HC Chapter 972

The young girl’s grief-stricken cries buzzed between Rong Yunyan’s ears.

Each of the pa*sers-by around the area were stunned.

“Why is the talented piano girl pulling a woman to cry out for her mother?”

“I had the pleasure of hearing a recital by Fu Yinyin before, and she played a song called ‘To Mother’, supposedly to pine for her mother.”

“Did she grow up without a mother?”

“But you shouldn’t see a woman and shout for her mother, look at that woman in shock.”

“I would have P*ssed myself too, okay, a daughter of that size popping up out of nowhere ……”

“If only Fu Yinyin had pulled me in to call out for my mother, I would have gently called her a good daughter, yes, I am Fu Yinyin’s mother fan!”

“You’re so shabby looking, stop daydreaming!”


Fu Yinyin’s cries and the sounds of people talking around her became a confusing buzzing of bees in Rong Yunyang’s ears.

She took a deep breath and said, “Little girl, I’m really not your mommy, but if you miss your mommy, I can talk with you.”

Fu Yinyin sniffled.

Her clear eyes were fixed on Rong Yunyang’s face, and her hands were clutching her sleeves, as if she was afraid that someone would run away.

“I’m hungry, can you accompany me to have a meal?”

Rong Yunyang glanced at the time, it was a little after three o’clock in the afternoon, eating at this hour was a little late to say lunch, and a little early to say dinner.

But the little girl was crying so pitifully that her heart had long since softened into a puddle: “Okay, I’ll take you to dinner.”

Fu Yinyin wiped her tears, a small face once again devoid of emotion, she turned back and said indifferently, “You guys just wait for me here, I’ll come over after I finish eating.”

The bodyguard standing at the front was called Qiao Ming, a distant nephew of the Fu family’s housekeeper Qiao, who had become Fu Yingyin’s bodyguard and a*sistant since she began her global tour.

He hung his head and said respectfully, “Miss, let my subordinate accompany you.”

Miss’s safety was the Fu family’s top priority, and he would never let her be alone with a strange woman.

Fu Yinyin knitted her brows.

She didn’t want Qiao Ming to be the light bulb between her and Mummy at all, but-

She crooked her finger, and Qiao Ming immediately brought his head over.

“Uncle Qiao Ming, later on when Mummy and I are eating, you can take a few photos of us together secretly.”

Qiao Ming was a little stunned, “Miss, is this really your mummy?”

“When I say yes, I mean yes, put some respect in your attitude.” Fu Yinyin faintly pursed her lips, “This matter, don’t tell my daddy first, and don’t tell the three brothers either, remember?”

Qiao Ming hurriedly nodded his head.

He secretly swept a glance at Rong Yunyang.

This woman was indeed beautiful, and there was something familiar between her eyebrows, surprisingly, she really did have some resemblance to Miss ……

He had looked up the picture of the young lady of the Fu family on the internet before, but now he thought about it but couldn’t remember exactly what the young lady looked like ……

The first thing you should do is to take a look at the photos.

Rong Yunyang took Fu Yinyin to a western restaurant below the building.

The two of them sat down face to face.

The soft light of the restaurant fell on Fu Yinyin’s face, the young girl looked quiet and elegant, a glance is the luxury family came out of the thousand girls.

“Your name is Fu Yinyin is it?”

Rong Yunyang asked gently.

“My name used to be Ye Yinyin.” A bright light emitted from the young girl’s glazed eyes, “My family calls me Little Yinyin.”

Rong Yunyang nodded her head.