HC Chapter 975

However, Old Mrs. Rong lived in the home of Eldest Uncle Rong and did not live with them, so they only saw each other two or three times a year, and Rong Yunyan did not take Old Mrs. Rong seriously.

“Dyeing, come over here and see what I have prepared for you.” Bai Xiaoyu beckoned, “These are a pair of white jade pearl earrings, good pearl jade, they match your skin tone.”

Rong Yunyang glanced at them, although she had never been in the jewellery industry, she could tell at a glance that these earrings were good.

“Thank you, Mother.” She took the earrings and asked as if she had no intention of doing so, “Why did mother suddenly give me such an expensive item?”

She said, giving Rong Himawari another look.

Such valuable things were usually in Rong Himawari’s pocket, so how could they be delivered to her?

Rong Xiyu hummed, and her right hand gently touched the item in her sleeve.

That pair of white jade earrings was nothing, a few million at most.

This Heart of the Ocean in her hand, on the other hand, was a true top-quality luxury item, a rare treasure that was hard to find at a sky-high price.

She took a fake one to swap out this real one, and from now on, this Heart of the Ocean would be hers ……

The actual heart of the sea is the one that will be in the future.

“Tomorrow your grandmother’s 80th birthday, you will wear these earrings to the banquet.” Bai Xiaoyu said with a smile, “Your grandmother is that character, she speaks with a stick and a thorn in her side, you must not take it to heart.”

Rong Yunyang smiled and said, “I am not a member of the Rong family, so my grandmother’s attitude towards me is not excessive.

Bai Xiaoyu smiled and nodded, and it was only when Rong Yunyang entered the room that the smile on her face disappeared completely.

She had only given Rong Yunyang the earrings because she hoped that tomorrow Rong Yunyang would dress up in a grand manner, preferably so that Rong Fang would take a glance at her, so that she wouldn’t have to go to all the trouble.

The actual fact is that she really doesn’t want to countenance Yanyan.


The night is late, the sea city.

The first thing you need to do is to get back to the Fu family and it was eleven o’clock in the night when you arrived home.

The three brothers had already gone to bed, and only the study was still lit.

She quickly walked upstairs and pushed open the door of the study with one hand.


As soon as she opened her mouth, tears poured down her face.

Fu Beijue was reading the documents, and when he heard his daughter’s cries, he rushed over quickly.

“Little Yinyin, what’s wrong, don’t cry, daddy is here ……”

Fu Yinyin wrapped her arms around Duke Fu Beiji’s neck and cried louder and louder.

Fu Beijue picked the nine-year-old girl up with one hand and gently coaxed, “Is it because daddy didn’t pick you up from the airport today?”

Fu Yinyin shook her head.

She started her world tour at the age of six and flew all over the world. She had already said that she didn’t need to be picked up at the airport by daddy and her brothers, so how could she possibly cry over this ……

“So it’s someone bullying you?” Fu Beijiu continued to guess.

He didn’t have much patience, but he had full patience with this daughter, softly coaxing, not at all like the gut-wrenching Great President Fu.

Fu Yinyin continued to shake her head.

She was the only golden girl in the Fu family and had as many as ten bodyguards escorting her outside, who would dare to bully her?

“Daddy, I, I found mommy ……”

Fu Yinyin choked up and spoke, one word broken.

Fu Beijiu’s entire body was stunned, he suspected that he had heard wrongly and slowly asked, “Yinyin, what did you just say, daddy didn’t hear you clearly ……”