His Secret Lover Chapter 107-108

Chapter 107


“Mmm, MoMo, Mommy’s little heart!”

Wen Shuxu saw it and immediately hugged this lost and found little son tightly in her arms, so excited that she was a little speechless with a lump in her throat a few times.

Huo Yin has been watching from afar.

He actually wanted to let his mommy hold him, but he made a big mistake this time, he caused his brother to almost lose his life, and also caused his mommy to suffer such serious injuries.

Therefore, he did not dare to go forward at this time, he was afraid that Mummy would not like him anymore and would not forgive him.

However, after a while, Wen Xuoxu, who was holding her youngest son, began to look for her eldest son with her teary eyes: “Yin Yin, what are you doing standing there? Quickly, quickly come over and let mommy hug.”

She now knew that this little one had already known that she was his mommy.

Her uncle had persuaded with her in the morning.

Huo Yin saw it, which made him happy again too, and then together they jumped into Mummy’s arms.

A few minutes later, Huo Sijiu, who had finally come up as well, appeared at the door of the ward.

Wen Shuxu: “……”


“You …… also came over.”

She greeted him somewhat underhandedly.

About the kidnapping matter, she was actually somewhat righteous, if she hadn’t been unable to tell him that she had also collected his other son, perhaps, this matter wouldn’t have happened.

And most importantly, she also took the child with her for such a long time around under his nose.

Wen Shuxu looked at him cautiously.

The actual fact is, this man ignored her, and after he came in with long legs and no expression, he casually picked up the medical records placed on the table.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

“Mommy, Ruo Ruo also misses you, look, Ruo Ruo baby’s pretty little face are thin oh, you touch.”


When Wen Shuxu saw this, she withdrew her mind and touched her little daughter.

“Well, it’s true that she’s lost weight, poor little baby.”

“No, so when mummy is well, do you want to make big chicken legs for baby? The sizzling kind oh.”

The little girl is again pampered, the little milk voice is soft and soft, the heart is melting.

Wen Shuxu pinched the little pink dumpling’s little face and was about to say yes when she felt two beams of eyes across the room seemingly staring at her, so she raised her head and looked over.

Huo Siji: “……”

The gaze that was staring at this little girl with both eyebrows knitted together was caught in this way, and for a moment, he actually had a rare moment of embarrassment.

He had to admit, although he didn’t like this little girl, every time he saw her only showing this delicate and dumb look to others, he was nauseous inside.

Was he that scary looking?

At least he’s had her for two days!!!

“By the way, thank you for helping me with the child for the past two days.”

After Wen Xuoxu saw this man, she gathered enough courage and took the initiative to chat again.

She was grateful to him for saving their mother and son at a crucial moment, but she didn’t know what kind of attitude he was taking now that he had hidden the existence of two more children from her?

She could only deal with him cautiously.

The man’s handsome face snorted coldly as soon as the words left his mouth: “I’m raising my own children, what do I need you to thank me for?”

Wen Shuxu choked!

“But since you’re awake, then call someone to hurry up and take this little girl away.”


Wen Shuxu immediately lifted her head again, “Take her away? Where to take her?”

“How do I know where to take her? You found the man yourself, and you’re asking me?”

Huo Sijiu again had a look of utter hatred, that disgusted tone, as if he would be disgusted with himself if he let him say one more word!

Wen Shuxu was stunned ……

So, up until now, this man didn’t even know that his daughter was also his?!

He only recognized Mo Bao, but didn’t realize there was a daughter?!!!

Wen Shuxu was surprisingly unable to describe her feelings in words for a while, but there was one thing, she felt relieved, her son could not be saved now, but, she still had a little cotton coat, which was still some comfort to her.

“What? Don’t dare say? Don’t worry, we didn’t have anything to do with each other five years ago, I’m not interested in your nonsense, and I won’t do anything to him if you do.”


For a long time, Wen Shuxu only wrapped his arms around his daughter and spoke back lightly, “He’s dead.”

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Dead again?

Why does she like dead husbands so much?

Chapter 108

After a pause, realising that the words were wrong and that he seemed to have cursed himself, he shut his mouth and stood there with a gloomy face, never to speak again.

However, when he looked at the little girl again, even he didn’t realise that it wasn’t so annoying anymore.

The few little ones stayed in the ward for a while longer, and since Huo Sijiu had to go to the office, he got the doctor to come over and ask about the situation, ready to take the children back.

“Mr. Huo, the patient is still recovering well from his love story, and if there are no surprises, he can be discharged in two days.”

“Yay, great, Mummy can be discharged, so Mummy, do you want to come and stay with us at Repulse Bay? I’m telling you, there’s a big, big house there, it’s beautiful.”

When little RuoRuo heard that mommy would be discharged from the hospital in two days, she immediately cheered and asked if mommy was going to go live with them at Repulse Bay.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Little RuoRuo’s little face fell, “Okay.”

When Mo Bao heard this, he immediately said, “Okay, mommy, I’ll put my things away in the next two days, and when mommy gets out of the hospital, we’ll go back together.”

This son is worthy of being brought up by his mummy, he will go wherever she says he will go.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get back to where? MoMo, now No.1 Royal Court is your home, from now on you will live there!”

This is really a powerful voice with no refusal, almost immediately, the four people in this ward, mother and son, all coincidentally felt an invisible oppression and overpowering.

Wen Xuoxu’s little face changed.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. You’re scaring him.”

Only then did the coldness on Huo Sijiu’s face ease slightly, but he still stood by his decision.

“I was just stating a fact to him, he is now my son, Huo Sijiu, and there is no way he can go back to live with you.”

“Why not? Although you are his daddy, I am also a mommy, he has grown up with me for the past five years, so why can’t he live with me?”

Wen Shuxu was also a little angry, and at the same time, she was mixed with a hint of fear.

This is because the thing she was most worried about has finally come, this man, has started to steal the child from her, he has not allowed him to go back to live with her, then what else will he do next?

The actual fact is that you will not even be allowed to see her.

Wen Shuxu hugged her son tightly.

He is my Huo Sijiu’s seed, naturally he has to follow me, besides, just your place is where people live? Even my Huo’s maids live better than you, do you have the guts to let your own child live in that kind of hellhole?”


Wen Xuxu was finally infuriated, a trembling, the wound that hadn’t healed yet, so painful that she could barely even breathe.

Seeing that, Mo Bao was anxious and hurriedly hugged his mommy with both little hands: “Mommy, are you okay? Don’t be angry, don’t worry, MoMo won’t go anywhere, MoMo will live with you in the broken house!”

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Before he even had a chance to speak, beside him, another pair of small hands pulled at him again.

“Daddy, if you bully mummy again, I’ll go live with them too!” It was Huo Yin, who had actually sided with Mummy too.

Huo Sijiu laughed, his fire surging upwards, wanting to grab these two little bastards and slap them on their asses.

This was how they were being dutiful to him?

He had taken them to eat and drink in the past two days, and even put off the work he was doing, and now they were treating him like this?

Little white-eyed wolves!!!

The man who was furious finally took all three children away.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Wen Shuxu was hoping for the moon, and finally two days later, she was looking forward to her discharge from the hospital.

“Miss Wen, we received instructions from the president to send you to the No. 1 Royal Court.”


Wen Shuxu, who had just changed her clothes, heard this and immediately jumped up as if she had received some huge shock.

Sending her to No. 1 Royal Court?

Why? Why did she have to be sent to the No. 1 Royal Court? What did that dog man want? Was he out of his mind? Letting her stay at his place?

Wen Shuxu thought she must have misheard.

But the truth is, the bodyguards who came to take her out of the hospital didn’t explain any more, and after the discharge formalities were completed, they directly took her, who was still hanging by one arm, to the car.

A few minutes later, the black Cayenne sped off to Repulse Bay.

And at that moment, in the garden of that number one villa in Repulse Bay, several children were meeting in the huge sky garden on the first floor.

Mo Bao: “I’ve made all the arrangements, mommy can move in as soon as she comes over, what about you Huo Yin?”

Huo Yin: “Someone has been sent, to pick up mummy!”

Ruo Ruo baby: “Ruo Ruo has also cleaned up Mommy’s room oh, it’s next door to Ruo Ruo, it’s beautiful.”