HC Chapter 999

Bai Xiaoyu’s face instantly sank.

Yesterday when something happened to the Rong family, she lowered her posture and went to the Feng family, only to have Mrs. Feng send her away with the maids and she was not even able to enter the door.

Yesterday and today, in just two days, she had already seen the faces of many people.

Bai Xiaoyu said coldly, “Just say I’m not available ……”

“Mom, let them in.” Rong Himei laughed coldly, “Yesterday the Feng family ignored us, today we’ll specifically hit him in the face.”

The maid glanced at Bai Xiaoyu and saw that Madam didn’t refuse before she went out to welcome them.

Madam Feng was wearing a dull matte dress, her richness was much lighter, she instructed Feng Jing who was beside her, “When you see Yue’er later, you should be more attentive, the Rong family now, can be different from the previous two days ……”

Who would have thought that the Rong family, which was nearly disintegrated yesterday, would have turned over in one night.

Mr. Fu’s a*sistant personally picked up the person from the detention center, and also promised to cooperate with the Rong family on a project that was said to be one of the largest projects in Haicheng, and the Rong family would not only be able to eat for at least ten years with this project, but also leap to become the largest family in Yuncheng ……

Mrs. Feng is now regretting to death.

If she had known that the Rong family would flip, she shouldn’t have been so poised and proud as to throw Bai Xiaoyu out of the door yesterday.

She thought she was bound to get a closed door today, but to her surprise, the maid came over, opened the villa’s door and respectfully welcomed the mother and son inside.

“Madam Rong, I’ve come to the door today as an apology.”

Mrs. Feng was able to bend and stretch, and immediately lowered her posture, pulling a hand on Feng Jing by her side.

Feng Jing stepped forward and said, “When Aunt Rong came to the door yesterday, I had a sudden high fever and my mother was in a hurry, so she let Aunt Rong leave in a not-so-nice manner. This is my fault, please don’t take our Feng family’s rudeness into account.”

Bai Xiaoyu smiled lightly and said, “No matter, sit down.”

Saying this, she told the servants to serve tea.

Mrs Feng glanced at the two sisters sitting on the side and laughed softly, “Haven’t our Feng family and the Rong family always had a marriage contract, and now that the two children are old enough, why not ……”

Rong Himei suddenly sneered, “Dare I ask Aunt Feng, which of our Rong family’s young ladies do you want to join in marriage with?”

Mrs Feng smiled peevishly, “Jing’er is our Feng family’s only young master, of course he wants to be joined in marriage with the Rong family’s only proper young lady.”


Rong Xiyu immediately scolded back.

“Have you forgotten what happened at the banquet the other day Feng Shao, who was it that said he had taken a fancy to our Rong family’s adopted daughter and wanted to cook rice? After so many years, your Feng family has become the head of Yuncheng, so they don’t like the previous marriage contract anymore, and they have been pushing it back again and again. Now that our Rong family is about to rise, we are bringing up the same old story again, why is your Feng family so shameless?”

“Yuye, stop talking!”

Bai Xiaoyu lightly interrupted her daughter’s outburst and turned her head to speak, “Yue’er was raised by me with arrogance, and her words are just straightforward, so please don’t take it to heart, Madam Feng.”

Mrs. Feng was so angry that she almost died on the spot.

Straightforward means that every word in this sentence is what the Rong family wants to say!

She shouldn’t have come to this door today!

“There is an old saying that says, “Watching him raise a tall building, watching his building collapse.” Madam Feng stood up and said coldly and angrily, “It is true that your Rong family has been able to rocket up by relying on the Fu Group. However, who knows when Fu will kick you out of the way, when the time comes …… Heh! We’ll see!”