HC Chapter 961

“If your father hadn’t saved her, there would have been fishermen pa*sing by to save her, and no matter what, she wouldn’t have died, but you’re different ……” Bai Xiaoyu said in a serious tone, “If Dye hadn’t just happened to show up, if your blood hadn’t just matched, if the blood exchange operation hadn’t been successful, you would be dead by now ……”

“Alright, stop it!” Rong Himei stood up unhappily, “Don’t tell her about the fact that she saved me, or she’ll have an even bigger pie in my face!”

She threw up her hands and walked off into the banquet hall.

Bai Xiaoyu let out a sigh.

Their Rong family had really gone to great lengths to save this daughter.

It took ten years to finally find a blood match for Rong Yunyang, so they forced a blood exchange operation against Rong Yunyang’s will.

At that time, there was still a child in Rong Yunyang’s belly ……

After the operation, Yuye’s body slowly recovered.

Rong Yunyang, on the other hand, woke up after a year in a coma and forgot everything about the past when she woke up.

Because they were ashamed of Rong Yunyang, and because Rong Yunyang’s face was so captivating that it might be of great use, the Rong family adopted Rong Yunyang.

Rong Hengyu walked straight towards Feng Shao.

Bai Xiaoyu’s face instantly sank.

She had said a hundred times that Feng Shao was arranged for Yanyan, so why did Yuye still want to move up!

“Brother Feng Jing.” Rong Himei said smilingly and walked over, “This suit is so handsome today brother Feng Jing, I almost didn’t recognize it.”

Feng Jing hooked his lips and lost his smile, “Yuyi, let me ask you, does that adopted daughter of your family have a boyfriend?”

Rong Himyun’s smile froze on her face.

Ever since Rong Yunyang had become the adopted daughter of the Rong family, when people in Yuncheng mentioned the Rong family, they would always think of this adopted daughter before they remembered her as the eldest Miss of the Rong family!

She and Feng Jing had grown up together, but now Feng Jing had to see Rong Yunyang before he could see her!

How could she swallow this anger?

“Brother Feng Jing, you still don’t know, right? My mother is planning to marry her adopted daughter to you.” Rong Himei laughed lightly.

Feng Jing’s eyes lit up, “Yuye, is what you say true?”

Seeing how excited he was, Rong Him Yew was really going to be furious.

Because the two families were close, she did have a crush on Feng Jing for a while before, except that Feng Jing was flirtatious and often changed girlfriends.

Whenever he had a girlfriend, she, a childhood friend, had to step aside.

But although Feng Jing was a flirt, the Feng family was one of the best in Yuncheng.

Rong Yunyang was just a foster daughter, how could she become the young grandmother of the Feng family?

“How can an adopted daughter of unknown status be qualified to marry you, Brother Feng Jing?” Rong Himei’s eyes blinked, “secretly tell you one thing, a few days ago I accompanied her to the hospital for a checkup, the doctor said she seems to have given birth before …… Shh, this matter must not be spread out. Brother Feng Jing, I am telling you this secret because I have a good relationship with you, don’t sell me out.”

Feng Jing squeezed his goblet fiercely.