HC Chapter 965

And the price of the set of jewellery that Rong Yunyang wore on her body four years ago added up to be able to be worth her entire family’s money ……

Especially that Heart of the Ocean, they in Yuncheng had only heard of the name, no one had actually seen it ……

“Her identity is not simple.” Bai Xiaoyu said in a light voice, “Because of the need to cure you, your father and I hid all these things on her, just in case her family was looking for her. But now that you’ve recovered from your illness, so I want to help Dye find her family, and it’s not in vain that she calls me mother.”

“Mom, didn’t you ever think that she stole these things?”

“Who would wear stolen things on their body in a big way?” Bai Xiaoyu said, “And she has a natural aura about her, she shouldn’t be the daughter of any ordinary family.”

“If that’s true, then all the more reason not to let her marry into the Feng family to reach out to a more powerful family.” Rong Xiyu’s eyes flickered, “If she finds her family, her family will definitely investigate these four years thoroughly, and by then, she won’t be able to hide the fact that she was exchanged for our blood, died nine times, and eventually the child in her womb died.”

Bai Xiaoyu pursed her lips, “This matter is known to no one but our family of three, and no more than a fourth person knows ……”

It was also because three years had pa*sed since the incident, and the surgical evidence documents were all cleared up, that she dared to let Yanyan marry into the Feng family ……

For these three years, she had nightmares night after night.

In order to save her own daughter’s life, she drained all the blood from Yanyan’s body and killed the child in Yanyan’s belly, and her nightmares would always include a child.

She was tormented by nightmares for three years, and she did not sleep well every night for those three years.

Only by marrying Yanyan out, through the Feng family could she reach out to the big families over in Haicheng, and only then could Yanyan find her family.

Only after Yanyan is reunited with her family will her heart demons be unlocked, right ……

“Don’t take out these jewels yet.” Rong Himawari covered the box, “When she marries out one day, you can give it to her as a dowry.”

The end of her eyes emerged with a touch of grimness.

Rong Yunyang had often looked high and mighty, if she really let Rong Yunyang find her family, wouldn’t she be trampled underfoot for the rest of her life?

She lifted her head just in time to see Rong Yunyang going to the study to read a book after taking a bath.

Wearing only a loose embroidered robe, Rong Yunchang’s face was unadorned, and her whole body was fresh and clean, another kind of beauty.

She pushed open the door to her study and leaned back in her chair, casually flipping through a book of ancient German texts.

It was only then that Rong Xiyu believed Bai Xiaoyu’s words. If she was really the daughter of an ordinary family, how could she possibly read German?

She slowly lifted her steps and walked slowly to the door of the study, saying softly, “Sister, what are you going to do about Feng Shao?”

Rong Yunyang didn’t even raise her head: “I have a recording in my hand, Feng Jing won’t dare to mess around, and he won’t tell the Feng family elders.

As a matter of fact, the matter pa*sed without a sound, and the Feng family parents did not come to the door for several days to ask for an explanation.

For the past three years, Rong Yunyang’s health had not been good, and she had to go to the hospital every week for a review.

Usually she was accompanied by the Rong family’s maid or Bai Xiaoyu, but this day she drove to the hospital alone.

Usually, she was registered with the internal medicine department, but this time, she was registered with the gynaecology department.

The words of Feng Jing that day were still ringing in her ears, and she didn’t want to take them seriously, but last night, she actually dreamed of a bloody child ……