His Secret Lover Chapter 117-118

Chapter 117

As soon as this leading lady came to the door, she immediately attracted the attention of many people in the company.

And, after they saw her come in through the door, they had been talking about it, completely different from the star-studded crowd in the past, at this time, in the company, for her arrival, it was more like everyone had an attitude of watching a good show.

Miss Gu, yes, this heroine, was none other than Gu Xia who hadn’t appeared for many days.

Hearing these comments, she was of course so hateful and angry that she even pinched her fingernails deep into her palm!

But what was the use of that?

Now Huo’s, that is, everyone up and down knew about that woman’s existence, knew that she was that man’s ex-wife, and even more so, knew that the little young master, who had never had a mother, was born to this woman.

Therefore, if she wanted to sit firmly in her position as the president’s fiancee, the only way was to continue to maintain her manners and take on the stance that her future president’s wife should have.

“Miss Gu, good morning …… good morning ……”

“Good morning.”

Gu Xia loosened her fingers and looked at the company employee who hurriedly walked over together with the information at the lift door, nodding in a very gentle manner.

That employee really immediately showed a very flattered expression, warily followed the future president’s wife into the lift, she was so nervous that her chain hand heart was covered with sweat.

“You are from the Ministry of Commerce?”

“Yes …… yes ……”

“Look at you with so many things, is it after the new recruit Wen Shuxu didn’t come in? There’s a lot more going on all of a sudden?” She suddenly smiled and mentioned this.

The employee froze, probably because it was so sudden, she didn’t remember for a moment what this “Wen Xuxu” actually was.

It was only after a while that her brain came to her senses, and all of a sudden, she was staring at the future president’s wife with even more nervousness!

“Neither …… nor, in fact, she ……”

“If you are busy, then you let your vice president go to the personnel department to apply for recruiting again, Wen Xuxu came over at first, only because there was nothing to do, we would arrange for her to enter the company, but she was not quite up to that job later, we did not let her come, recruit another one, so as not to delay your work.”

Gu Xia still looked at the staff member in a pleasant manner, she did not put up the front of the president’s future wife.

Even, when talking about that arrangement of letting Wen Shuxu go to the Ministry of Commerce in the first place, probably because she saw how hard this employee was working now, her delicate and beautiful face even showed a hint of self-reproach.

The clerk was instantly shocked to the point of shock.

Oh my God!

It turned out that when that woman had gone over to their department, it was this future president’s wife who had arranged for her to go over there, so no wonder she had disappeared after saying that she had only been on for a day and had brought their commercial department into disarray.

I bet it was because of this!

It seems that the ex-wife is still not as good as the main palace, and she has the courage to call on this main palace?

This employee finally understood, at once, after her eyes lit up, as soon as the lift arrived, immediately, she darted out.

And she didn’t know that right after she went out.

The woman who stayed in the lift, on the other hand, immediately had an extremely sinister smile at the corner of her mouth.

Wen Shuxu, you’re fighting with me?

Now I’ll let the people here know who is the real mistress in this building!

She ruffled the hair behind her ear.

A few minutes later, the lift finally arrived at the president’s office.

“Miss Gu is here.”

“Miss Gu, good morning.”

“Sister Gu-”

It had only been a few minutes, and sure enough, these people already had a completely different attitude and started treating her with respect again.

Gu Xia didn’t pay much attention to them, she just smiled lightly and then went inside the president’s office.

“Sir, I’ve come, to say goodbye to you.”

“What did you say? Saying goodbye?”

Huo Sijiu, who was busy at his desk, at first, he had no intention of paying attention to this woman after seeing her enter.

He was so engrossed in his work that even when Gu Xia had walked up to his desk and those hot and affectionate eyes kept gazing at him, he didn’t react.

Until, Gu Xia suddenly said this.

“What do you mean?”


Looking at this man’s handsome brows that had finally frowned slightly, for a moment, she suddenly wanted to change her mind and tell him that she was just joking with him.

But soon, her mind wandered back to what her aunt had said.

Also, when she’d come up earlier, it hadn’t been a losing battle, but it had been a situation that had affected her in no small way.

Finally, she went ahead and put on that knowing look that he loved so much

“It’s like this, didn’t I tell you earlier that I had submitted a manuscript to a magazine abroad? They contacted me recently and asked me to go and talk more about it, saying they want to sign it.”

“Is that so?”

Hearing that it was this, Huo Sijiu’s face really eased up a lot.

He did like these things about her.

Her words, her scent, buried under that magnolia tree for ten years as one day, and I don’t know how she had managed to hold on to it then, to have collected a box full of them after finally emerging from that horrible hell.

“If that’s the case, then you can try and get me to book your flight?” He had even started to take the initiative to help her book a flight, for the first time in such a long time.

Gu Xia was so excited at once that she could hardly control herself.

Chapter 118

Her aunt was right after all!

“No, no, I’ve already booked it, but …… if you have time, can you drive me to the airport later?”

Gu Xia still couldn’t resist the temptation to offer to let this man drive her to the airport.

Huo Sijiu’s eyebrows instantly knitted slightly.

But in the end, after looking at the watch on his wrist, he agreed: “Okay, I’ll go over and pick you up after I’m busy.”


This woman had finally come full circle.

For men, Gu Qinglian was indeed right, it was actually really like flying a kite, if you tugged too tightly, it would only make him breathless and move further and further away from you.

If you want to keep him in your hand.

Then, you must learn to relax moderately, only then will he belong to you forever.

Wen Xuoxu finally met Qiao Shiqian, in a cafe in the city centre.

“Shiqian, sorry haha, calling you out at such short notice didn’t delay your work, did it?”

After Wen Xuoxu took a taxi to the place, she saw that there was already a young man wearing gold-rimmed glasses with an elegant air waiting at the window seat of the cafe.

At once, she was a little uncomfortable.

This man was of course Qiao Shiqian.

“It’s alright, at this hour, it’s also the right time for our mid-break.”

Qiao Shiqian didn’t move as he surveyed the woman who had finally come over.

Probably because he was worried that he would see the state she had just been discharged from the hospital, she had put on a rare bit of light makeup today, her delicate, glowing white face had used a little light blush, and her full lips had been smeared with some lipstick, looking particularly moist and shiny.

“Right, then.”

Wen Shuxu, who already had some thin beads of sweat between her foreheads, heard this and finally let out a sigh of relief.

Sitting down in the opposite seat, she was about to call the waiter to come over.

At that moment, Qiao Shiqian spoke, “It’s already ordered, one hot mabuccino and one Blue Mountain, the mabuccino is yours, with sugar and milk, right?”

“Ah? Ah, it’s …… sorry, look at this guest I’ve invited.”

Wen Shuxu heard that and could only smile more awkwardly.

She did drink that kind of coffee, hot, milk and sugar, a fetish that would definitely be laughed at if she were to drink it in a top class cafe like that.

Thinking she was vulgar and trashing something so good!

But so what?

She liked it, so naturally she drank it according to her taste. Life was bitter enough, so why did she have to force herself to drink something so bitter?

“That …… Shiqian ah, I asked you out today because I want to ask you something, that is, before you said you have a friend who runs a clinic and wants me to work there, I wonder if he still wants it now?”

“You’re ready to go to work?”

Qiao Shiqian was a little surprised.

Wen Shuxu avoided his gaze: “Yes, I might continue to stay here for a while, so, just find a job first, but I don’t know how much he can pay me there per year?”

Wen Shuxu made a random excuse, of course, to keep him from asking more questions.

Luckily, this was also a very sensible person.

“The annual salary, I’ve told him about your situation in Kriel before, it shouldn’t be lower than there.”


When Wen Shuxu heard that, her eyes instantly lit up all over.

She was a famous doctor in Creel, and her salary was over a million a year, if that was the case, then she could go to his friend’s place and, perhaps, talk about a six-month salary advance ……

Wen Shuxu finally saw a glimmer of hope.

“Then Qian, can I go to the interview now?”


“Yes, oh yes, you don’t have to accompany me there, just tell me the address and contact information, I’ll go over there.”

Wen Shuxu was afraid of delaying this best friend’s work and hurriedly explained that she could go there by herself.

But after Qiao Shiqian gave her a look, he suddenly stood up carrying the coat next to him.

“You haven’t seen him before, you might not be able to find others if you go, I’ll take you there, it just so happens, there aren’t many people at his clinic now, so it’s the right time to go there.”

“Huh? That’s …… fine.”

After Wen Shuxu heard that, it was no good to say anything else, of course, the two left the cafe together.

This was indeed the last thing Wen Xuoxu thought of.

She intended to find a job first and then advance, a situation that she had done before when she first went to Kriel because she was raising two children.

Wen Shuxu got into Qiao Shiqian’s car.

She had expected him to take her to meet the friend right away, but after a few minutes, Wen Xuoxu suddenly realized that he had taken her to a very busy square in the city centre first.

“This is ……”

“I think you should go and change a set of clothes first, that friend of mine is a bit of a cleanliness freak, so you know ……”

The man driving the car came over with a sideways glance, and his clear, handsome eyebrows contained a smile as he swept a sweep over Wen Xuoxu’s body.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

The first thing you need to do is to look at the jacket you’re wearing, and your face is red.

This jacket was, indeed, a bit dirty.

She had not moved the clothes in the rental house since she lived in No. 1 Royal Court, and had been wearing this jacket for the past few days that her son Mo Bao had helped her bring over when she was still in the hospital.

She finally nodded her head.

But, unbeknownst to her, just after the two of them had pulled up to this mall and stopped, a black Bentley came over behind them as well ……