HC Chapter 953

The meal on the second day of the Lunar New Year was very generous.

After lunch, as a rule, we should go to the Xie family to pay our respects.

But now that the Fu family was on the cusp of the storm, there were quite a few reporters guarding the bottom of this panoramic road, just waiting for Ye Yunla to go out, and then all at once.

Old Lady Xie made a special call over and told the family to go back to the Xie family for dinner in a few days.

So the afternoon was idle again.

“Second brother, there are still a few days before you have to go to the company to attend to your official duties.” Ye Jingzhan said in a light voice, “Are you sure?”

Fu Ziling touched his nose a little sheepishly, “Yes ……”

“If you have it, you have it, if you don’t, you don’t, what does it mean to have it?” Fu Zi Yan spoke, “This afternoon I simulate some emergency, you deal with it.”

“Don’t want it ……” Fu Ziling said reluctantly, “This New Year’s Eve, can’t we play nice?”

“Second brother, you can play alone, I’m going to practice piano.” Little Yinyin blinked and said, “Daddy said he would arrange a recital for me after the New Year, so I need to practice more.”

Fu Ziling’s little face dropped.

His big brother had a blank face all the time, Jing’er was too boring, and only sister Yinyin would play with him.

Now that Yinyin’s sister had gone to practice, if he was still greedy for fun, he would really be unable to afford the status of second brother.

“Good!” Fu Zi Ling seemed to have made up his mind, “Big brother and Jing’er will test me together, if I don’t pa*s the test, I won’t have dinner tonight.”

Fu Beijiu smiled peevishly, “Don’t look for mummy to spill the beans when the time comes.”

“I won’t!” Fu Ziling snorted lightly, “I’m a big man of five years old, I don’t have anything to do with the word pampering!”

Ye Yunla lost her smile, “Fine, it’s a deal.”

Fu Ziyan stood up, “Then go upstairs, I’ll give you a question.”

Ye Jingzhan pushed back his chair and got up, “I’ll find some cla*sic question types from the internet.”

Looking at these two people raising their voices, Fu Ziling suddenly regretted it a little ……

The sound of Xiao Yin Yin playing the piano already rang out in the living room, Fu Ziling had to resign himself to walking towards the first floor.

“Let me accompany you out for a walk.”

Fu Beijue put his arm around Ye Yunla and whispered in her ear.

Ye Yunla shook her head, “I’m a bit tired, I’ll go back to my room and take a nap.”

Something had happened as soon as she left home last night, and there were still reporters outside, so it was better for her not to go out and cause trouble.

She yawned, and before she could get up, she was carried into the master bedroom by Fu Beijue.

As soon as the door closed, the man’s kiss fell.

Panting from the kiss, Ye Yunla put her hand against his chest and said feebly, “It’s broad daylight, in case the kids break in ……”

“It won’t.” Fu Beijiu held her waist and his voice was gentle to the point of being gentle, “You seem to be a bit sleepy lately.”

“It’s true that I’m a bit tired.”

Ye Yunla nodded her head frankly.

In fact, it was only when she fell asleep that her world would quiet down and she wouldn’t suddenly go manic.

It was a way for her to protect herself.

“Rest well if you’re tired, I’ll sleep with you.” Fu Beijue carried her and placed her on the bed, covering her with the blanket.

Ye Yunla grabbed his hand, “Just simply sleep with me?”