His Secret Lover Chapter 127-128

Chapter 127

Wen Shuxu was afraid to ride any motorised games, she still had injuries.

So, she went to get food for the children.

“Please, three cups of hot milk tea, and three grilled chicken wings and three fish eggs.”


Everything, three portions, the boss lady was overjoyed and immediately gave a complete preparation.

Wen Shuxu got his hands on them, and only then did he hurry to carry these things to the children’s place.

The actual fact is that there are not many people in the playground at this time, but as long as the children come in here, they are having fun, they don’t care if it’s cold in this season.

It was in this kind of atmosphere that Wen Xuoxu immediately found her little son on the pirate ship.

The company is also accompanied by the big baby who is riding the carousel together with his sister.

This kind of feeling is really good.

Wen Shuxu called out, “MoMo, come down here, Mommy has bought the stuff back.”

“Oh, I know.”

Mo Bao had almost finished playing, and when he heard his mommy shout, he immediately got off the pirate ship.

Then came Huo Yin from the merry-go-round, who also came back with his sister.

“Mummy Mummy, Ruo Ruo is so happy today, brother Yin has been protecting me.”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

Wen Shuxu smiled again and pulled her eldest son over as well.

Huo Yin was praised by mommy, still red little face, immediately embarrassed lowered.

The actual fact is that there is a difference between this child and Mo Bao, Mo Bao followed Wen Xu Xu, his nature is more on the lively and cheerful side, although he can also take care of his sister, but compared to him, there is always a little lack of composure.

Perhaps, this is really the environment in which you grow up.

Wen Shuxu glanced at the sky, which had darkened somewhat, and secretly thought for a moment.

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. It’s already very late.”

“Okay, mommy.”

“Mm, mommy.”

The two little ones agreed in unison.

Little RuoRuo was still gurgling and drinking the sweet milk tea, when she heard her mummy say she was going back, her big watery eyes lifted up.

“Mummy, where are we going back to? Is it back to Daddy’s?”

Everyone, who hadn’t yet told the simple little dumpling that she had been kicked out by daddy.

“No, Mummy is well now, so we’ll go back to our own home oh, with our brothers, okay?”


The little girl was still a little down in the dumps, in her little heart she still liked living in a big house.

And, most importantly, it was Daddy’s too.

At that moment, the four of them, mother and son, hit the road back to their home.

And by now, night had fallen.

The children ate a little in the playground, but that was just to fill their stomachs, the evening or to prepare the main meal.

Wen Xuoxu took the children back to the old town and then went to the supermarket to buy some groceries before returning to the rental house together.

“Little babies, what do you want to eat tonight?”

“I want to eat Mummy’s fried noodles!”

“Me too, Brother Yin, I’m telling you, Mommy’s fried noodles are so delicious that even Uncle Qiao always misses them.”

When she heard that she was going to eat fried noodles, she couldn’t help but introduce them to Brother Yin, who was officially staying at their home for the first day.

However, she mentioned an Uncle Qiao ……

Wen Shuxu quickly interrupted this little girl: “Okay, then we will eat fried noodles, MoMo, you take brother to wash his face first, RuoRuo, you turn on the electric cooker, mommy will go and make them for you.”

“Okay, Mummy.”

“Mummy, got it.”

The three little babies all agreed in a very good manner.

Only then did Wen Xuoxu go into the kitchen with the vegetables she had bought, and then got busy inside.

An hour later, the fried noodles were finally ready, and the little ones smelled the tantalizing aroma and came running to the kitchen, poking their little heads in from time to time.

Even Huo Yin, who is very reserved, sneaked after his brother and sister and ran twice.

Two times later, Mummy finally brought it out.

“Here, this is for our Ruo Ruo baby.”

“Wow, thank you mummy!” The little girl’s mouth was watering.

Wen Shuxu smiled and brought out her two sons’ as well, but since the family had only prepared two children’s bowls before, this time, there was a bowl with an adult’s bowl in it.

“It’s okay, this bowl will be for brother.”

Mo Bao was also a very understanding child, and after seeing this scene, he took the initiative to push the children’s bowl to his brother Huo Yin.

When Wen Shuxu saw this, she was even more relieved in her heart.

This is her babies, one is more understanding than the other, one is more well-behaved than the other, what else does she have to be ungrateful for?

She quietly glanced at the children who had started eating for a moment, and finally got up and went to the bedroom.

“Buzz …… buzz ……”

The moment the phone was dialed, she was still a little nervous, after all, she had played such a big game.

Sure enough, after the phone was finally answered, a thunderous hiss of rage bombarded over there, “Wen Shuxu, I will definitely kill you!!!”

Chapter 128

Wen Xuoxu: “……”
Can you stop talking about killing her all the time? Does he know that this will teach the children badly?
Wen Shuxu sighed: “Alright, that’s enough for today, you can come and pick up the kids.”
“What did you say?”
Huo Sijiu, who was already hovering over Kriel and was in the midst of a rage, immediately got stuck there for a moment.
Pick up the baby?
That smoothly?
He glanced down at the city that had begun to descend beneath him.
Wen Shuxu didn’t hear an answer from his side for a long time, thinking that he hadn’t listened, and began to get a little impatient.
“Are you coming or not? If not, then let the child sleep here tonight, you don’t wait until tomorrow and say that this rental house of mine is a broken place and raise your child badly.”
Now, there really wasn’t even a semblance of sound in this helicopter.
A rented house?
And asking him to pick up his kids at this hour?
So, this damned woman, was she not leaving A City at all, but had taken the two children to where she lived?!!!
Huo Sijiu couldn’t catch his breath and almost died there again!
“President, we’ll be landing soon, there’s the Creel Hospital at the bottom, we can park directly on top of their building.”
At the critical moment, the bodyguard sitting next to him also said this.
All of a sudden, Wen Shuxu heard it over the phone and her eyes glared until they were round: “Oh my god, Huo Sijiu, you …… you actually went to Kriel?”
“You shut up! Wen Shuxu, I’m telling you, I absolutely can’t spare you, you wait for me!”
Then this man hung up the phone viciously.
This was really a strange shame!
He had lived for almost thirty years and had never been fooled like this before!!!

Wen Shuxu was apprehensive.
She felt that the dog man would definitely not let himself go, and originally thought that she would just play with him for a while to make him feel anxious and to get a taste of being fooled.
But to her surprise, the bastard had actually soared to Kriel without paying attention.
It’s over!
This is really the end!
Wen Shuxu didn’t dare to go to bed at all, so after the children had gone to bed, she stayed in the living room, holding on to her two open eyelids while she waited.
The first thing that happened was that it was about three o’clock in the morning and she came to her senses with the sound of a car door slamming outside.
It was quite a frightening figure.
She leaned out of the window, and in the darkness, she could feel the murderous aura of the man coming out of the car, and when he stepped in, she found the whole building was eerie.
This is too scary!
Wen Shuxu did not want to disturb the three children, and immediately locked the children’s room tightly before reaching the door.
The first time I arrived at the door, I was immediately confronted with a pair of scarlet eyes covered with scarlet, immediately, scared Wen Xu Xu screamed, almost did not paralyze there on the spot.
Grip the grass!
This psychopath!
The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. Do you want to scare people to death?”
The man outside sneered and kicked the door open with his foot.
“Oh, scared to death? I’m glad I didn’t just shoot you!”
Wen Shuxu completely did not want to talk to this grandson, even the trace of uneasiness and guilt in his heart when he did not come before, also immediately disappeared without a trace.
“Where is the child?”
“He’s asleep.”
“Carry it out!”
“You’re not going to carry it? Why do you want me to carry it?”
Wen Shuxu didn’t cooperate at all anymore, and as soon as she sat down on her butt in front of the warm electric cooker, she casually picked up a packet of crisps sitting next to her and crunched them up.
The attitude, don’t be too cold.
Another burst of fire rose in Huo Sijiu’s heart.
But at this time, seeing her eat and the aroma of some kind of snack in the air, he, who had not stood for a dozen hours, could not help but gulp.
“President, how about we go in and put the little young masters ……”
“You do not touch ah, Huo Sijiu I tell you, my son is asleep but can not be touched by any stranger, or frightened, I can not spare you!”
Wen Shuxu heard these words and finally spoke out again.
Her eyes widened in anger and she sternly refused to let these bodyguards come and hold the child.
The most important thing is that children should not be hugged by strangers when they are asleep, even if they are smart, they are still a five year old child.
Moreover, it’s so cold outside, aren’t you afraid of freezing?
Naturally, Huo Sijiu would also think of this, so he waved his hand and let these few bodyguards go out.
“What the hell is going on today? When did you all collude together?”
“Mr. Huo, can you not always think of others in such a nasty way? What do you mean by collusion? It’s my sons who can’t stand the fact that you’re always bullying me, so they help me.”
Wen Shuxu argued her case and, in addition, righted her sons’ names.
The man laughed in anger when he heard this: “They helped you? What about the airline tickets? Don’t tell you that they booked that too?”
“Is that strange? My son knows my information like the back of his hand and can even automatically generate my ID on the internet to book a flight, is that hard?”
“Oh yeah, Yin Yin was involved too, he gave the money.”
Wen Shuxu was gobbling down another piece of crisps, the taste, not to mention how delicious it was.
After Huo Sijiu heard it, finally, under a mixture of anger and rage, that familiar pain in his head spread again from the sides of his temples ………