His Secret Lover Chapter 135-136

Chapter 135

Lin Ziyang stood in the president’s office in a complicated mood.

And in front of him, similarly, he, Lord B, was also looking at the incoming resume in the computer screen, his expression was also unbearable.

“Oh, by the way, president, I forgot to tell you, it seems that Qiao Shiqian has another friend who runs a clinic, which just opened in the past two days, and I heard that he is recruiting doctors.”


Lin Ziyang just said that, the atmosphere in this office, immediately became subtle.

“Are you threatening me?”

“No, no, no, President, don’t misunderstand, I’m just telling you that you suddenly want to charge people a million dollars for tuition, this is indeed a bit difficult ……”

“Get lost!”

Before he could finish a sentence, the pencil smashed over, at once, Lin Ziyang meekly shut his mouth, hurriedly hugged his head and rolled out.

Just kidding, you’re allowed to squeeze others, others can’t resist a little?

–The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Wen Shuxu finally waited for that editor’s reply.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. The book is about to be released, so why are you still looking for me?”

Wen Shuxu: “?”

It’s already been published?

How is that possible? Her manuscript is still here? How could it be published?

And film and television!

Wen Shuxu thought this editor must be joking, so she explained again, “Did you make a mistake? I’m the author of ‘Tattoo’, Eyes Lightly from five years ago.”

The editor: “Yes, the name of the publication now, isn’t it ‘You’re the Tattoo on my Heart’?”

Then the editor sent over a link to the book.


Wen Shuxu was finally shocked there!

Why would this happen?

It was obviously her book, why would it suddenly be published? And she didn’t even know about it?

Her mind started to wander a bit, and for a while, she didn’t even know where to go to solve this matter, so coincidentally, at this time, her mobile phone also rang.


“Is this Dr. Nancy, please?”

“I am, who is this?”

“Oh, hello, we’re from the city hospital, we’ve received your CV, it quite meets our hospital requirements, is it convenient for you to come over for an interview?”


The interview?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The hospital staff reminded her gently, “Dr. Nancy, when are you coming over? Our director can talk to you personally.”


This was really a case of the mountain being exhausted, and the village being brightly lit, just when there was no way out here, such a message actually came from this side.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on the actual money.

So that afternoon, Wen Shuxu went to the city hospital for an interview and eventually, was offered the position of head of internal medicine there, and was also given a six-month advance on her salary.

No more, no less, exactly 600,000!

This grandson, now there is no reason to throw his daughter out of kindergarten again, right?

Wen Shuxu got the money and dialed the dog man’s phone number first.


“Huo Sijiu, give me your account number and I’ll give you the money!”

Wen Xuxu had the money and was very domineering on the phone.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Sweeping a glance at the company executives in the conference room who suddenly stopped in unison to look at him, he stood up with no expression, fiddled with his phone and went out.

The executives: “……”

It was so rare that the CEO would answer the phone in the middle of a meeting.

And he even went out to answer it!

Two minutes later, the president’s office –

The man in a good mood went to the couch and put put the phone on the coffee table and clicked on the speakerphone, then he slowly went over and made himself a cup of coffee.

“What? Borrowed money so quickly?”

“What loan? I’m telling you, I found a job at the city hospital, an attending physician in internal medicine, with an annual salary of one million!”

Wen Shuxu disliked her on the phone without good grace, and vaguely, with a hint of pride.

This is something she really should be proud of, because after so many years, she has gone from being a person with only a high school diploma, little by little, to now, becoming a doctor who is internationally famous.

This was something that not everyone could achieve.

Huo Siji nodded slightly, a rare expression of approval.

Chapter 136

“Well, that’s good, so are you going to give me all of that million now?”

“How is that possible? I can only get a six-month advance, don’t I have to live with that? You give me the account number, I’ll give you a semester’s worth first, and we’ll talk about the rest later.”

Wen Shuxu’s good mood, all of a sudden because of his words fell to the bottom again, just the kind that wanted to hang up the phone.

What the hell, still give him all of it?

Why didn’t he go and grab it? The businessman!

Luckily, the dog man was more sensible, and after hearing her bad tone, he didn’t make a sound, and sent over an account number casually.

After sending it, he also said in passing, “By the way, remember to pick up the kids today.”

“Why don’t you go?”

Wen Shuxu heard that and asked back reflexively.

Huo Sijiu, holding his coffee, then laughed in exasperation, “You’re the child’s mother, you can’t go pick up?”

“Then you’re still the child’s father, why don’t you go pick it up?”

“I have something to do!”

“I’m still in the hospital, Huo Sijiu, I’m telling you, I have to work now, I don’t have that much time, pick up the children, we have to divide the work, one three five you pick up, two four six I pick up, it’s a deal.”

Wen Shuxu finished speaking and hung up the phone without hesitation.

The man who was so angry that he just brought his coffee to his lips: “……”

The man was dumbfounded, right?

A big president with a family of hundreds of billions, but he even wants to covet a mere one million, and the means is so shameless.

Xiao Lin suddenly felt a little gloating ……

Wen Shuxu really didn’t have time to pick up her children this afternoon.

Because she had been hospitalized by several doctors to hold up.

“Dr. Nancy, so you’re the famous Dr. Creel, great, I’ve finally met the real person.”

“Me too, or our internal medicine department, I’m so happy.”

“Dr Nancy, can I ask you some medical questions?”

These doctors were all very excited and thrilled to see her, a great god, suddenly parachuted in, and they all gathered around, unwilling to let her go.

Wen Shuxu could only stay here and talk with them under her generosity: “Yes, but I am good at Chinese medicine, and I may not be able to help much with Western medicine.”

“That’s okay, what we lack here is Chinese medicine.”

“That is, Dr Nancy, you are not aware that many of our patients here actually want Chinese medicine, especially those who are older and then rich.”

“Like the ones at the sanatorium are they?”

Suddenly someone in the crowd interjected softly.

A sanatorium?

This hospital, there is a sanatorium?

Wen Shuxu’s mild eyes looked at the fair-skinned tall female nurse, “What is that place? Is it also from our hospital?”

Wen Xuxu is also a very smart person, five years of life pounding, has let her learn how to talk, others will be more like.

The actual fact is, when she heard that she hadn’t even joined, she already called it “our hospital”, these internal medicine nurses and doctors, and immediately chattered to introduce her.

“Yes, it’s our hospital, but there, all the people live there are rich.”

“Yes, yes, Dr. Nancy, if we treat the patients there, the hospital will give us a bonus for internal medicine, a lot of it.”

The last sentence succeeded in attracting Wen Shuxu.

After the $600,000 advance, plus her original $400,000 savings, was transferred to the dog man, basically, she had no money left.

So, the bonus or whatever, really tempted her a lot.

“Really? Then …… or you can take me over there tomorrow?”

“Yes, yes, Dr. Nancy, you’re so good at healing, you’ll be able to heal those people.”

These doctors and nurses were so happy to hear that.

Wen Shuxu also smiled ……

Two hours later, it was time for the children to leave school.

Inside Huo’s building, Huo Sijiu had to temporarily suspend his work after glancing at the watch on his wrist, then took his car keys and left the office.

“President, are you going to pick up the little young master and the others?”


“Then are you still coming over later?”

Lin Ziyang asked as he held a large stack of documents.

This matter, in fact, before Mo Bao’s accident, Huo Siji had never personally gone to pick up the children, he was too busy, and the time when kindergarten finished school, was after four o’clock.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

But then, something happened to Mo Bao.

Although at that time, their father and son had not yet met, after that experience, this man realised that his son, Huo Sijiu, turned out to be someone who would also dare to do something.

Then from that time onwards, he picked up every day.

And, also, he had to swipe his fingerprints.

“Well, come back.”

Hearing the question, the man naturally glanced at the watch on his wrist again and returned.

It was now half past four, and it would be about half past five when he picked up the child, then, the dead woman should also be home, and when she took care of the child, he would naturally have time to come back and continue working.

Huo Sijiu quickly left the office.

What he didn’t realise was that when he had just made that series of arrangements, even he himself hadn’t noticed.

He had actually made arrangements for that woman, completely in his life!