HC Chapter 950

“Zhou Xianwu likes to drink and is violent every time he drinks, and I have been beaten by him many times in the Zhou family. Every time he made a move on me, the rest of the Zhou family looked on coldly, and none of them protected me except my son, but last night …… Lara shielded me.” Xie Siqi let out a bitter smile, “I don’t really have a good relationship with this cousin of mine, LaLa, but she was the first to stand up for me when I was being bullied.”

“Zhou Xianwu beat up women, and even if he beat me up, he tried to take a swing at LaLa. In order to protect herself and also to protect me, LaLa was then forced to take on Zhou Xianwu.”

“Zhou Xianwu, a big man, was kicked by a weak woman like LaLa and went flying down the road, and I reasonably suspected he was faking it. Probably to bite a piece of meat off the Fu family ……”

Ye Yunla had just woken up and saw Xie Siqi’s live interview.

She was really a bit surprised that Xie Siqi had come forward to clarify for her.

After all, since she returned to China, every time she went to Xie’s house, Xie Siqi had to say a few sour words, and she thought Xie Siqi would sit back and watch the tiger fight.

Ye Yunla put on her coat and walked out of the room, the crackling of the keyboard came from the study next door, she leaned against the doorway and watched as Ye Jingzhan kept deleting the news about her on the internet ……

Although there was Xie Siqi stepping in, the heat of this news was not suppressed.

Many netizens were blown out of the water.

“Yesterday morning Zhuang Yuan was beaten up and at night Zhou Xianwu was beaten up, and the person who beat them both up was the same person, Ye Yunla!”

“I think Ye Yunla is really violent, there’s a term for a violent personality, when emotions are irritated, they use violence to solve it.”

“I’m an employee next door at Rara Star Technology, a week ago their company had a meeting and Ye Yunla even got mad at the staff, the technical minister seemed to almost get beaten up and put in hospital.”

“Crap, that violent?”

“Does she have some kind of disease.”

“Pretty good looking, didn’t expect a personality flaw.”

“It must be especially scary to live with someone like that, sympathy for Fu Beijiu.”

“Sympathy for the four munchkins.”


Ye Yunla stood in the corridor of the study, her heart suddenly a little empty.

She was constantly causing trouble, and Fu Beijue and a few children were constantly helping her out ……

Her life was still considered peaceful, but Fu Beijiu and the children’s lives were in chaos because of her ……

She lowered her eyebrows and headed downstairs.


Fu Ziyan called out to her.

“Daddy made breakfast with his own hands, come and eat it, Mommy.”

The corners of Ye Yunla’s mouth curled up into a smile, “Thank you little Yan Yan, where are little Ling Ling and little Yinyin, where did they go?”

“They went to the yard to build a snowman.”

Ye Yunla looked up and only then did she notice that it was actually snowing again outside.

The weather in early spring was warm at first but still cold, and when the snow fell, it looked like it was the dead of winter again.

Obviously the house was well heated, but Ye Yunla suddenly felt a little cold.

“Mummy, put on a thin blanket.”

Fu Ziyan brought a thin blanket and draped it over her back.

Ye Yunla stroked his head: “Recently, Mommy has been a bit neglectful of you …… Are you a bit scared of mummy?”