His Secret Lover Chapter 131-132

Chapter 131

As soon as she rolled down and didn’t have the energy to observe the rest, she, already in great shock this night, immediately dragged the covers and buried her little head.

It was horrible, wasn’t it!

What had she done?

She was buried under the blanket, her face was frantic and hot, her strength felt like it had been taken away, even her fingertips were trembling.

Huo Siji looked down at the mess, and his handsome face, which had come to his senses, was also instantly wonderful.

But in the end, he didn’t say anything, stiffened up and lifted his feet and went out.

The next day.

When the few babies got up in the morning, they were surprised to find that Mummy hadn’t got up late to make them breakfast, let alone help them with the warm cooker.

Strange, what’s wrong with Mummy?

Was she tired from yesterday?

Mo Bao put on his little clothes and got up, “I’ll go and see Mummy, you wait here now.”

Then the little one tiptoed over.

Sure enough, when he pushed open the door to the next room, he saw that Mummy, who usually never stays in bed, was sleeping soundly under the covers with her head covered.

“Mummy’s not up.”

Somehow, Huo Yin had also come over.

He was wearing pajamas and his little feet were not wearing anything, so he stepped on the floor coldly, next to his brother.

Mo Bao immediately turned around, “Why are you up? You haven’t got any clothes or socks on? You’re going to get sick, go back.”

He was so frightened that he hurriedly pulled his brother and went back.

On this point, Mo Bao still understood.

After all, this brother had grown up in an environment where he was clothed and fed, unlike him, who had learned to take care of himself long ago with his mummy.

So Mo Bao went back to help his brother put it on.

Huo Yin: “……”

Looking at his brother who still had to dress himself, the little guy secretly vowed that he would learn this in a hurry when he got back.

When the brothers were all dressed and little Ruo Ruo was still awake, the two came out of the bedroom.

“Mummy must be tired, she took us to play all day yesterday, so let’s go down and buy breakfast, we won’t let Mummy do it this morning, so she can have a good sleep, okay?”


Huo Yin immediately nodded his little head in agreement.

So after the two little ones took the money, they went out the door together, little hands holding little hands.

This place, in fact, is also quite convenient, downstairs out is the old city streets, where selling anything, Wen Shuxu initially chose to generally come here because of this.

Mo Bao led his brother to a breakfast shop.

“Huo Yin, what do you want to eat?”


Huo Yin looked down at the dirty floor.

He had never been to a place like this before, and it was inevitable that he, who had been brought up in such an environment, would not adapt to it.


Mo Bao sighed and went in by himself.

“Boss, I want this bun, and I want doughnuts, and milk oh.”

“Okay, little MoMo, you’ve come to buy breakfast again, where’s your sister and mummy?”

These neighbours all knew Mo Bao, and when they saw this pretty little boy coming to buy breakfast, they took him something while chatting with him very enthusiastically.

Mo Bao then casually pulled a few words.

A few minutes later, when the brothers came out, the little hand was already full of a big bag of stuff.

“Go back.”


Huo Yin nodded.

But at that moment, a black business car suddenly drove in from the end of this street, saw the two little ones, and immediately, the person in the car came over as soon as the accelerator was pressed.

“Uncle Lin?”

Huo Yin was very sharp-eyed, and immediately recognised the car after seeing it.

That’s right, this person who came was none other than Lin Ziyang!

Chapter 132

“What are you two doing here? It’s so early in the morning, where’s your mother?”

When Lin Ziyang saw the two little ones, he immediately got out of the car and asked them what was going on.

This was indeed a bit worrying, it was cold and the two little ones were so small, wandering around the streets early in the morning, no one would be at ease.

Mo Bao hurriedly explained, “Uncle Lin, our mommy is still sleeping, she was tired last night.”

Lin Ziyang: “……”


What kind of tiger and wolf words are these? Could it be that the president’s late return last night really verified his suspicions?

Lin Ziyang thought of those bodyguards telling him this morning that Lord B had stayed upstairs in this building for a long time last night, and all of a sudden, he couldn’t help but blush.

“In that case, then …… what are you guys doing down here? Buying breakfast?”

“Yes, to buy for mummy and sister.”

Mo Bao blinked again with his moon like little eyes and told this uncle quite frankly.

When Lin Ziyang saw this, he simply parked the car next to him.

“Then Uncle Lin will take you up now, your daddy called me just now and asked me to pick you up from kindergarten, hurry up and tell your mommy.”

Lin Ziyang glanced at the watch on his wrist, wanting to hurry up and take these two little ones away.

However, once Mo Bao heard that he had come to pick them up for kindergarten, he refused.

“No, my mummy isn’t up yet, we haven’t even told her, and besides, if my sister doesn’t go, we won’t go either, right, Huo Yin!”

The little one looked to his brother next to him.

Huo Yin then nodded without hesitation as well, “Mm.”

Lin Ziyang: “……”

No, it wasn’t up to him to decide this matter, so why were the two youngsters annoyed with him?

But in such a daze, these two little things were already holding hands, carrying the bag of breakfast and turning their heads to run away as fast as they could.

“Hey! You two young masters, wait, don’t run, we can discuss everything.”

Lin Ziyang stomped his feet in anxiety-

Huo Sijiu had just arrived at the office when he heard the news.

He hadn’t slept all night last night, and it was almost dawn when he returned from the crappy rental house, so he ended up just squinting for a while before he came to work.

When he heard that the two kids wouldn’t come back, his head, which was already aching from sitting in his desk, was suddenly bruised and throbbing again!

“Why won’t they come back?”

“They said that they can’t return until their sister comes along.”

Lin Ziyang said warily on the other side of the phone.

When Huo Sijiu heard this, the corners of his forehead jumped even more: “They’ve rebelled, haven’t they? How dare they blackmail their daddy? That incident yesterday, I didn’t clean up after them is already very good!”

Lin Ziyang: “……”

Listening to the angry voice on the phone, he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

It’s hard to be a sandwich biscuit.

He was standing there at his wits’ end when a small, white hand suddenly reached out, “Give me the phone.”

“Huh? Give …… to you?”

Lin Ziyang looked dumbly at this young master Huo Yin who had come to his side, hesitating for half a day.

As a result, when Huo Yin saw how motherly he was, he directly stood on his little toes and snatched the phone from his hand.

“Daddy, it’s Huo Yin!”


Huo Siji put on the phone was quite used to the sudden change to his son’s voice.

“And then, I would say that you are very unlike a man right now.”


There were at least five seconds before Huo Sijiu heard himself grind his teeth and ask, “Not like a man?”

Huo Yin remained indifferent, “Yes, we came back yesterday.”

“And then what?”

“Mummy told us to come back.”


“We were going to go abroad and Mummy said that we couldn’t make Daddy sad, so she brought us back, but Daddy you …… keep doing that, you’re not as good as Mummy!”

The little one was all over the board!

Probably because he seldom speaks in long sentences, at this time, this long paragraph, spitting out from his little mouth, is like popping out one word at a time.

It didn’t flow, nor did it flow well enough.

However, he still tried his best to express his meaning.

When Huo Siji heard this on the other side of the phone, he was suddenly stunned.

In his throat, he had prepared a long list of words to scold this little white-eyed wolf, but suddenly, he couldn’t say them anymore.

Yesterday, they came back, but they were brought back by that woman?

How was that possible?

Wasn’t it because she was afraid of him that she didn’t dare to leave and finally chose to bring them back?

The man who was cupping the phone could not believe what he was hearing.

Especially after he heard the child say that the woman had brought them back for the same reason, because she didn’t want to see him sad, he thought it was a little more impossible.

“Are you coaxing me? Just to get that little girl to go to kindergarten with you.”

“Check the surveillance, Airport Hotel!”

Another unflinching sentence from the little guy over here.

Then, he hung up the phone.

Lin Ziyang witnessed all this with his own eyes and his head was filled with cold sweat, just about kneeling down for this little ancestor.

But, in turn, he thought, there was nothing wrong with that, dealing with someone like his father, really, it was up to him, his son, to take action, after all, only he knew his dead end!

Sure enough, not even five minutes after hanging up the phone, he received another tweet on his phone.

“Take that little girl with you!”