HC Chapter 978

The banquet hall was filled with guests.

The Rong family all got up to entertain the guests.

“Sister, you are not considered a proper descendant of our Rong family either, so you should go and rest on the side.” Rong Xiyu said with a leathery smile.

Rong Yunyang knew her small mind, she was just afraid that she, her adopted daughter, would steal the limelight from the proper Miss Rong family.

She shrugged dispa*sionately and went to the balcony at the side of the banquet hall with a gla*s of champagne to get some air.

She hadn’t been standing for a minute when Rong Fang, the son of the eldest member of the Rong family, came over.

The eldest son was in charge of the Rong Group, the eldest uncle was the president of the Rong Group and the second son, Rong Chang, was the vice president.

The eldest house has two sons, the eldest son, Rong Fang, is twenty-nine years old and has not yet married and had a child, which is the biggest headache for old Mrs. Rong.

“Dyeing, why are you here alone?”

Rong Fang clinked his cup with her and asked casually.

Rong Yunyang curled her lips, “Aren’t you here too?”

Rong Fang shook his head, “This banquet is really meaningless, on the surface it’s a birthday celebration for grandma, but in reality it’s the perfect place for all the big families to talk about business projects.”

Rong Yunyang gave him a look.

Rong Fang was the eldest son of the eldest family, and was also the internal decision for the future heir of the Rong Group, shouldn’t he take the opportunity to brush his face at a time like this, why did he come here to slack off?

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m not interested in managing the company.” Rong Fang let out a bitter smile, “If I become the heir of the Rong Group, then my marriage will become a tool for the group’s marriage alliance, I don’t want to lose my marital autonomy.”

Rong Yunyang smiled faintly.

There are only three children in this generation of the Rong family, Rong Fang is not interested in doing business, the second young master Rong Zhe spends his time drinking, and the only young lady Rong Himei has no idea what business is …… The Rong Group, in the hands of this generation, will probably languish for a few decades and then disappear from the market.

However, these did not have much to do with her.

“Yanyang, you are more suitable to be the heir than everyone in our Rong family.” Rong Fang said from the bottom of his heart.

He did not deal much with the adopted daughter of his second uncle’s family, but he often saw Rong Yunyang attending the meetings of the major business forums in Yuncheng.

Without relying on the Rong family, she was able to take the company she founded to such a large level in just three years, this adopted daughter’s business ability was truly astonishing.

“Big brother, you can’t say this nonsense.” Rong Yunyang smiled lightly and said, “I won’t get involved in your Rong family’s affairs.”

Sooner or later, she would have to leave the Rong family and find her own family sooner or later.

There was always a voice in her heart telling her that she didn’t belong here.

The Rong family had saved her, so no matter how much Rong Himawari and Old Madam Rong rejected her, she didn’t care.

When she had repaid this saving grace, she would leave Yuncheng and go to Hai Cheng to gain a foothold.

She had a special hang-up about Hai Cheng, she should be a Hai Cheng person ……

“Dyeing, why are you here?” Bai Xiaoyu came from the banquet hall, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you?”

“What is Second Aunt looking for Dyeing Dye for?” Rong Fang asked with a smile, “I still want to learn more about how to do business from Yanyang?”

Bai Xiaoyu’s eyes flickered as she said to Rong Yunyang, “I’m looking for you for something, go wait for me in the banquet hall first.”

Rong Yunyang nodded and turned around to carry her skirt back to the banquet hall.

“Ah Fong.” Bai Xiaoyu smiled gently, “What do you think of Yanyan?”

“Dyeing is very impressive, single-handedly gaining a foothold in the Yuncheng shopping mall.” Rong Fang praised from the bottom of his heart, “I need to learn more from Yanyan sometime, so that my parents don’t keep saying I’m useless.”