His Secret Lover Chapter 103-104

Chapter 103

Huo Yin ran away, holding his sister in his hand, never mind Daddy again, and the two siblings darted forward, not knowing where they were going, but all they wanted to do was to find their mummy, and his twin brothers.

It was only then that Huo Siji came back to his senses, and then striding across, he grabbed the two little turnip dinners back.

“What are you running for?”

“Let go of us, if you don’t save Mummy, I’ll do it myself!”

Huo Yin still had a very angry little expression, his tear-stained eyes were staring at daddy, and his little mouth was once again clearly shouting the word “Mommy”.

When he finished, he realised that something was wrong and shut his mouth again.

However, to his surprise, this time, his daddy, who had always been very bad-tempered, didn’t get mad at him for saying “Mummy” out loud twice.

He just gave him a condescending glance and then threw him and his sister into the car.

“Stay in there!”

He threw down a sentence, then got into the car himself and started it up and sped out of here.

A few minutes later, the black Maybach, which had already driven out of the old town, received a call from Lin Ziyang: “President, we’ve found the location, it’s on an abandoned boat on the pier, we’ve sent a helicopter and heavy snipers over there.”

“Got it.”

After hearing this, Huo Sijiu hung up the phone.

His expression at this time, in fact, could not see any ups and downs, just a very normal posture, his posture still upright and long, handsome face, also the same calm and steady as before, it did not look like he was going to the kidnapping scene, but rather like he was going to the company.

But the fact that a kidnapper had not only used a helicopter, but also a heavy sniper, tells you how horrifying it was.

The kidnapper received the call from Huo Sijiu fifteen minutes later, and by now, he was already waiting with great anxiety, like a dog trapped in a cage.

As soon as he saw the phone, he immediately grabbed it in ecstasy: “Hello?”

“Where’s the child?”

As soon as the phone was connected, Huo Sijiu’s voice, which was devoid of any warmth inside, came straightforwardly with this sentence.

The kidnapper immediately froze, “How do you know the child isn’t dead?”

Huo Sijiu sneered: “Your aim is to get the money, what will you use as leverage if you kill him? Besides, do you dare to kill? It’s really my child, Huo Sijiu, if you kill it do you think you’ll still have a life to spend?”

Kidnapper: “……”

His face was red and white for a while, and he couldn’t even say a word anymore.

This is the difference in intelligence!

The kidnapper finally could only admit sarcastically, “Yes. So, have you got the one billion ready now?”

“Okay, but you have to let me see the person first!” Huo Sijiu spoke coldly again over the phone.

A billion dollar deal was no small amount, and he wasn’t sure if the person was still alive? Was it still safe at his side? How could he pay him?

The kidnapper probably thought of this too, so after struggling there for a while, he finally, still switched his phone to video, and then the camera pointed at the hostage in his hand.

In a flash, Huo Siji finally got a good look at the kidnapping that he was involved in!

That was indeed a child.

Only at this moment, the person who appeared in the camera was no longer the only one, there was an additional woman with blood on her face beside him, and at that moment, was huddled there holding the child.

“What are you doing? Don’t you touch my baby!”

After seeing this kidnapper trying to video the child, this woman immediately covered the small face of the child in her arms and held him tightly in her arms.

That was none other than Wen Shuxu.

Huo Sijiu’s eyes narrowed, and almost instantly, without even noticing it himself, a hint of bitter coldness burst he out of his pupils.

“If you don’t want both you mother and son to die here, get out of my way!”

The kidnapper would not let Wen Xuxu protect the child, and immediately after seeing her clinging to it, he lifted his foot and put it on her without hesitation.


In a flash, the released Mo Bao cried out as he watched his mommy get kicked to the ground, and immediately, a stream of crimson blood flowed out from her shoulder and the ground got everywhere.

There was a terrible crunching sound even from Huo Sijiu’s finger bones!

“Mummy, Mummy-”

“Come here, if you don’t want your mummy to die, behave yourself.”

This kidnapper dragged Mo Bao over, only five years old, and this beast lifted him up effortlessly like a hawk grabbing a chick.

“Let him go! You let go of him!!!”

Wen Shuxu saw it on the ground and immediately shouted with all her voice and crawled, covered in blood, to get this brute to let go of her child, but how could he oblige her?

Soon this kidnapper had the child mentioned to the camera.

At once, Huo Siji, who was staring at this screen with a murderous aura, his pupils suddenly opened!

It was as if something had suddenly knocked hard in his head after which he actually went blank for a moment as he stared at the small face in this camera.

Who was this?

Was it Huo Yin?

No, it couldn’t be, Huo Yin was right behind him, so who the hell was he? Why did he look so similar to Huo Yin?

His pupils shrank down, staring unblinkingly at this little face, and at this moment, something was churning deeply in those dark, regal eyes.

Chapter 104

“It’s brother!!! Brother Yin look, it’s Brother Mo!!!”

At the critical moment, the children behind them saw it too, and at once, they shouted out in alarm from behind, including Huo Yin himself!

“Mr. Huo, you can finally see clearly now, right? Is he your son? Do you want to offer a billion dollars in exchange?”

After seeing this scene, the kidnapper, who thought he had the victory in hand, also laughed even more hideously over there.

Huo Sijiu was in a trance again.

It was also at this time that Wen Shuxu, who was on the phone, suddenly got up from the ground, dragging her bloodied half of her body, and surprisingly dragged a large spanner over behind this kidnapper.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

His pupils contracted violently again, and without even thinking, he pressed the switch that had been waiting for orders on the other side of the dock for a long time.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

It just so happens that it sprayed all over her face!

Wen Shuxu: “……”

It was like a long century had passed, she stood there frozen like a wooden chicken, for a long, long time, people’s sanity was stagnant, until, suddenly as if many people came around her, and a pair of small hands held her tightly, she then slowly lowered her head.

“Mummy, Daddy’s come to save us.”


Wen Shuxu finally fainted in front of her son.

She was too tired, from last night to now, the whole night was in fear in fear, also, she couldn’t support herself, the shot she blocked for her son, although it didn’t hit the vital point.

But too much blood would have killed him.

Wen Shuxu was taken to the hospital.

Mo Bao, on the other hand, was brought back by the bodyguard, and it was at this time that Huo Siji finally saw this son that he never knew still existed for five years.

Wen Xuxu, you’re still capable!

“MoMo, I’m sorry.”

The moment Huo Yin saw Mo Bao, but already couldn’t wait to walk over, bow his head to him and apologize and admit his mistake.

When Mo Bao saw this, he patted his little shoulder very generously: “It’s alright, we’re brothers, I’m actually quite happy, luckily these bad guys kidnapped me, if it was really you, you’re so unwell, what if something happens to you?”

I never thought that this little guy, after experiencing such a thrilling and dangerous experience, could still come back and say such words.

As the words fell, Huo Yin immediately had red eyes.

Even Huo Sijiu looked down at this new son he had met and gazed at him for a long time.

Of course he was happy to have an additional son all of a sudden.

However, he thought that in the past five years, only he had educated Huo Yin very well, but he did not expect that the child who grew up with that woman was not bad at all.

He had such a temperament and character, which I’m afraid was not even comparable to ordinary children.

Huo Sijiu was in a better and better mood.

“Alright, let’s go meet daddy, shall we?”

Huo Yin also sensed Daddy’s happiness, so after the two brothers finished talking, he took the initiative to pull him along, intending to go and greet Daddy.

But what made it strange was that Mo Bao, who was usually always cheerful and didn’t hold grudges, would actually pull his little hand back after hearing that he wanted to greet daddy.

“I’ll go and wait for Mummy, Ruo Ruo, come here, we’ll go over there and wait for Mummy.”

“Okay, brother.”

At one side, little RuoRuo immediately followed her brother closely, and the two little ones went off like that.

Huo Sijiu: “……”


Is he being disliked by his own son? You don’t even recognize him anymore?

He sank his handsome face again, Huo Yin saw it, thought daddy was medicine tantrum, so hurriedly tried to explain, but daddy only touched his little head, and then he took off his long legs towards those two little ones and walked over.

There are some things that can only be solved by direct confrontation between father and son.

What’s more, he hadn’t done a bit of fatherly duty to him until then!

“MoMo, your name is MoMo right?”

Huo Sijiu came over and looked at the two little ones who had already arrived outside the operating room, so he paced up and down in front of the two, a tall, big man who, for the first time, put his posture so low and squatted down gently in front of this little one.

Mo Bao saw it and indeed immediately twisted his little face away.

However, a hint of redness could already be seen in the small, moon-like eyes.

When Huo Sijiu saw this, his heart became more and more self-condemned.

“y, all these years, it’s daddy’s fault, daddy didn’t know about your existence, so, when daddy received the call from the kidnappers, he didn’t believe that there was really another son in their hands, if daddy had known about it earlier, then daddy would have saved you at all costs immediately, daddy really didn’t mean it.”

Huo Sijiu, who had been bringing up children for five years, could see why this son was ignoring him? Nor did he want to acknowledge him, so he came over to explain to him personally.

Yes, it was true that Mo Bao didn’t want to talk to his daddy because of this.

When he was kidnapped, that kidnapper he saw clearly that he called him three times!

However, he let him down time and time again, he was simply indifferent to the matter and finally it was the snooty mummy who found the location through his tablet and came over.