His Secret Lover Chapter 115-116

Chapter 115

Time finally seemed to stand still.

Neither of them moved again in this moment, and after a moment of tingling, the man’s eyes stared even deeper into the woman.

And the woman? Her face was as red and hot as a deer in shock, and she couldn’t have been more frightened.

What did they just do?

How …… did it turn out like this?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.


She had never been this close to him before, when she was awake.

Even if she had actually borne him three children.

Huo Sijiu was also breathing heavier and heavier as he looked down at her, his deep, dark, heavy eyes slowly tracing over her delicate little face the whole time.

She is really not bad looking, her small face is delicate and clear, her pair of watery, clear almond eyes are like the purest of gems, and her nectar-like lips are like a ripe peach, emitting a charming fragrance.

Huo Sijiu can’t control it, his eyes darkened another layer ……

Wen Shuxu: “……”

Seeing this man getting closer and closer to himself, a heart of hers was about to jump out of her chest.

“Daddy, are you ready yet?”

Just at this moment, a brittle little child’s voice suddenly came from downstairs, along with the movement of a little foot running up.

It’s the son?!

Wen Shu Shu immediately came back to her senses, struggling to push the man in front of her, she fell off him, and did not care if she stood still, people have been like a thief, hastily immediately out from this door.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Mo Bao, who had just run up: “……”

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

The little one with good eyesight, as soon as he saw the look of mommy and daddy, he knew what was happening, at once, he pounded his chest for a while, he shouldn’t have run up and spoiled daddy and mommy’s good deed.

“Daddy, that …… I actually have nothing to do, you guys go on, go on ha ……”

The little son of a b*tch decided to pretend he didn’t see it, waved his little hand and immediately turned around and went down again.

Wen Shuxu saw upstairs, and immediately ashamed and angry under, that already a piece of red little face, can drip blood.

“MoMo, what are you babbling about? We …… we have nothing, you wait for me, don’t go.”

She rushed straight down and chased this little guy.

As for the man upstairs, that absolutely never dared to look at him again.

The two little ones have been up for a long time, and just now they went up to ask daddy who was sending them to kindergarten today.

Ah, kindergarten!

Wen Xuoxu saw these two children carrying small school bags, then remembered his daughter, so immediately ran to his room again.

“Ruo Ruo, Ruo Ruo-”

“Mommy, Ruo Ruo is here, Mommy, did you convince daddy? Did Daddy let me go to kindergarten?”

Baby RuoRuo, who had already been waiting in the room for a long time, finally heard Mommy’s voice and immediately the rag dolls stopped playing, jumped off the bed and opened the door for Mommy.

Wen Shuxu: “……”


The panic she just came down with, she didn’t have the courage to go back to that man to confirm if she could be allowed to go to kindergarten? So what now? To go, or not to go?


“Yes! The daddy has promised, go, mommy will take you to change your clothes now!”

Wen Shuxu decided that she didn’t care about anything, picked her daughter up and went to her bedroom, then gave her a quick change of clothes and combed her hair, and brought people out.

“MoMo, YinYin, you two take your sister to school with you today, okay?”

“Yes, yes, finally I can go to school with my sister.”

The two little ones who were waiting downstairs jumped up with joy as soon as they heard their mummy say that.

Of course they both wanted their sister to go with them, especially Mo Bao, the two siblings had been going to school together since they were little, and suddenly they wouldn’t let their sister go, and he was going to plan to talk about it for the next two days even if Mummy didn’t say anything.

The two brothers ended up holding one of their sister’s little hands, and the three children went to kindergarten happily.

Wen Shuxu stood at the front door and watched her son and daughter leave, ready to go into the house, but at that moment, a tall and large figure in the hall had come down from upstairs.

The first thing that happened was that she stumbled and fell on the door with a thud!

“You …… are coming down ……”


The man who had changed his clothes and disowned her, with a noble and coldly handsome face, did not look away, as if he did not remember what had happened not long ago.

It’s good that it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen, and she didn’t have to be so embarra*sed.

Chapter 116

But then, the dog man suddenly stopped again, “Sent away?”

“Ah?” Wen Shuxu immediately looked up again, and blinked with two very alarmed eyes, “Yes …… yes, sent away ……”

“Okay, I can let her in, but you’ll bear the tuition fees.”

Unexpectedly, this man actually agreed.

Wen Shuxu was instantly ecstatic, forgetting that not long ago the two were so awkward, she immediately stood behind this man again with excitement, “Yes yes yes! I can afford it, you say, how much do you want? I’ll pay you right away!”

She waited with anticipation for this that man to give her the figure.

She had saved up some money over the years, and believed that it would still be no problem at all to send her daughter to a kindergarten.

But to her surprise, this God D*mned dog man stood there and swept a glance at her from above, then for a moment, his thin lips actually spat out a heartless figure: “One million!”

“What did you say, 1 million!!!”

Wen Shuxu’s watery almond eyes were all rounded up!

A kindergarten costs a million?

What kind of joke is he talking about? Even the best universities abroad don’t cost that much, so why should a stupid kindergarten cost so much? What a money grab!

Wen Shuxu was furious: “Are you serious? A kindergarten is a million dollars? What kind of kindergarten is that, so expensive?”

The best kindergarten in the city is funded by me, Huo Sijiu, is it expensive?”


“Also, one million is only for one semester, not one year, if you want your daughter to attend there, then you’ll have to prepare two million, Miss Wen, you can think it over.”

This man, simply brought out the treachery and cunning in businessmen to the extreme, one million was not enough for his appetite, he even doubled it to two million!

Wen Shuxu was so angry that her fingers were shivering.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

However, this dog man finally left ……

The dog is gone ……

Wen Shuxu fell on the door again with a thud.

The maid at the side, Sister Wang, could not stand it and rushed over to comfort her: “Miss Wen, are you okay? Don’t listen to the gentleman, he’s just talking, he won’t really ask you for that much money.”

Put p!

He doesn’t want it?

This dog man, who was already looking at her badly, now thinks that if Ruo Ruo is not his child, with his vengeful nature, it would be strange if he really did not take her money.

Wen Shuxu finally went back to her room, she planned to see how much money she had left on her first?

The result is that when she took out her bank card and checked it, she found that it was far worse, only 400,000 or so, a long way from a million.

So what do we do now? If she didn’t have enough money, should she not let her daughter go to kindergarten?

That was not possible!

When Wen Shuxu thought of the eyes of her daughter looking at her in the morning, she was distraught, so she simply sat down with her phone to see if there was another way to raise the rest of the money.

As a result, this look really led her to someone.

Qiao Shiqian!

Downtown, Huo’s building.

Lin Ziyang came back from the meeting only after hearing that Wen Shuxu had been discharged from the hospital and was living directly in the No. 1 Royal Court, and all of a sudden, the water he had just drunk in his mouth immediately spurted out again!

“What do you say? Tai …… Miss Wen is staying in the president’s house?”

“Yes, didn’t you have someone send her in? Why are you so surprised?”

The one who gossiped with Lin Ziyang was the very same person who gave the president’s office to settle that hospital bill for Wen Shuxu in the first place, was and is, on this matter, she also knows all about it.

Lin Ziyang choked again.

The actual p!

When did he have someone send that woman to the president’s house? Had he eaten his heart and leopard’s guts? He dared to do such a thing!

Lin Ziyang hurriedly took another sip of water to suppress his shock.

“What about now? Are they alright?”

“Yes, what could have happened? But I’m really curious, is this Miss Wen really the president’s ex-wife? a*sistant Lin, this news is too explosive, when did our president ever get married? Hasn’t his fiancée always been Miss Gu? How come an ex-wife has suddenly appeared?”

The little clerk was so excited that she wanted to gossip again.

This news, the people in the company, had indeed all known about it, the last Mo Bao kidnapping had been such a big deal that Huo had even sent out helicopters and snipers.

It was impossible for them not to know about it.

Moreover, what about the fact that there was suddenly an identical young master? This would be a question even for a fool, right?

However, Lin Ziyang did not want to answer this question, because he knew that discussing b’s private affairs behind his back was a capital offence!

Lin Ziyang concentrated on going to work.

But he didn’t expect that this morning, he didn’t want to discuss this matter, but by chance, the other leading lady of this matter, suddenly came to his door.

“It’s Miss Gu, look guys, she’s coming over.”

“Yes oh, she’s actually come over, it’s been a few days, she hasn’t shown up, I thought she wouldn’t come.”

“How is that possible? She’s still in the palace after all, and although an ex-wife has suddenly appeared, isn’t that all in the past? Only a fool would not come, does not the position of Huo’s president wife smell good?”