His Secret Lover Chapter 121-122

Chapter 121

But in reality, Huo Sijiu’s reaction in the midst of this matter had pierced into her heart as fiercely as a knife, and she didn’t want to admit it, but this time, she had really lost to that woman.

Why was it like this?

Didn’t he not love her?

At the beginning, when she was carrying a big belly, she didn’t even see the slightest pity for him to loosen up, so why after five years? Why did he turn out to be like this?

Gu Xia finally lost her soul and went back to ……

Wen Shuxu was also in a trance the whole time.

It was only when Qiao Shiqian drove her a long way out of the city centre and was about to arrive at his friend’s clinic that she slowly came to her senses.

“Stop for a moment, Qiao Shiqian, stop the car!”

As soon as she came to her senses, she immediately told the man to stop the car, and a hint of anger could clearly be heard in her tone.

Qiao Shiqian then stopped the car.

“Nancy, I ……”

“Well, I don’t want to hear anything, I have things to do today, so I won’t go to your friend’s place, sorry!”

Wen Shuxu interrupted him and casually opened the car door, she was about to leave immediately.

After Qiao Shiqian saw her like this, he became anxious.

“Nancy, listen to me, just now I really didn’t mean it, I just saw them humiliate you like that, I …… couldn’t stand it, that’s why I said that, Nancy.”

He didn’t dare to make another move on her, and when he saw her get out of the car, he followed suit and got down from the driver’s side, peddled over and stopped her again.

Just now, indeed, it had been a matter of expediency!

The actual fact is that he couldn’t stand to look at it, so he rashly said she was his girlfriend.

But Wen Shuxu’s expression did not let up.

The actual fact is, she was even more gloomy-eyed because of his words, and for so many years, she rarely looked like this to him.

Qiao Shiqian began to panic a little ……


“Did you already know about me? You also know Huo Sijiu don’t you?”

Wen Xu Xu finally gazed squarely at him, but the tone, however, was as cold as it had ever been before.

The words fell, and the man opposite really did turn white.

“You listen to my explanation ……”

“No, it’s actually okay to know, yes, I am Huo Sijiu’s ex-wife, both my children are his, so, Shiqian, you stay away from me, in order not to let him hurt you, you’d better pretend that you don’t know me in the future!”

Wen Shuxu finally calmed down and reminded this person word by word.

But when Qiao Shiqian heard it, he was outright furious!

“Why should I stay away from you? You don’t even have any relationship anymore, what qualifications does he have to treat you like this? Nancy, you don’t have to be afraid, I can protect you in the future.”

He actually suddenly took a very deep step towards Wen Xuoxu.

Wen Shuxu suddenly stiffened for a moment.

She immediately took several steps back, staring at him, and suddenly felt a sense of boredom that she had never felt before.

She didn’t pay attention to him anymore, she quickly went to the roadside and stopped a taxi.

Soon, she was out of the way.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know what this man had in mind for her, but she had already said that they could only be friends and she would never fall in love with any man again in her life.

What’s more, she would never be with any man again!

Wen Shuxu got into the car and reported the address of her rental house directly, intending to go back and get a good night’s sleep first.

But unexpectedly, the phone rang at that moment.


“Shuxu, where are you? How come Ruoruo was suddenly sent back? Isn’t she living with you?”

It was uncle Du Huasheng’s voice, saying that Ruo Ruo had suddenly been sent to him.

How was this possible?

Wasn’t Ruo Ruo in kindergarten?

Wen Shuxu felt a little strange: “I was outside, I didn’t know Ruo Ruo was sent back, who sent her? Also, where’s MoMo? Did he not come along?”

“Didn’t see MoMo ah, it was a couple of young men in suits, you didn’t know about this?”

Wen Shuxu: “……”

Suddenly, after she cackled, there was a flash of a very scary thought, and instantly, a very bad premonition rose up.

“Okay, I know, uncle, I’ll go and find out right away.”

Wen Shuxu gave a perfunctory sentence, then hung up the phone and called the Imperial Kindergarten.

Sure enough, upon hearing that she was Wen Ruoruo’s mommy, the kindergarten people immediately told her that the child had indeed been picked up.

“It was picked up by a man called Lin Ziyang.”

“What did you say? Lin Ziyang?”

“Yes. He also picked up her two brothers, Huo Yin and Huo Qimo, together.”


Wen Shuxu finally couldn’t hear anything else.

After an overwhelming fear enveloped her from above her head, she shivered and actually dropped her phone in the car.

No, this was impossible.

The actual fact is that you will not be able to do this, it’s just a fight, he wouldn’t be able to do something that cruel.

Wen Shuxu kept reassuring herself.

However, when she picked up her phone and called Lin Ziyang again, the cruel truth pushed her into the abyss once again.

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Who am I going to ask? I still feel confused? Why did you ask me to take the two children away for good reason? Send your daughter to your uncle’s?”


It was a long, long time before Wen Shuxu, who had lost any semblance of blood on this side, heard himself say, “What about the children? Where did the child go?”

“You said MoMo little young master ah, he was picked up together with YinYin little young master, the president asked me to book a ticket to Malaysia!”

Chapter 122


Wen Shuxu heard, finally, after she felt her whole body black, people were paralyzed in this car.


This dog man wants to do this to her? The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

What she had feared most had finally happened, had it?

This scum, this beast!

The thought of the child she would never see again was so painful that it was as if something was being stripped away.

It made it difficult for her to breathe.

“Miss, are you all right, Miss?”

The driver driving the car saw her in this painful state in the rearview mirror and asked in a frightened hurry.

Only then did Wen Shuxu pick up some of her wits!

“It’s okay, master, please …… I’m not going to the old city, I’m going to the downtown Huo building.”

She climbed up, a pair of scarlet double eyes with wet moistened stared dead ahead and said in one word.

The driver was taken aback and hurriedly turned around to go to the city centre.

The first thing you need to do is to get to the right place.

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the car and run quickly to the front of the building, ready to go straight to the top floor to find the dog man.

But to her surprise, just as she reached the entrance of this building, a uniformed security guard suddenly appeared in a place that was never guarded before, reaching out to stop her.

“You’re not allowed in!”


“Because the president has explained that from now on, you – are forbidden to enter!”

The security guard coldly stared at her and came up with this sentence.

Wen Shuxu heard this and instantly, on the spot, she was about to explode with anger there!

This grandson!

How dare he have people stop her here? Is he sick? He thought he could stop her from getting the baby? What a dream!

Wen Shuxu took a fierce look at the top floor of the building, turned around and left-

Half an hour later, there was another woman at the entrance of the building.

The woman was wearing a red winter dress that reached her ankles, which made her very delicate and tall, and she was wearing sunglasses and carrying a personalized bag.

The woman’s face is so beautiful!

Oh my God, who is this woman?

She is really beautiful and elegant ……

There are already quite a few people inside the building who have been attracted over, not to mention the security guard at the door who had just stopped Wen Shuxu not long ago, the one who was staring dumbfounded.

“Miss, may I ask if you are ……”


Not even bothering to talk to him, this beautiful woman who was so gorgeous that she didn’t even dare to look straight at him, swept him a cold glance, lifted her foot and went in.

What kind of status is she worthy of talking to?

When the woman entered the lobby, the clerk saw her and immediately greeted her respectfully.

“Hello, Miss, how may I help you?”

“I’m looking for your president.”

This time, the woman answered instead.

And, she took off the sunglasses on her face by the way as she stated her reason for coming.


So instantly, there was another gasp of amazement in this hall!

This was indeed a very stunning face, her face was very standard, goose egg shaped, her features might be bland if taken apart, but together, they were like peonies in full bloom, and under the exquisite make-up, she was simply so stunningly beautiful that one simply could not take their eyes off her.

Especially her eyes, which are as bright as jewels.

So beautiful, and still with a designer bag ……

The clerk immediately informed the president’s office, and then personally took her to the lift.

“Miss, our president’s office is right here on the top floor, you can see it when you go up.”

“Okay, thanks.”

The pretty woman was also very well cultivated and politely said thank you before she went inside the lift.

Only, once inside, as soon as the door closed, she immediately collected that elegant and dignified look in this lift and stared at the non-stop flashing floor indication and started gnashing her teeth.

“Play with me? When I was a young lady, you were all still in that nook drinking the northwest wind! Huo Sijiu, you m wait for me!”

Uh ……

Wen Shuxu, yes, this woman, that’s her!

When Huo Sijiu received a phone call from outside in his office saying that a young woman who seemed to have a very distinguished status had come to see him, he was puzzled for a while.

A young woman of great stature?

Who was that?

He couldn’t remember.

But since he usually had a very busy schedule and had a lot of appointments, he thought he might have accidentally missed it since it was already here.

So, he asked the clerk outside to let them in.

Once inside, sure enough, the sound of high heels curled up and arrived, and in a crowd of president’s office staff also gazing straight, Huo Sijiu saw his office door being opened.


For a moment, his eyes were fixed on the woman who entered, and he was stunned, slightly shaken.

Even if she was wearing a pair of large sunglasses on her small face at the moment.