His Secret Lover Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1

“Huo Sijiu is coming back?”

Wen Shuxu was folding her newly bought little clothes in the children’s room with her eight-month-plus belly when she suddenly heard the maids in the house talking.

He had actually come back?

Was it because she was about to give birth?

A wave of ecstasy surged up in her heart, and all of a sudden, even her hands were trembling slightly there.

Huo Siji was the father of the baby.

Yet, from the time of her marriage until now, she and he had only met once, on the night of the wedding, and after that, he had left and had never seen him again.

“Baby, mommy knows that daddy doesn’t like mommy, but it’s okay, as long as daddy can come over and watch you come into this human world, mommy is happy.”

Wen Shuxu’s eyes glistened with tears as she stroked her high, bulging belly, her delicate, glistening white little face full of uncontainable happiness.

Two days later, indeed, the young master of the Huo family, who had disappeared for ten months, came back.

When Wen Xu Xu heard this, she was immediately excited and ran down the road holding her big belly.

Only, what made her face go white was that when she reached the staircase, she looked down, only to find that in the hall below, besides this man she had longed for, beside him, there was another woman.

“Huo Sijiu, what do you mean? I told you to come back to accompany the delivery, what do you mean by bringing this woman back?!!!”

“What does it mean that you are not very clear? I’ve said it before, this marriage has nothing to do with me, the woman I’m marrying is Gu Xia, and she’s standing by my side right now!”

Huo Sijiu was wearing a thin black trench coat, his handsome face looked like it had been carefully carved, his pair of black eyes were even deeper and colder, he was staring at this father, his whole person looked as if he was shrouded in a layer of frosty air!

When Master Huo heard this, he was so angry that smoke rose from his seven orifices!

“You’re a rebellious son! Do you know that Xuxu is already pregnant and is about to give birth? How dare you say such things?”

“Why can’t I say that? If you hadn’t drugged me on our wedding night, would you have created such a thing? I’m telling you, he doesn’t deserve to be in this world at all!”


There was no more sound.

Standing at the entrance of the stairs, Wen Shuxu only felt as if there was something in her chest cavity after a vicious stab, tearing the heart and lungs like a sharp pain came, she stood there, blackened in front of her eyes, and could no longer hear anything.

He actually said …… his own child didn’t deserve to be on this earth!!!

She began to stagger-

“Ah!!! Young Granny! Young Granny is bleeding!!!”


In a flash, the entire Huo family was startled.

And the father and son who were confronting each other in the hall downstairs also jerked their heads up and looked above.

It was indeed a pregnant woman with a big belly.

However, she was now standing at the mouth of that staircase, and large streams of blood were already flowing down from under her skirt.

Huo Sijiu’s face changed slightly.

“Huo Sijiu, your love …… is really great, stepping on the bones of your own child to get happiness, the rest of your life, really …… sleep peacefully?”

Wen Shuxu finally fell down, staring at this man, only came to such a sentence.

This is also the first sentence she has said since she married him!

Huo Sijiu was stunned for a moment.

Before he could say anything, this woman had already fallen heavily to the ground, splashing blood everywhere!

‘Take it to the hospital, quick!!!”


A few minutes later, Wen Shuxu, who had already passed out, was finally taken to the hospital by wind and speed.

“Si Jue, don’t think so much, this matter has nothing to do with you, what age is it now, still arranged marriage, and still use that kind of tactics, that woman still dare to curse you, Si Jue ……”

Quiet down the hall, Gu Xia wanted to advise.

However, no one expected that before the words were even finished, this man, who usually never lost any temper with her, suddenly swept a pair of eyes fiercely towards her!

“Shut up, you! When did it become your turn to interfere in the Huo family’s affairs?!”

He interrupted her fiercely, and his gaze became terrifying in an instant!

Gu Xia immediately shivered and no longer dared to say anything.

Wen Shuxu, you!

You’d better not come back and die in the delivery room, killing both the big and the small, that’s the best ……

An hour later, in the hospital.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Huo Lao, the mother hemorrhaged and couldn’t be resuscitated, however, the three children in her belly, one was resuscitated back, we did our best.”

The obstetrician holding the baby finally came out of the operating theatre, and after seeing Elder Huo and the others who had been waiting outside, he told them the news with a heavy heart.


His three grandsons and one daughter-in-law, and only one left?!!!

Master Huo couldn’t bear such a heavy blow on the spot and covered his chest and fell backwards ……

“Master! Master!!!”


When Huo Sijiu heard this news, he had already left the Huo family with Gu Xia and was heading for his private flat downtown.

When he suddenly heard this, the hand he was holding on the steering wheel faintly froze for a moment.


“Yes, it is said that she was not well in the first place, and after the haemorrhage, she could not be resuscitated, however, three children, saved one over, a boy, has been carried away by the master.”

The assistant finished the matter in detail, afraid that he did not believe it, and finally took a photo of the corpses of a large and two small children covered with white cloth on the hospital bed over.

All of a sudden, Huo Sijiu’s pupils shrank as he was driving his car!


The brakes under his feet slammed there, and the car, just like that, came to a raw stop in the middle of the road.


Chapter 2

Five years later.

A famous hospital in M country.

In the conference room, wearing a white coat, Wen Shuxu is holding a case analysis report in her hand, using a fluent English to talk to the medical experts in the conference room.

She has a short haircut, beautiful and delicate features with light makeup, snow-white skin, a pair of clear and dark water eyes, but extra bright.

Like two gems that were emitting a brilliant light.

“Excuse me, Dr. Nancy, so what you are saying is that this patient, can be treated without surgery? Instead, you will use your Chinese acupuncture sticks?”

“Yes, if you believe me.”

Wen Shuxu turned over the case in her hand and gave a definite, but not overly polite, smile.

Nancy, yes, that was her name now.

Five years ago, she didn’t die in the hospital, that obstetrician got lucky and recovered her life, after that, she didn’t ask her to inform the Huo family again, but simply announced that she had died.

She would rather die than return to that home.

She then came here, and in just a few years, the clever woman became a renowned doctor here with the Chinese medicine skills passed down from the Wen family’s ancestors.

The people in the conference room began to hesitate when they heard her being so sure.

But Wen Shuxu did not have the patience to wait, and soon, after looking at the watch on her wrist, she left the conference room.

“Dr. Nancy, going to pick up the baby again?”


As Wen Shuxu hurried downstairs, she ran into her colleagues greeting her, and she nodded with a bright smile.

Yes, she was going to pick up her baby.

Ten minutes or so later, the local kindergarten.

“Mummy, you’re finally here, baby RuoRuo has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Just arrived here, already a bit cold at the kindergarten entrance, a small pink dumpling wearing a small pink dress and with a small tug on her head saw her and immediately ran out happily.

Wen Xuoxu saw it and hurriedly got down from the car.

“Sorry, it’s mommy who is late, mommy apologizes to you and won’t be so late in the future, okay?”

“It’s okay, brother is here, brother just took lots and lots of food for Ruo Ruo.”

The little dumpling didn’t blame mommy, after being held in mommy’s arms, she told her that her little belly was full of food.

When Wen Shuxu heard this, her heart warmed again.

The other one of the twins, indeed, that little one knows how to take care of his sister.

Wen Xuoxu smiled: “Right, then let’s go find brother, okay?”

“Yes, Mummy.”

So a few minutes later, Wen Xuoxu also saw her son.

Only, what made her sweat furiously was that this little guy, again, was in the teacher’s office being star-struck and wondering what he was doing again?

“My goodness, you guys, look, this little kid who is going to be transferred in, really looks just like our Mo Bao in kindergarten.”

“Yes, look!”

A teacher placed the photo in her hand next to Wen Qimo’s little face.

Wen Qimo’s little fox-like eyes swept over the photo for a moment.

“Where’s the resemblance? Does he have the roundness of your Mo Bao’s little face?”

“No. ……”

“Then is he as cute as your Mo Bao? You guys take a look, it’s like a crescent moon, is he like this?”

Wen Qimo held his unbeatable handsome, and mega cute, little face, and made his way to these teachers.

Then these teachers all laughed.

At this glance, the little kid in this picture, it really wasn’t very similar, look at his slack little face, he was only five years old, deep and dark, just like an adult, which is not as cute as their Mo Bao here!

“MoMo, what are you doing?”

Wen Xuoxu just happened to arrive here, and after seeing this scene, she couldn’t help but come in and ask.

“Ah? Mommy, you’re here, I’m not doing anything.”

The child, who was particularly quick to react, immediately regained her smiling look as soon as she heard her mother’s voice, and then jumped down from her desk in a flash.

This was indeed a very smiley child.

His features resembled that of the man, but he was never as cold and unsympathetic as he was, he was more like a little sunshine, always with a smile on his cool little face.