Chapter 137

Huo Siji went to the kindergarten.

“Mr. Huo, good afternoon.”

“Mr. Huo, your pair of babies are already waiting inside, so I’ll call them out here.”

After the last incident, all the people in this kindergarten, already knew what Huo Yin dad really was, so every time Huo Sijiu came over, these teachers were all attentive and greeted him.

Huo Sijiu looked on nonchalantly, closed the car door and stepped off his long legs and went straight into the kindergarten.

“Daddy, you’ve come to pick us up.”

As soon as he entered, sure enough, he saw his two identical-looking little ones, who were coming out with their little hands holding each other.

Next to them, they were also holding a pink little girl.

When Huo Sijiu saw it, he couldn’t help but have his cold eyebrows knitted up again.

This little girl, in fact, is very good-looking, pink carved, just like a porcelain doll, the black grape-like big eyes, pink and white little face, and a small dimple that shows up when you smile.

Does this little thing look like her father?

Because her father was good-looking, that D*mned woman took a liking to her father? And ended up giving birth to her?

What a disgusting woman!

Suddenly, Huo Sijiu felt another thorn in his side.

“Daddy? What’s wrong with you? Go away.”

The three little ones came over and when they saw daddy standing still, Mo Bao went up and shook daddy’s big hand.

Only then did Huo Sijiu come back to his senses, and then, staring at these little puddings by his feet, without any hesitation, he reached out and took one of his two sons by the hand.

Mo Bao: “……”

Huo Yin: “……”

Little Ruo Ruo, who was left alone there all of a sudden, her big eyes, which were just full of smiles, immediately turned red.

Daddy really does not like her, see, came to kindergarten, as long as the brothers, do not want RuoRuo baby, where is Mommy? RuoRuo wants mummy.

The little girl is sensitive, after being abandoned by daddy, immediately the small mouth deflated, filled with tears of dark eyes, began to look around for mummy’s figure.

Mo Bao saw this scene and finally slowed down, at once, he pulled his little hand out: “Daddy, sister is a girl, you have to hold sister.”

Huo Sijiu then looked down from above, “I’m not holding you guys?”

“Wow ~~~~”


Mo Bao saw this, and quickly went over and hugged his sister: “Do not cry, do not cry, Ruo Ruo, good, we do not cry, brother also do not let him hold, brother will hold Ruo Ruo.”

Huo Yin was also angry!

He tilted his little face up and stared angrily at his daddy: “Daddy, you should hold his sister!”

“You’re my son, I’m naturally holding you.”

“…… But she’s a girl!”

Huo Yin argued reasonably, even his little neck was red.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Seeing more and more people around the onlookers, finally, he still gloomy a handsome face over to that little girl side: “Well, first follow me out.”

He stretched out his hand, ready to hold this little girl.

However, the little girl, who would have already had her heart broken by him, was no longer willing to be close to him.

She nestled on her brother’s tiny shoulder and asked in a sad whisper with tears in her eyes, “Brother, why doesn’t Daddy like Ruo Ruo?”

Mo Bao: “It’s not that Daddy doesn’t like it, it’s because Daddy doesn’t know that you’re his baby too, Ruo Ruo is good, let’s not be angry, okay? Just think of it as for mommy’s sake.”

For mummy’s sake.

These words finally spoke to the little girl’s heart.

So in the end, RuoRuo followed her brother out, except that she never showed her closeness to Daddy again, let alone looked at him much.

Half an hour later, One Royal Court, Repulse Bay.

“Okay, here we are, you guys go down, daddy has something to do.”

After Huo Sijiu parked his car in front of the house, probably because the evil fire in his heart had pa*sed by this time.

So, he got down from the car and saw the little girl sitting at the back of the car still with a small face down and looking very depressed.

However, as soon as she saw him coming, the little girl suddenly avoided him.

She suddenly avoided him, and then took her brother by the hand and went down.

“Brother, when are we going home? Can you make a phone call and ask Mummy? See when she’s coming?”

She went down and asked her brother in front of him, again with tears in her eyes and in a milky voice.

This little thing, to give her face and still don’t want it?

Huo Sijiu couldn’t help but be sarcastic for a while.

Fortunately, Mo Bao coaxed her at this time: “Mommy will be back after work, Ruo Ruo you first do not rush.”

Only then did the little girl nod with a sobbing voice: “Okay.”

Then, she followed her brother inside.

From start to finish, she never looked at daddy again.

Huo Sijiu saw it from behind and suddenly, he felt uncomfortable again.

This little girl, he had actually noticed her often before. Although she was afraid of herself, she would always take her big, round eyes and sneak a peek at him when he wasn’t looking.

That look was like that of a timid little rabbit.

As much as she was afraid of seeing him as a big wolf, she was so eager to do the same.

For several times, he could clearly see her little face revealing that expectant and delighted little expression, as if, she was happy that he had looked at her one more time.

But now, she wouldn’t even look at him.

Chapter 138

The first thing you need to do is to get back in time.

When Wen Xu Xu received such a call out of the blue, she thought something big had happened and hurried back from the hospital.

As a result, as soon as she returned, her crying daughter pounced on her.

“Mommy, you’re finally back, let’s go home, we’re not staying here.”

The little one was crying so hard that when she finally saw her mommy, she dragged her all the way out the door, not letting her stay here for a moment.

Wen Shuxu felt a little strange.

What’s going on here?

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

Mo Bao: “……”

Huo Yin: “……”

In the end, it was Huo Yin who stepped forward and put things simply: “I’m sorry, Mommy, it’s all Daddy, I’ll talk to him.”

The words were brief and concise, continuing his usual way of speaking.

But Wen Shuxu is such a smart person, once she heard it, she immediately understood it. At once, she looked at this daughter in her arms who had cried until her nose bubbled out, her heart ached for a moment.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

It’s her right to let them meet as father and daughter, too.

Why did she have to let her, at such a young age, suffer this kind of suffering? Why did she let her suffer this kind of aggravation right after her?

Wen Shuxu finally made up her mind, so she lifted up her daughter who was crying sadly in her arms, held her little face and carefully wiped away her teardrops.

“Okay, Ruo Bao is not crying anymore, the reason why Daddy will treat Ruo Bao badly is because Daddy does not know that Ruo Bao is also his child, so, Mommy will find a chance to tell Daddy that Ruo Bao is also his baby, okay?”


Once these words were said, not only did RuoRuoBaby stop crying at once.

Even the two of them, Mo Bao and Huo Yin, were looking at their mommy with wide eyes, neither believing what they were hearing.

“Mommy, do you want daddy to know about sister too? Then Mommy you ……”

“It’s okay, as long as you guys are happy, mommy is all right.”

Wen Shuxu rubbed her little son’s little head and gently comforted him.

She now, indeed, also seems to feel nothing, seeing as he is not also identified with daddy? However, she can still see him every day and get to spend time together every day as well ah.

So, Wen Shuxu felt that it was okay to tell her daughter to this man.

When the children heard that, they were instantly happy.

Especially little RuoRuo, once she heard that she could finally identify with her daddy too, her sadness was instantly swept away.

“Then Mummy, RuoRuo wants to go and have a bath and put on a pretty flowery dress to meet Daddy in the evening.”

“Okay, we’ll just dress little RuoRuo up.”


The two older brothers also happily echoed their sister.

Then mother and son, a few of them, literally went off to dress up the little girl.

However, it was a pity that this night, Huo Sijiu came back very late, because the company had a temporary incident, he did not come back until almost eleven o’clock.

At this hour, the children must have gone to bed.

Huo Sijiu was ready to go straight upstairs.

But just as he pa*sed by the first floor, he suddenly saw that the light seemed to be on in the innermost bedroom in that corridor, and as soon as he came up, immediately, the book was opened.

“You’re finally back?”

It was a beam of orange light, and it suddenly lit up in this dark and empty floor, like a handful of fire that suddenly appeared in the icy world outside.

Huo Sijiu was stunned, his gaze quietly looking at the petite woman walking in that halo of light.

“The …… children waited for you for a while, but you didn’t come, and then …… they went to sleep.”

Wen Shuxu walked over nervously, although she had been preparing all night, but, when she actually stood in front of this man, she found herself, still, all of a sudden, even sweat was coming out of her hands.

Should she say it?

Should she say it now?

She had already promised her daughter, so she could say it now.

Wen Shuxu’s mind was like a monstrous wave had turned up in her head and had been intertwining so fiercely that even her heart felt like it was going to pop out of her chest.

When Huo Sijiu heard her words, yet again, he stared for a moment.

It was a very strange feeling, he had always been used to being alone, although he had a son, but every day when he came back, he was still faced with an empty house, dark and cold air.

He had never imagined that one day he would come back and see a light.

And in that light, there was someone else.

The cold hardness finally lifted from him, and for a moment, he looked at her with a softness he’d never known before.

“There was a bit of a company emergency tonight, and I was busy all night, so next time if you come back too late, tell them they don’t have to wait for me.”

“…… Well, okay, then you ……”

“And, you too.”

Originally, the words had already reached Wen Shuxu’s lips, and suddenly, this sentence was heard in her ears.

The first thing that happened to her was that something hit her in the heart, her brain went “buzzing” and she couldn’t remember any words, she just looked at this person.