HC Chapter 986

“Please don’t be anxious, gentlemen.”

Zheng Bei raised his hand and pressed down, and the noisy crowd instantly quieted down.

“Fu’s group will indeed invest in Yuncheng, what specific project is still under discussion, after the initial work is prepared, Fu’s group will hold a press conference, please wait patiently.”

Having followed Lord Fu Bei for a long time, Zheng Bei already carried an imposing air pressure on himself.

As soon as he opened his mouth, the crowd was subdued.

Those reporters obediently took back their cameras and microphones ……

Zheng Bei stepped down the steps and walked directly towards Rong Chang: “Is this Vice President Rong, please?”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“Mr. Fu wanted to see you yesterday, but he could not find the time, please come inside, Mr. Vice President Rong.” Zheng Bei said respectfully.

Hearing Zheng Bei’s words, the surrounding crowd couldn’t help but murmur.

“I heard that the Rong family has offended the Hai Cheng Fu family, it seems to be true.”

“The president of the Rong Group has already been imprisoned, now it should be this vice president’s turn.”

“The Rong family is considered one of the largest families in Yuncheng, and as a result, they are all so humble in the face of the Fu Group’s a*sistant.”

“Fu’s is the number one consortium in the world, what does a single Rong family count for.”

“The Rong family is finished.”

“Cloud City is about to change.”


The words of the people around him caused Rong Chang’s face to turn white.

He turned back and barked in a deep voice, “You two go back first, I’ll go in.”

“Dad, you’re not going to be locked up too, are you ……” Rong Himawari was on the verge of tears of anxiety, “Let’s go back, forget it ……”

Eldest uncle had already been imprisoned, if her father was also imprisoned, the Rong family would really be finished.

“What are you crying for?” Rong Chang said coldly, “Learn more from Dyeing, see how calm she is.”

“She’s not your own daughter, how could she possibly be anxious?” Rong Hengyu sniffled, “Dad, I’ll go in with you!”

Rong Chang was about to refuse, when Rong Yunyang followed, “Go in together.”

She turned her eyes to Zheng Bei, “Special a*sistant Zheng shouldn’t begrudge two extra cups of tea, right?”

Her voice caused Zheng Bei to snap back to attention, “Dang, of course I don’t mind, please come inside for the three of you.”

Zheng Bei led the three of them to a presidential suite, “Please wait a moment for the three of you.”

After saying that, he served coffee to the three people again before turning around and exiting.

“This Special a*sistant Zheng has quite a good attitude.” Rong Himei took a sip of the coffee and said with some surprise, “It’s actually hand-ground from the finest coffee beans, if Fu really wants to deal with our Rong family, it shouldn’t be possible to serve us such good coffee, right?”

Rong Yunyang nodded blandly, “It doesn’t seem like an attitude to pick a fight.”

Rong Chang didn’t drink the coffee and said in a low voice, “Anyway, it can’t be anything good, you two should talk less later.”

The three of them waited in the suite for almost ten minutes before there was a soft knock on the door of the room.

Rong Chang hurriedly got up, followed by Rong Hengyi and Rong Yunyang, and the three of them looked at the door together.

Zheng Bei pushed the door of the room open and stood respectfully at the side, behind him, a man with a slender and straight body stepped out.

The man was dressed in a black suit, and under his short black hair were hawk-like eyes, a high nose and thin lips, all of which exuded a stern aura.

The gold buttons on his cuffs glowed dull and low in the light of the crystal lamps.

The man looked elegant and arrogant.

Rong Yunyang froze in her tracks.

Why did she feel that this person looked very familiar ……

Although she often watched the financial news, she could be certain that she had never seen this man’s picture in the media news.



Rong Himawari felt her heart pounding violently.


This man was simply too handsome!

She had thought that the president of the Fu Group was an old man with a big belly, but to her surprise, he was this handsome!

It was like a caricature of a man plucked out of a pictorial, making her completely unable to move her eyes.

“Mr. Fu!”

Rong Chang hurriedly greeted him.

He had checked the information of the Fu Group overnight and had long known that the president of the Fu Group was a young man who was only thirty years old.

Before looking at the photo, he felt that this young man was tough and tough, but only after seeing the real person did he realize that he was more than tough, he was clearly a walking refrigerator, with cold air coming out of his body ……

Rong Chang stiffly introduced himself: “Hello Mr. Fu, I am the vice president of Rong’s group, I am Rong Chang ……”

Fu Beijiu reached out and shook his hand gently.

His gaze gently swept over Rong Chang’s body before landing on Rong Yunyan’s body.

In this instant, a soft light gradually surfaced in the depths of those cold and penetrating eyes ……

Rong Hengyi almost choked.

This man was actually looking at her!

The only right decision she had made in her life was to follow her father here!

Rong Himei walked over with trembling hands, “Hello, Mr. Fu, I am Rong Himei, the eldest Miss of the Rong family ……”

“Please ask Vice President Rong and Miss Rong to go out for a moment.” Fu Beijiu twiddled his fingers lightly, “I would like to have a chat with …… this Miss Rong for a chat.”

His gaze, just like that, fell on Rong Yunyang’s face with reckless abandon.

If the gaze could turn into substance, Rong Yunyang would feel that it was this man’s hand roaming around her face ……

Rong Xiyu froze for a moment.

Then anger flared up.

Rong Yunyang was really a fox spirit, this could even seduce the attention of Fu’s president ……

She said reluctantly, “President Fu, she’s just our Rong family’s adopted daughter, you can talk to me about anything ……”

“Get out.”

Fu Beijiu spat out two words coldly.

“Vice President Rong, Miss Rong, please go out first.” Zheng Bei walked over and respectfully invited the two out.

The door to the room closed gently.

Inside the room, only two people were left.

Rong Yunyang still had an unperturbed look on her face as she spoke indifferently, “What does Mr. Fu want to talk to me about?”

Her voice, like a wind chime, was silky, hitting Fu Beijiu’s heart from his eardrums straight to the deepest part ……

This familiar voice, this voice that had been echoed in dreams, finally appeared in the ear so clearly ……

Even if the results of the paternity test are not yet available, he can be sure that this is the same Rara, this is the Rara he has been searching for for four years!

How much he wanted to hold her in his arms.

How much he wanted to caress her face.

How much he wanted to kiss her deeply on the lips.

How he wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her how much he had missed her for the past four years. ……

But he couldn’t!

He couldn’t make any rash decisions before he knew what was happening to her.

That’s why he used such a roundabout way to entice LaLa to come to see him of her own accord ……

“I heard that Miss Rong has good hacking skills.” Fu Beijiu sat down on the sofa, “Fu’s encountered a bit of trouble, I hope Miss Rong will lend a helping hand.”

Rong Yunyang nodded blandly, “Good, then please ask Mr. Fu to take me to the server room first.”