HC Chapter 968

Madam Feng’s words were blatantly clear, and Bai Xiaoyu breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’ve said it, I don’t agree.” A layer of coldness covered Rong Yunyang’s face, “Please go back, Madam Feng, and don’t mention this matter again.”

Madam Feng’s eyes narrowed, “Do you know what you have refused?”

Rong Yunyang pulled at the corner of her lips.

Some people put up a front and think they are above the rest, do they really think that everyone wants to climb into some Feng family?

She did not want to argue too much with Madam Feng, nor did she want to be hara*sed again.

She pulled open her small purse and took out a sheet and handed it over, “Madam Feng take a look at this examination report, if you still want me to be your daughter-in-law, then I have nothing to say.”

Mrs Feng picked up the sheet suspiciously, casually scanned it and was shocked, “Really?”

“Who would create rumours about these things about themselves?” Rong Yunyang faintly hooked her lips, “Now, can Madam Feng let me go?”

Madam Feng’s face looked a little ugly, she coldly glanced at Bai Xiaoyu, lifted her steps and walked away.

Bai Xiaoyu hurriedly chased after her, “Madam Feng, isn’t there some kind of misunderstanding, didn’t we just have a good conversation?”

She was really afraid of her adopted daughter and did not want to continue to live under the same roof with her …… The first thing you can do is to give your adopted daughter the best arrangements within your means.

It was so easy to make a deal, why do you suddenly have to leave?

“Bai Xiaoyu, you’re deliberately digging a pit for me to jump into!” Mrs Feng said angrily, “I don’t believe you don’t know that your adopted daughter had a child! No matter how ridiculous my Jing’er is, he would never marry a woman who has given birth to a child!”

With that, Madam Feng brushed her sleeves and left.

Bai Xiaoyu froze, then slowly turned back and met Rong Yunyang’s sharp eyes.

“Dyeing, you ……”

“Mother, I just went to the hospital.” Rong Yunyang handed over the checklist, “The doctor said that I had a caesarean section three or four years ago.”

Bai Xiaoyu’s fingers tightened abruptly and she was busy looking down at the sheet to hide her weakness and panic.

“Mother, I just want to ask, back then when my father found me, was I a pregnant woman with a big belly, or was I a woman in labour who had just given birth?”

Rong Yunyang asked in a faint voice, but her fingers curled up, vaguely revealing a bit of nervousness.

Bai Xiaoyu shook her head and let out a long sigh, “Dyeing, you went to the hospital for a checkup because you heard those jerky words from Feng Jing, right?”

She sat down on the sofa, took a sip of water and continued, “Back then, when you were brought back to the Rong family in a coma on the beach, I washed your body and found a knife wound on your abdomen, when Yuye also saw it, she asked me what it was. I’m not a doctor, so naturally I didn’t answer Whisperer that accurately, so I casually said it was an appendicitis wound ……”

“Then why would Rong Himeiya know that I had given birth?” Rong Yunyang continued to pursue the question, she always felt that there was something else Bai Xiaoyu had not told her.

“Because later when I took you for a checkup, the doctor revealed this and was overheard by Yuye.” Bai Xiaoyu had a story in mind and was no longer vain when she spoke, “I told Yuye not to tell you about it, but to my surprise, she told Feng Jing about it. She used to like Feng Jing, but she was too young and innocent to control Feng Jing, so I didn’t approve of her marrying him. Now that she sees you and Feng Jing getting so close, she can’t resist wreaking havoc …… This is something wrong with Yuye, I will teach her a lesson.”