HC Chapter 964

Bai Xiaoyu lifted her head and looked quietly at her daughter.

“Mom, why are you looking at me like that ……” Rong Xiyu baulked a little, “I didn’t say anything wrong, did I? She was already posing as a pie all the time, where’s the look of being a parasite under someone else’s roof ……”

“Feng Jing insulted Dyeing, is it you from this?” Bai Xiaoyu asked in a slow voice, “I just heard Feng Jing call Yanyan a broken shoe who had given birth to a child, did you tell Feng Jing that Yanyan had given birth to a child?”

Rong Xiyu was extremely weak, but she still held her neck strongly, “I didn’t say anything nonsensical, Rong Yunyang had given birth to a child, didn’t you tell me yourself?”


Bai Xiaoyu threw a fierce slap across her face.

“Mom, why are you hitting me?” Rong Xiyu covered her face, “I just told brother Feng Jing the truth, where did I go wrong? I grew up with Feng Jing, but you beat me up, so that’s enough! Now you’re even trying to stuff a broken shoe into brother Feng Jing, what’s wrong with my kindly reminding him?”

“Because of you, the child in Yanyan’s belly was forcibly taken out at less than seven months, and died within two hours of birth because of congenital underdevelopment. Dyeing saved you is one thing, because of the Rong family, Dyeing’s blood and bones died is another!” Bai Xiaoyu said word for word, “Our Rong family owes her two lives, so we have to adopt her! Don’t you even understand this bit of reasoning?”

Rong Xiyu gritted her teeth.

Every time she argued with Rong Yunyang, her mother would always use this line of reasoning to teach her.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Even if the Rong family is ashamed of her, mum shouldn’t screw Feng Jing’s brother ……”

“A person like Feng Jing is not really worthy of Dyeing.” Bai Xiaoyu said in a light voice, “Because the Feng family is the largest family in Yuncheng, that’s why I let Yanyan marry there ……”

Only by standing at the highest place in Cloud City could Yanyan find her family without any problems.

They, the Rong family, owed Yanyan too much.

“Humph! Marrying brother Feng Jing is clearly an advantage for her!” Rong Xiyu said unconvincingly, “She was able to become the adopted daughter of the Rong family and become the most coveted thousand-year-old girl in Yuncheng because she saved me, so she earned it, okay? Mum, you arranged everything for the sake of it, our Rong family doesn’t owe her anymore, don’t ask me to give in to her in the future!”

Bai Xiaoyu shook her head, “When we get home, I’ll show you something and you’ll understand.”

Covering her face, Rong Xiyu reluctantly followed Bai Xiaoyu home.

When she arrived home, Bai Xiaoyu took out a sandalwood box from her bedroom, and as soon as she unveiled it, a brilliant light emanated from the box.

“Wow, what a beautiful piece of jewellery!”

Rong Xiyu lovingly took out the contents of the box.

A pair of white jade pearl earrings.

An aquamarine diamond necklace.

An emerald green jasper bracelet.

“Do you know what this is?” Bai Xiaoyu said in a slow voice, “When your father brought Yanyan back from the beach, she was wearing these jewels.”

At those words, Rong Xiyu hurriedly threw the jewellery away, “It must all be fakes.”

“We initially thought they were fakes too, your father took them to a jewellery shop for appraisal and they were all jewellery that couldn’t be more genuine.” Bai Xiaoyu said, “This necklace, a Heart of the Ocean that was launched many years ago, is the only one of its kind in the world. This pair of earrings is a seasonal limited edition from seven or eight years ago, the price is not cheap either, back then the price was about eight million …… And this bracelet, it’s a Qing Dynasty antique, the price is over twenty million ……”

Rong Xiyu’s entire body was frozen.

Although the Rong family was rich, the most expensive piece of all her jewellery didn’t cost more than a million.