His Secret Lover Chapter 101-102

Chapter 101

However, since the president had given the order, they didn’t dare to disobey and hurriedly went to do it.

A few minutes later, Huo Sijiu went upstairs again, ready to take his briefcase to work.

However, just as he was going up, his mobile phone suddenly rang again, and as his anger was still fresh, he grabbed it and answered it in a very bad mood: “Hello?”

“Mr. Huo, do you not want your son anymore? If not, then I’ll tear up the ticket!”

It was the same person!

Huo Sijiu was immediately full of irony: “Are you crazy for money? How dare you play such tricks with me.”

“It seems that Mr. Huo still doesn’t believe in it, fine, then I’ll send you a photo over, you can see it clearly, if it’s confirmed that it’s your son, I’ll also trouble you to bring over a billion dollars.”

After saying that, this person hung up the phone.

Then Huo Sijiu stood there, and not long after, he received a photo on his phone.

It was indeed a picture of a child being tied up, I don’t know where, but the child, wearing a small orange jacket, was tied up in a small chair with a thick and big hemp rope.

When Huo Sijiu looked at him, his feet froze for a moment.

That is indeed his son’s features, his seed, personally raised for five years, he could not not recognize.

But, Huo Yin ……

He suddenly raised his head, but found that, somehow, the little one who was still asleep in his bed before going downstairs, this would have actually woken up, at this moment, is standing at the entrance of the stairs on the first floor, tightly squeezing the Transformer in his hand, staring at him with a pale face.

The first thing that happened was that the heart of Huo Sijiu fell to the ground.

He casually deleted the spam message again, and he immediately came over with big strides: “When did you wake up? Why did you come out without even getting dressed?”

He wanted to carry him back and get dressed.

But Huo Yin suddenly took a step back and avoided him: “Daddy, who were you talking to on the phone? Who’s been kidnapped?”

This little thing actually heard the phone call he just made.

Huo Sijiu then casually perfunctory: “No, it’s just a company call, you heard wrong.”

“I heard it, did someone say that your son was kidnapped? Is that right?” Huo Yin suddenly became very sharp, he clenched his small white fist and questioned his daddy loudly.

Huo Sijiu was baffled: “Yes, but aren’t you standing here properly?”

Huo Yin stopped talking ……

For a moment, I don’t know if it was Huo Sijiu’s illusion, but I actually saw this little thing tremble all over, and his little face became more and more pale and frightening.

This little guy, what’s wrong with him?

Thinking he was chilled, Huo Sijiu came over once again, “Okay, let’s not talk about this, daddy will carry you up to get dressed, it’s so cold, you’ll get sick.”

He bent down and prepared to carry him.

But this little thing, all of a sudden, just like a frenzy, without putting on clothes or shoes, just lost his mind and ran down the stairs.

“Huo Yin, what are you doing? You come back!”

Seeing this, Huo Sijiu became anxious and hurriedly followed suit, chasing down the stairs, the sulk at the bottom of his eyes, wanting to immediately grab this little bastard and give him two hard spanks on his little bottom.

This child, when did he become so disobedient?

He finally caught Huo Yin when he was about to run out of the gate, and then lifted him back by the back of his collar.

“Huo Yin, what the hell are you doing? Do you want to be cleaned up?”

“Let go, I’m going to find my aunt, let go of me!”

Huo Yin struggled violently, and in that voice, there was already a hint of crying in it.

That’s right, he had to go to Mummy’s, he had to go and see if something had happened to Mo Bao. After he came back last night and calmed down, he called Mo Bao’s phone, but it never got through.

It wasn’t until he got up this morning and called again, still no answer, that he felt something was wrong.

So the bad guy who had just called, had he really kidnapped Murbaugh? Took him for him?

Huo Yin blamed himself even more, he struggled hard, a white little face was held until it was red from such striving, and his voice was mute, screaming for daddy to let go of him.

Huo Sijiu was so angry that his veins were jumping!

He wanted to slap this little bastard twice, but when he really raised his hand, he found that he couldn’t hit him anymore and felt a deep sense of powerlessness instead.

Could it be that this was really the mother-son blood relationship?

No matter how he tried to stop it? How to isolate it? No matter how much he tried to stop it, no matter how much he tried to isolate it, he couldn’t control the connection, the ties between them, even if he didn’t know it was his mommy yet!

Huo Siji closed his eyes, and finally, he compromised.

“k, I’ll take you there, but only if you go up and put your clothes on properly right away.”

“Okay, I’ll go put them on right away!”

The little one really stopped crying and got off of him, he immediately went upstairs and went to change his clothes on his own initiative.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

It was just as well that it was finally his turn to meet the woman, just so he could tell her that this was the last time their mother and son would see each other, and that after that, he would never let her have the chance to appear here again.

Huo Sijiu held back the anger in his chest and went up to get the car keys as well.

Chapter 102

Ten or so minutes later, father and son finally made it out the door.

Regarding Wen Xu Xu’s residence, Huo Sijiu really never cared, he always thought she was living at her uncle’s place, and Wen Xu Xu told him the same thing.

It was not until today that he knew that the woman had simply lied to him and that she had found another house to live in.

Huo Sijiu accompanied his son with a cold air to drive to the old city, unacceptable shabby and dirty, all the way over, he has not even reached the destination, a strong disgust has appeared between his eyebrows.

However, Huo Yin next to him was different.

When he saw that the view outside was getting closer and closer to where his mommy lived, the little head that was lying by the window was dying to get out and look carefully for his mommy.

Unfortunately, when he arrived this time, Mummy would not be welcomed with open arms as happily as before. When they arrived at the downstairs of that building, he saw at a glance that there were many people gathered there, and there was a panicked little girl, being held by a person standing in the crowd.

Wasn’t that Ruo Ruo?

Huo Yin saw it, and immediately the moment Daddy brought the car to a halt, he immediately jumped out of it and ran to his sister’s place.

“Ruo Ruo-”


Ruo Ruo, who was being temporarily looked after by a strange uncle, suddenly heard a familiar voice and immediately, her little face, still tinged with panic and anxiety, immediately turned around.

It was brother! Brother Yin is here!

When the little girl saw it, immediately, a surge of aggression came up and flung away this uncle’s hand and darted towards her brother: “Brother Yin, you’re finally here, woo~~~”

She jumped into her brother’s arms.

The little girl was too scared, she had been worrying all night, not seeing her mommy, nor her two brothers, her little heart, that line of defense of bearing had reached the extreme.

Huo Yin saw it, and naturally, a pair of small hands held her tightly.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

“What’s going on? Why are you down here? Where’s your mother?”

Displeased as he was, seeing her upstairs alone as a small child, and with the place looking so messy, Huo Sijiu frowned and asked.

The first thing that happened was that she was being held by her brother and suddenly heard daddy’s voice, and immediately, after a jolt, she cowered and hid behind her brother.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Huo Yin: “……”

Finally, it was he who patiently looked at his sister and asked, “Ruo Ruo, what exactly happened? Where is Mo Mo?”

“Brother Mo?”

When Ruo Ruo heard this, she then deflated her little mouth, “Brother Mo is missing, after you left yesterday, Brother Mo came back, but when he heard that you left, Brother Mo went out to look for you as well, and then he disappeared, woo~~~ Mommy went to look for him, and he disappeared too~~”

The more the little girl said, the sadder she got, and finally she was bawling on her brother’s little chest.

When Huo Yin heard this, on the spot, that little face turned even whiter!

Huo Sijiu did not know the truth, seeing this little girl crying like this, his brows knitted finally came over: “Who did you say was missing?”

Little Ruo Ruo: “Brother Mo, he was taken away by the bad guys.”

“Brother Mo? Who is brother Mo?”

“It’s Ruo Ruo’s brother, Mummy’s other baby, will you get him back? …… uncle?” Ruo Ruo finally did venture to look at Daddy, but, because she didn’t have Mommy’s permission, she still didn’t call him Daddy, instead she smartly called him Uncle.

That material? She even took the initiative to call him, but was horrified to see that after she said that, this daddy actually smiled there, he licked his back teeth, that particularly handsome and handsome face, pulled out a curve, how to look scary!

“Another baby? So your mum had more than one of you, did she?”


Baby RuoRuo expressed confusion.

Of course not, there are two other brothers, aren’t there? They are all born to mommy?

Fortunately, Huo Yin is smart, after taking a look at daddy’s expression is not right, hurried over to the small hand to pull him: “Daddy, you quickly save Mo Bao, if not, it will be too late.”

Huo Sijiu really sneered: “Why should I save? What does that have to do with me?”

Once again, this man’s anger had reached its peak!

It was enough to have an illegitimate daughter, but now there was an illegitimate son, who could bear it? Even if it was a woman he didn’t want, he still felt disgusted, so disgusted that he would jump out of his skin at the very mention of the word!

But then, just at this moment, his phone rang once more.


“Huo Sijiu, you really don’t want your son anymore, do you? Fine, I’ll make it up to you.”

Then, on the phone, he heard a bang, and before he could react, a woman’s heartbreaking scream broke into his eardrums: “Don’t…”

At last, Huo Siji’s head was empty.

Perhaps, it was because he had never heard such a desperate and harsh scream before.

Huo Yin also heard this shout, and in a flash, he stood beside his legs and cried out: “Mommy! Daddy, why didn’t you save Mommy and MoMo? I hate you so much!!!”