His Secret Lover Chapter 105-106

Chapter 105

But because of this, Mummy was also hurt so badly.

Mo Bao wiped his wet red eyes again, and after a long time, his emotions finally eased.

“So you’ll blame Mummy?”


“Will you blame Mummy for not telling you, and me, when she wakes up?” Mo Bao finally fixed his eyes on Daddy, and with his little red eyes, this would be no more aggravation.

However, he had a touch more worry and anxiety, staring at Huo Siji with unblinking eyes.


The answer is of course yes, five years, that D*mn woman, back then clearly said that the only one who survived was Huo Yin.

But what about now?

Not only did she come back from the dead herself, but now a son has popped up, also alive and kicking, it’s strange that he wouldn’t be angry, if she wasn’t now lying half dead in the operating room, she would have been thrown into the sea by him.

But now ……

Huo Sijiu crossed that scene of blood dripping in front of his eyes, finally, after the corners of his thin lips were pursed, he shook his head.

“No, she raised you, I wouldn’t blame her.”


Mo Bao was finally happy, as if relieved, his little face finally showed a hint of a smile.

Huo Siji immediately gave another “hmmm”, “Of course it’s true, daddy would never lie to you.”

“Good, then will you take care of Mommy?”

“Of course!”

Again, Huo Siji did not hesitate to give an affirmative answer.

These were certainly a must, not to mention that now that the woman was seriously injured, she couldn’t move at all without arranging for someone to take care of her, and from the fact that she was their mother alone, he would never sit idly by.

So the boy finally forgave him.

The father and son have cleared the air, and next, as the father, Huo Sijiu, naturally, took over all of her children when Wen Xuxu was hospitalized, and brought them back to Repulse Bay together.

Of course, for Ruo Ruo, he is still a bit diaphanous.

“Let’s go, your mother is still in the hospital, you can only follow me there.”

He was condescending and nonchalant as he led her back.

When Ruo Ruo saw this, she immediately deflated her little mouth in aggravation and was about to cry.

He was her daddy too, why was he so nice to her brother and so cold to her?

Fortunately, at this time Mo Bao ran over and saw that his sister was aggrieved and hurriedly hugged her with his small arms, “Ruo Ruo, we can’t talk about it now, Mommy no longer has me alone, I am afraid that when she wakes up and sees that you don’t belong to her either, she will be very sad.”

“Yes, wait for mummy to wake up!”

Huo Yin also advised from the side.

So the little girl was then not sad anymore, she waved her little fist and decided to defend the last baby of good mommy, determined not to let bad daddy daddy baby take it all away from her.

Then father and son together finally went back to Repulse Bay.

But the actual, about Huo Sijiu blind, has not recognized Ruo Ruo is also his child, a large part of the reason, because that year she was the youngest one.

When Wen Xuxu was eight months pregnant and went into premature labor, she was sent to the hospital, and the three children were fortunate that Dr. Jin helped save her by breaking her abdomen.

But at that time, as the youngest, Ruo Ruo, was also very frightening weight, born like a small mouse, so later grew up, compared to the two brothers, also looks like a year or two younger children.

Also, girls look like their mothers, and since Huo Sijiu can’t see his shadow in her features, he naturally doesn’t think about it-

Downtown, the Gu family.

The company’s lungs exploded when they found out about the incident!

“That b*tch Wen Shuxu! How dare she secretly hide a child? The twins back then, they didn’t even die!

She was going crazy with anger, her entire face twisted horribly.

Gu Qinglian was also furious.

This matter was originally arranged by her, every step was seamless, she first had someone kidnap the children, and then had the kidnappers ask Huo Siji for ransom, so that Huo Siji would naturally know that his son had long been bribed by Wen Shu Shu, and often went back and forth between the two places.

The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of the problem.

But who knew that such a plan would be disrupted by the sudden appearance of a child?


That b*tch is really something!

As Gu Qinglian arranged for someone to handle the closing of this matter, she stared at her frantic niece.

“What are you screaming for? You know how to scream when things go wrong, how can screaming solve this matter?”


After being scolded so harshly by her aunt, finally, Gu Xia didn’t make as much of a scene and stood there slowly calming down.

However, the fierce killing intent and also hatred in those eyes was something that any person could see.

“Now there is no way out, Huo Sijiu has moved with great anger, definitely will not let this matter go, what we have to do now is to avoid the wind for now, do not do anything.”

“Don’t do anything? Then let that b*tch end up back in the Huo family? Do you know that both of her children have been taken to Repulse Bay?”

When Gu Xia heard that, she immediately screamed again in great excitement.

This woman, in fact, was also very tactful, as could be seen from the time she dealt with Wen Shuxu before.

Chapter 106

But now, because of one blow after another, she has lost her senses and when the moment comes, she just screams and has a nervous breakdown.

She was no different from that kind of fool.

Gu Qinglian gave her a look, and suddenly, she faintly came up with a sentence, “I’ll take you abroad for a break.”

“What? Go abroad?” Gu Xia’s eyes immediately widened: “Go abroad for what? At this juncture?”

But Gu Qinglian only glanced at her expressionlessly before going straight to look at the air tickets.

“You need to calm down, and also, we need to get out of the wind, if we stay here at this time and Huo Sijiu finds out that this kidnapping incident is related to us, then you shouldn’t dream of anything.”


Standing like this behind this aunt, Gu Xia clenched her fist and gritted her teeth for a long time, and finally, still didn’t make another sound.

When Gu Qinglian saw that, she booked two airline tickets and at the same time said lightly, “You can go study and learn by the way, what he liked most about you back then, wasn’t it the stacks of letters you wrote? It’s about time you filled yourself up, in this world, a woman with ink in her stomach is far more popular than any kind of woman.”

Gu Qinglian reminded this niece once again.

Gu Xia heard and finally stopped talking ……

Two days later, Wen Xuxu finally woke up.

Her injuries were actually not very serious, but she had bled too much and her own bottom was not too good, so, after the surgery, she lay in the care room for two full days before waking up.

When she woke up, she looked at the snow-white ceiling above her head, and her brain, which had been asleep for so long, was unable to remember what had happened to her for a while.

It wasn’t until not long after that a surprised voice suddenly came to her ears, “You’re awake? How do you feel?”

Wen Shuxu: “……”

It was only after a long while that she looked sideways at this person.


“You can still recognise people, so you should be fine, I’ll go and get you a gla*s of water.”

Du Huasheng was relieved to see that she recognized herself, and then, he immediately rolled his wheelchair to go and pour water for Wen Xuxu.

When Wen Xuxu saw this, she struggled to get up but, only when she moved, she immediately stirred her wound again.

“Don’t move, you’ve just woken up now, lie down properly.”


Wen Shuxu finally could only lie down again, wait until her uncle poured water over, she leaned against the bed and took a sip, only then did she start talking hoarsely.

“Uncle, where’s MoMo? Is he alright?”

“It’s fine, he’s being taken to Repulse Bay by Huo Sijiu now, don’t worry.” Du Huasheng comforted her.

But which knows, he did not say this word okay, once said, just woke up Wen Shuxu, suddenly another pot of cold water poured down, from the head to the end are cold a through.

“Then he …… is aware that he is his son?”

“Isn’t this nonsense? The two children look exactly alike, unless he is stupid, he will not know that it is not his child.” Du Huasheng said without good humour.

That face of Wen Shuxu suddenly turned even paler.

What to do?

Now that he knew about Mo Bao’s existence, he would definitely snatch him away, his Huo Sijiu’s son, how could he keep him from returning to the Huo family?

Wen Shuxu’s eyes were red all of a sudden.

The actual fact is that you can’t be able to get a lot of money from the company.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a woman who’s been in a situation where she knows she’s fighting with the Huo family, but she’s still telling her that the big deal is to fight him, Huo Siji.


The reason for this is that Du Huasheng is not in good health, so after a while, he went back, leaving Wen Xu Xu in the ward, and not long after, she also fell asleep again.

The first time I woke up, it was dusk in the afternoon. She didn’t look at the time, but her ears faintly seemed to hear the voice of a child.

“Brother, is Mummy really awake?”

“Awake, daddy got the call, that’s why he’s bringing us over, don’t you worry oh.”

It was a very familiar child’s voice, he was comforting the little milk voice from before like a little adult, his tone was full of doting towards the little milk voice.

Was that her Mo Bao?

And little RuoRuo!

Wen Shuxu immediately woke up, her eyes widened, and people immediately sat up from the bed with support.

As a matter of fact, just after she got up, a little pink figure outside pounced happily towards the hospital room: “Mommy, you’re finally awake! Ruo Ruo missed you so much.”

The little one is really like a little swallow, seeing that Wen Xuxu has sat up in the hospital bed, immediately flew over.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

A hug was given to her delicate and soft daughter.

It didn’t take long for two more identical little boys to appear at the door, and after seeing that their mommy was awake, they both came in quickly as well.

However, Huo Yin still had to be a bit more reserved, he was slow to warm up and not one of those who were particularly outgoing in their emotions, even when he saw Mummy, he would only hide the happiness in his heart and slowly walk over.